Ahh, My Sweet Falastini

A poem by Shafi A. Khaled

Tell me, tell me if you could
tell me, tell me if only you would
O Falastini, my sweet Falastini

a brute and a coward that I am
abjuring self of responsibility
who lifts not a single finger
to be undeservedly tutored
with light from the heavenly candle
if you could, if you would, my love
to break the shackles of my smallness
rendering obsolete myopic fullness

I impose in your celestial repose
far from touch, but so close to heart
that’s why I turn to you to confirm
that not only your prayers
but all your sacrifices
and the way you live
as also the way you die
are for the Lord of the Worlds!

Indeed, what is that seed
that grew the plant
that blossomed the flower
that bore the fruit
that nurtured the land
with love and respect
with truth and patience
with hope and longing
smiling in the face of withering loss
laughing at the anguish of separation

what heavenly elixir fortifies resolve
what potent promise eases earthly loss
what heals even as those all around fall

tell me, tell me if you could
for you’re found, while I’m lost
O Falastini, my sweet Falastini
tell me, tell me if only you would!

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