Where is baby Jenan?

Attention, all pro-Palestinian activists! This is an Amber Alert. We are looking for a three month-old baby girl who was abducted by IOF Captain Harel Itach in northern Gaza last November and smuggled into Israel.

Her parents are unaccounted for and are presumably murdered by her kidnapper. Since we don't know her name, let's call her baby Jenan. This is a true story that took place somewhere in northern Gaza late last November after the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.

How did the world know about Jenan?

After the death of Captain Itach on November 22 and during his eulogy, his brother and his friend Shachar Mendelson praised him for his compassion and how he saved a Palestinian child in Gaza by taking her to Israel to care for her after he found her abandoned in a house in northern Gaza. The truth of the matter is that NO parents would abandon their children to flee for their safety.

Not even animals will do such a thing. What happened is either the parents were killed in the IOF bombing or that soldier was executed. So, he took the infant to Israel to sell her to an adoption agency and or to sell her in the black market to an organ harvesting agency.

Israel has a long history of stealing Palestinian children throughout the last 75 years. In the 1950s, Israel stole thousands of Yemeni Jewish children to be raised by Ashkenazi Jews because Israel considered Yemenis as animals. The same term Israel's Defense Minister referred to Palestinians in Gaza.

I should not hear that it has been documented in both international and Israeli media and in court proceedings that the Israeli Occupation Forces are operating a Palestinian butchery at Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv. The IOF routinely kidnaps Palestinians at checkpoints, raids, and hospital wards to harvest their organs for profit inside and outside Israel, all without the family's knowledge. We should all act as Jenan's family to ensure she does not suffer the same fate.

Right after the burial of Jenan's kidnapper, the Israeli Army radio and Yedioth Ahronoth, the most-read Israeli newspaper interviewed the associate of Captain Itach (Jenan's kidnapper), and then the story went viral. It was picked up by Al-Jazeera and other Arab TV satellite networks. Shortly after, Israel's Army Radio deleted the tweet that mentioned the abduction of the Gaza infant Jenan.

The Foreign Ministry of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has condemned the "kidnapping of the Palestinian infant girl by an Israeli officer in Gaza Strip, and called on Israel to release the baby immediately, based on a report by (Al Mayadeen English, 2 Jan 24)" Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor raised alarm about the missing of hundreds of Palestinians and called on Israel to investigate its army whom it accused of possible organ theft from Palestinian corpses following reports by medical prefinals in Gaza who examined some bodies after they were released by Israel.

The dead in Gaza and the West Bank in a dispatch on Nov.29, 2023, by Euronews. The IOF brags about being the most moral army in the world who encourages its soldiers to follow the rules of conduct during the times of  peace and war.

However, its record on the field shows otherwise. For example, it is unlawful under the Fourth Geneva Convention for an occupying power to forcibly transfer protected persons from the occupied territories to the territory of the occupying power transferring protected persons from the occupied territories to the territory of the occupying power.

Jenan's abduction highlights the daily suffering of 100s of Palestinian families who have had family members kidnapped in Gaza and taken to undisclosed locations. Jenan's story should make it to the Guinness book of World Records for being the youngest hostage ever to be taken. Readers are urged to be a voice for Jenan and other Palestinian abductees by demanding the IOF investigate the missing Palestinians and demand to know, where is Jenan.

-Readers can express their solidarity and concern about Jenan to the following: @IsraeliPM, @YoavGallant @IDF, @FIDF, @elicoh, @amnestyusa @amnesty & to bring it to the attention of the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children at @MissingKids

Mahmoud El-Yousseph is a Palestinian freelance writer and retired USAF veteran. He could be reached at: [email protected]

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