An Open Letter to President Joe Biden: A Plea for Justice!!

Your Excellency, President Joe Biden.

Below is my expressed sentiment regarding the Holy Land as of November 28, 2023.

Today, I watched a video, possibly dated, in which you quoted a precious Hadith to mollify US Muslims. It was about three levels of faith. President Bush also talked nicely about Muslims before destroying Afghanistan and Iraq without any provocation whatsoever. I hope you didn’t do it simply because someone suggested that it’ll bridge the self-inflicted wound, the abysmal gap, or as just another talking point used for your Ramadhaan Dinner. Naturally, people are hearing you speak in two voices!

With over 20,000 dead, maimed, and incarcerated, with PTSD galore, and billions of dollars in property loss. And with you providing cover after cover for this to happen. I don’t see how you can recover come November 2024. You’ve become quite a widow-maker, baby-snatcher, body part harvester, maiming machine. Yup, you forgot the pain of your own losses!

You must pull yourself out of the spell of Zionism first. Perhaps you’re not aware or do not care to know about the historical Muslim-Jewish relationship, from Medinah to Jerusalem under Caliph Umar, to the Crusades, to Liberation of Jerusalem by Salah ud-Din Ayubi, to Spain, to post Inquisition, and to around the time of WWII.

Incidentally, Muslims were not responsible for how all the Jews were instigated through false flag operations to leave Muslim lands to converge on Falasteen. However, the blame has been on the Muslims for this engineered immigration just as you’ve heaped blame after blame on the Falastinis!

Anti-Semitism is a cause celebre of Christendom, having nothing to do with the Quran or Muslims, ever. Muslims are not guilty for causing Jews systemic pain throughout centuries the two have known one another. Through faith principles and manifest practice Muslims have long avoided othering the Jews as fellow humans. Yet today, egregiously, Muslims are bundled along with holdover western antisemites.

Mr. President, we’ve the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves from fellow Americans even though monarchy is not about to make a comeback. Unless of course you lose to Trump in the next round of general election. Then why can’t the Falastinis resist foreign occupation? Have you ever given a thought as to why settlers are benign civilians? They tote guns, they serve in the military, they manipulate the rules and authorities to grab more land. They either steal or destroy homes.

Please try counting how many of the Ten Commandments are being violated: #s 3, 6, 8, 9 and 10, no? So, if you consider yourself religious, Mr. President, are they religious, too? God’s promise of being special people is not unconditional unless you subscribe to the idea of a God quite foreign to Muslims. Otherwise, how did forty years of wandering and double disenfranchisements from Jerusalem happen? The Falastinis are not Amalek people, ripe for slaughter, unlike what your buddy PM recently claimed.

Mr. President, you’ve been around a long time. You now befriend Native Americans and Blacks. Do you not see deja vu in the scenario that has been playing out in the Holy Land? Or has it all been a matter of convenience that you help fix these historical problems of the US? Then the Hadith you quoted must be taken with a grain of salt!!

The true God is not given to being wrestled by a mere mortal. So, second coming of Prophet Jesus عَلَیهِ‌السَّلام, as Muslims believe also, will not happen by ganging up on Falastinis. The timetable of God cannot be managed by twisting His arm. So, precipitating Jesus عَلَیهِ‌السَّلام arrival will never happen. Besides, when the Messiah is sent down, he’ll come down to establish Justice and Goodness. He will side with the downtrodden and not with the usurpers. So, guess what, Mr. President, if you’re around then, you need to avoid becoming one of Jesus’ عَلَیهِ‌السَّلام marked men.

So, Mr. President, who’re you kidding? Christian sins against Jews are being exacerbated by launching a long-lasting havoc on the Falastinis. Do you not see how the US has again walked into a trap by having reflexively accepted Hamas’ designation of being a terrorist group? The truth was entirely camouflaged, and your unevaluated trust has put your entrustment, the US, in jeopardy!!

Now, why did I say, again? The US did the same cakewalk in Iraq at the behest of the same forces. And you, Mr. President, signed off on it as easily as you would mix cornflakes with milk!

And now, the US is positioned to run off the same campaign against Iran! It doesn’t take a mind reader to realize that in your mind that is how it should be. You are held back only by the prospect of losses that the US would suffer. Mr. President, if you don’t defuse the situation by quickly restoring JCPOA while also losing the belligerent characterization of Iran, then another disaster for the US is just a President or two away. Hasn’t Turkey been disenfranchised of F-35 fighter jets by the same forces?

Do you really hate Muslims so much? Mr. President, why is your mind parked and your emotional tank filled whenever the Falastini or any Muslim problem surfaces? Mr. President, forget the memory of your dad when you adhere to Israel like a Post-it note. You’ve a lot more knowledge, experience, authority and responsibility than your dad could have ever imagined.

Let’s for the moment get a full perspective of US’ strategy in the Muslim World. The CIA has created two pockets of Kurdish supporters in sovereign nations of Iraq and Syria, just as much as the frowned upon Russia has in Ukraine. You are loathe to get out of these bases because all the associated tribesmen would have to be airlifted into the US. Incidentally, these Kurds are leftists. You prefer Godless leftists over God fearing Muslims, as you did with Ahmed Shah Masoud in Afghanistan. You are one of a kind of strange believer, Mr. President!

You blame Iran for a democracy tainted by faith and Hamas for being a bunch of religious zealots, and what not! Mr. President, what type of parties do you suppose have been ruling Israel for decades now? You talk about Jihad, but using the Bible to takeover Falasteen is the biggest Jihad ever! At the same time, you don’t believe Iran when it says that its faith does not allow it to produce WMD! You know very well that if it drops such a bomb in defense of Falastinis, none of them including Jordanians, Lebanese and Syrians will be spared its impact.

Soon after, Iran will get its head bashed in, too. So, she’ll lose on three fronts: violation of faith, destruction of its supposed allies and sacred religious site, and its own destruction. So, why do you want to prove Trump right by holding on to multiple additional sanctions imposed by him before reviving JCPOA? Trump did write in his book, ‘The Art of the Deal’, that he’s a master in deal making. Once you get a hobbled JCPOA in place with Trump’s bells and whistles, he’ll claim, ‘That’s exactly what I was saying! Biden finished the negotiation I started.’

So, Mr. President, I don’t know who is advising you in the State Department or DOD? You need to wake up soon to realize that the US’ closest friend is her biggest enemy!!

Clearly, Mr. President, talk is cheap. You can’t make a living being a Hadith vendor! To get your relationship back to a tolerable level with the US Muslims, I suggest that you consider taking the following steps well before November 2024.

1. Immediately abolish the Guantanamo Bay Concentration Camp. Afghanistan is over. Why are these uncharged men held for over two decades under extra-judiciary arrangements still being punished?

2. Immediately pardon the unnaturally, incoherently sentenced (86 years long), diminutive, 80 lb heavy, MIT qualified, mother of three, rape victim, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui from the belly of the American prison.

3. Introduce a bill in the US Congress with the express interest to ban the desecration of any holy book and insulting of any iconic, historic, worldwide recognized religious figure as a tool of political protest. Neither such books nor such personalities have ever promoted today’s injustices, hatefulness, violence, destruction of nature, etc. Moreover, such “political” actions do not speak truth to power and barring them is not an abridgment of the oft-touted freedom of speech.

4. Decide whether you’re going to rely on secular norms or religious biases before working through the Falastini problem.

5. Do not renew the carnage in Gaza and put a once-for-all stop to mindless harassment, disenfranchisement and dispossession of the Falastinis of the West Bank. Put a stop to expansion of settlement by calibrating the grant flowing into Israel.

6. Stop disenfranchising Falastinis by continuing to label Hamas as a terrorist organization.

7. US dual citizens will face prosecution in US Courts for harassing, hurting, killing, disenfranchising, taking possession of properties of indigenous people of the Holy Lands.

8. Immediately remove the tyranny of being denied access to the Mediterranean Sea to the Gazans.

9. Immediately double the width and length of Gaza to reflect population density of Israel.

10. Either create a viable two state solution, not a rump of a state solution that was meted out to Bosnia just prior to the Oslo Talk or arrange for a one-state solution with the American Constitution and Bill of Rights in place that situates the Falastini and the Israeli peoples equally. Full retroactive enforcement of long ignored International Laws will be assured.

11. Also, given that you have been quoting him liberally, in this project take into consideration the Prophetﷺ biography 1Ramadan, Tariq, In the Footsteps of the Prophet – Lessons from the Life of Muhammad, Oxford University
Press, 2007
, his Medinah Compact, his Charter of Religious Freedom for the Monastery of St. Catherine at the foothills of Mount Sinai and his Farewell Hajj Sermon as well as Islamic Laws governing warfare to better understand the Falastini mindset and firmly secure all agreements.

12. A US $100 billion fund will be jointly created by Israel and US and managed by UNICEF and UNHCR and dispensed in a reasonable time frame of no longer than 10 years, to compensate for the human cost to the Falastinis of the prolonged occupation and violence.

13. Immediately grant US $50 billion dollars for rebuilding Gaza with airport, seaport, railway, schools, vocational education centers, universities, hospitals, libraries, parks, museums, gymnasiums, apartments, houses, marketplaces, industrial parks, etc. and US $20 billion for rebuilding Falastini townships of the West Bank.

Mr. President only then are you likely to return to the White House come January 20, 2025. Otherwise, you’ll have to get busy finding a non-Zionist alternative DFL Presidential nominee. Somebody neutral and progressive must be identified for the US to be safe in the face of another round of rogue Republican presidency.

However, his chances are moot as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, Mr. President. There was a time years ago when you were my favorite candidate competing against the-then Senator Obama and others for nomination. But that’s because you presented one side of yourself, or I was complacent failing to check out your credentials thoroughly.

Shafi A. Khaled, a free-lance commentator, is a Labor and Development Economist with substantial contribution to the Theory of Islamic Finance. He also promotes dependency relief for non-Muslims through ’Totally Personal Total Choice - Standing Up To Addiction’, located at


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