Where was I?

Where was I when it all happened?

I was away. I did not know. It must have happened in the blink of an eye.

I would have done something. Saved someone. Put a stop to it all.

In this day and age? With the values we profess? Under the watchful eyes of all?

My limbs feel powerless. My tongue is twisted. My heart incapable of aching more.

The hungry sit at my table. The orphaned play with my children. The bereaved invited to share in the joy.

But the taste is bland. The laughter can barely be heard.

The cold sensation of loneliness sets in while surrounded by all.

To you, wallowing in the Sea of the Weakest of Faith pull me in!

I don’t mind that the water is tepid or shallow.

At least you’re not in vain trying to swim where draught has set in

and in a landlocked heart you don’t find yourself trapped.

Where was I when it all happened? I wish my mother had not met my father at all.

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