Palestine 1896

The role of film in Palestine in the late 19th century. Lumier Bros. employed a camera to film at Jerusalem's station, providing the first moving pictures taken in Palestine.

The camera was a recording eye and the recording captured a society much like Cairo, Damascus, or any other Arab city.

Jerusalem had a diverse population consisting of Muslims, Christians, and Jews. The Al-Aqsa mosque, Christ's tomb, and the Wailing wall were all located in Jerusalem.

At the time, the population of Palestine reached 500,000 with 30,000 living in Jerusalem. Jews accounted for 5%, Christians 10% of the population, while Muslims made up 85%.

The religious communities in Palestine were subjects of the Sultan of Constantinople at the time, part of the Ottoman Empire.

Extracted from "Palestine: Story of a Land", by Simone Bitton (Fair Use)

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