'Yahus' Cannot Stop March of History.

The United States has once again shielded Israel from world criticism by working feverishly round the clock to tone down the latest U.N. resolution on events in occupied Palestine. The Zionist sympathizer Madeleine Albright once again, like a vulture, bit off the core of the resolution thus making it ineffective.

The United States has, over the past decades, used the veto around seventy times. Over half of these were to deprive Arabs and Muslims of any right to justice or help. At the same time, it has armed not only the Israeli occupation army with deadly weapons, but allowed its hook-nosed citizens from Brooklyn, Los Angeles and elsewhere to go to Israel where freely supplied weapons abound. These vermin, descendants of those who had crawled out of the ghettoes of Warsaw, saw fit to kill and maim innocent Palestinians. 

The United States also, by donating a total five billion dollars every year, has eased Israel's economic burden thus allowing the Zionist state to continue the art of state terror.

Israel, in the eyes of its beloved - the United States, can never do any wrong. To the whole world it was obvious that Netanyahu was planning a head-on collision with the Palestinians. His saber-rattling, the jingoism expressed by the Israeli cabinet as it meet under the security of the American military machine, the indiscriminate arrests of 12-year-old boys and girls were but an indication that the worst was yet to come. Emboldened by the rabid demands of a fiercely militant Jewish constituency and encouraged by his own built-in racist and devilish character, Netanyahu went on to provoke an already anguished, suppressed and tortured people to reach a stage where they could not take it any more.

Fights erupted when Zionist soldiers and some of their blue-eyed American brethren started clubbing Palestinian kids. They were in turn attacked by stones. Using freely-supplied U.S.-made assault rifles, the occupiers shot at random killing over 70 people. Some were shot as they knelt in prayer. No Israeli crimes can be that great as to allow the United States to even offer a token mild criticism.

But what can we do to move the conscience of the United States? Nothing. Because, however much you try, nothing would please them until total subjugation of Arabs. Nothing short of the Arabs calling Israel "our master" will please Madeleine Albright and her cohorts. Israeli hegemony over the area will bring in cheers to the U.S. House of Senate. There will be clapping and a standing ovation when that is announced as there were during Netanyahu's visit to Capitol Hill.

The world knows that Netanyahu, like his friend Radovan Karadzic, is no friend of peace. His arrogance knows no bounds. He does not want to do anything with the Palestinian. However, with U.S. help, he has in effect turned the screws on them. Europe, which was under intense U.S. pressure not to protest against Israeli brutality in the occupied Arab lands, refused to heed to such arm-twisting.

What is the nature of the relationship between these two, asked a European friend.

I don't know. But I can tell you that they both thrive on causing misery to others. The Americans with their napalm bombs in Vietnam, the Israelis with their cluster bombs in Lebanon and Dum Dum bullets in occupied Palestine. Now the Israelis, using American tanks and the latest anti-resistance equipment donated by Clinton after the Sharm El-Shaikh meeting, are threatening to wipe out Palestinian resistance in occupied West Bank.

As Israelis were killing innocent women and children, 6,000 flag- carrying Americans listened in rapt attention to Netanyahu and waved these flags and thumped their feet and cheered wildly as he said "No" to many things.

We know that the American people are naive. But we cannot imagine how stupid a people can get when their perception of right and wrong changes. Israel can do no wrong. Netanyahu knows he can get away with murder. Clinton is busy polishing his campaign. Dole, with his outstretched bowl for votes, will do anything to support and encourage Israel - "Remember Jewish votes and influence". It is an election year in the United States. The Israelis have always pulled off a few dirty tricks in U.S. election years. They know they can get more support from all parties.

It was precisely because of this that the excavation and opening of the tunnel so close to the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa began. The reaction shocked many Israelis. The reaction spread of to other cities. Now Netanyahu is even insisting not to talk of the tunnel issue. According to the latest CNN report, Netanyahu has refused to budge on the tunnel issue and has insisted that it should not be raised at the Washington meeting to be held soon.

The Arabs cannot take any further provocation by Netanyahu and his hordes. A man who claims to know history is surprisingly ignorant about the laws of history. History is not a jumble of unconnected events occurring as willed and commanded by any one person - not even if he had received a standing ovation from the U.S. Congress.

History is another name for the law of cause and effect set within a frame of specific time and space. When the time comes for an event to occur, it will occur, Netanyahu notwithstanding. Trends in the region show that a Palestine state will occur. It cannot be stopped. Any student of history must realize that.

Israel and its American supporters want to block the march toward Palestinian statehood. The "yahus" in America must know that while the pace of events may be slowed down for a brief spell, the course itself will continue, to end in triumph. 

Shouldn't we have cause to be afraid of the United States and its ally Israel - asked an Arab who has been very disturbed by the events in the occupied lands. "No, we should not. Be like the Vietnamese and behave like them and you'll have nothing to fear," his friend replied.

"Why go far?" - said another. Be like the Muslim warriors of yester- year who feared not death or confrontation."

The time has now for us to become like them.

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