The Lesser of Two Evils...Is Still Evil

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The term "Lesser of Two Evils" has been used to describe George Bush Jr. by many of those who consider themselves Christ following, pro-American, Pro-Life patriots. Most knew that Bush was a political fledgling a decade ago when his more famous father was busy forcing a reluctant and weak Republican Congress into endorsing the Gulf War, to be commenced at Papa Bush's whim. Baby Bush was then only beginning his serious political career in Texas after finishing his riotous early manhood. It is not our purpose to rehash Baby Bush's past or Papa Bush's war. Instead, we will examine briefly those who control this, the most manipulable and malleable President ever to hold such vast power.

History has given us other weak and controlled leaders. Bill Clinton is not weak, but he was controlled. He might be likened to the Roman Emperor, Nero. There is only one Nero (Claudius Caesar Drusus Gramanicus) who commands an ignominious place in the sad history of the decline of Rome, but whose brutal persecution catalyzed the first growth surge of Christianity. He was characterized by a strange combination of fanaticism, incompetence, insanity and perversion. It is also believed by many that he converted to Phariseeism during his reign, which may account for his obsession with the tormenting of the early Christ followers.

To say George W. Bush had an undistinguished youth is an understatement. This Bush Administration is likely to be the most controlled and manipulated administration ever. Bush himself is a competitor for most incompetent man to ever achieve the Presidency. His is also likely to be a planned one-term president for reasons to be discussed in future columns. What is vital to discuss is to whom he owes his allegiance. Unfortunately Bush's geopolitical incompetence has nothing to do with his capacity to do evil to our country, for the more vacant and underachieving the President, the more manipulable he is in the hands of his advisors, and the more dangerous to us.

There is nothing incompetent or undecided about Bush's advisors. Powerful and ambitious men, most of whom shaped his father's Gulf War-making administration, already surround baby Bush. And unfortunately there is absolutely nothing in George W. Bush's character that suggests he will resist, or even understand the nature of the evil he will be asked to pronounce upon those who they envy and hate.

In the interest of "exposing the traceable links" to Baby Bush, please see the New York Times 10-member list of Bush's foreign policy brain printed in its December 2, 2000 issue. That list includes former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Armitage; former National Security advisor Robert Blackwill; former Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hadley; former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle; former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Undersecretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz; former Undersecretary of Defense Dov Zakheim; and former Undersecretary of State Robert Zoellick. Condoleezza Rice is added as a cover girl to the list, no doubt to pretty up the ugly image of impending Warmakers' foreign policy that is so clear from these men's histories.

The New American Magazine, in a December 2nd article by Will Gregg, correctly pointed out "All but Armitage are members of the CFR." (Council on Foreign Relations) The article also noted many of the connections between the dominant eastern establishments that dominated papa George Bush's Cabinet eight years ago. But the article is flawed by the omissions of any mention of the influence of the Rabbinical Israeli Patriot establishment that dominates the list. The Israeli lobby completely dominated and controlled the Clinton Administration, and it appears it is equally in control of the new President.

The term "Israeli Patriot" means any office holder or advisor who qualifies by birth for the right to dual citizenship in the State of Israel under their "Law of Return". Baby Bush is surrounded by Israeli Patriots, including Shultz, Perle, Zoellick and Wolfowitz, to name only an obvious few.

At first blush it would appear that the Bush Administration will start off with a foreign policy team that is only slightly less kosher and beholden to the war aims of Israel than the Clinton Cabinet has been. This might seem to some to be truly amazing, because less than 20% the Jewish vote went for Bush. Consider that about 3% of the voters in the country call themselves Jewish; therefore, less than 1% of Mr. Bush's popular vote came from self-proclaimed Jews. Yet about half of his advisors are Israeli Patriots. Clinton at least had the excuse for appointing Israeli Patriots that he got most of their votes.

What is Baby Bush's excuse for allowing Anti-Christians to dominate his choices? Voters should ask the New American and similar publications, "Who really runs the Republican Party?" Moreover, Gentiles who have long histories of Israeli partisanship who are practiced in the art of warmaking will heavily influence Bush administration. His Vice President, Richard Cheney, was Papa Bush's Secretary of Defense during Desert Storm, and James Baker, who has been a prominent spokesman for George W. Bush during the Florida vote count fiasco, was on Papa Bush's war team as head of the White House Staff. Dr. Robert Blackwill was a State Department Assistant to both Kissinger and George Schultz, so his allegiances can hardly be doubted. Richard Armitage also is a veteran of Papa Bush team and was an Assistant Secretary of State in 1983-89.

Baby Bush has chosen warmaker Colin Powell to replace Madeline Albright as Secretary of State. Powell was chief executioner of some 150,000 nearly defenseless Iraqis in the Gulf War, as Papa Bush's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Only "Stormin' Norman" is missing from Papa Bush's killer team. No one should overlook the everpresent Henry Kissinger, who hovered in the background of the Republican convention, and whose protegees, like Blackwill, are everywhere surrounding the young new President.

Those who influence Bush are experienced gross assassins, and a disproportionate number are Israeli Patriots by birth. Someone has assembled a most arrogant and ruthless tribe of anti-Arab, pro-Israel, anti-Christian Warmakers to advise (if not to dictate) the foreign policy for Baby Bush. The clear evidence of this lies in the conduct of the Gulf War, which was a slaughter of the innocent, and which has never stopped. The Bush cabinet will no doubt be made up of unrepentant killers who were his father's advisors.

For a current behind-the-scenes view of the results of the Iraqi extermination, please read Crimes Against Humanity: American Style, by Archie W. Blumhorst and Gene Reed in the current Right To The Point Journal. And for a better understanding of who really runs the American policy of systematic liquidation under William Jefferson Nero Clinton, we suggest you examine Divide and Disarm, The Warmakers' Plan for Yugoslavia. Every one of the six members of the Yugoslavia war team--Berger, Albright, Rubin, Holbrooke, Cohen and Matthew Kuhn Clark--were eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return, an amazing non-coincidence indeed.

As long as there is a Middle Eastern conflict in which Americans pay for the subjugation of the Palestinians, we will be drawn into other wars to destroy the Arab, as in Iraq. We taxpayers are the hired gun in Israel's War on Islam. Baby Bush stands to be used as a warmaking tool perhaps more brutally than Mr. Clinton was. The "Lesser of Two Evils" is still evil.


Charles Carlson is director of We Hold These Truths, a Phoenix-based Christian educational organization promoting pro-life and religious freedom values.

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