Dial "S" for Murder

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You don't know me but I know of you and your military exploits. You see, you and I were in the same city, Beirut, in 1982, albeit on opposite sides of death. You planned the annihilation of Beirut and its civilians raining American taxpayer funded instruments of death on anyone breathing regardless of age, sex, race, religion, location or ideology.

I was working in an American funded institution of learning trying desperately for three months non-stop to save those you aimed to kill. I must admit, general, you did a much better job killing than I did saving.

Despite your bloody massacre of 2000 Palestinian civilians at the SS camps, "S"abra and "S"hatila, and the murder of 20,000 civilians and your being found guilty of "irresponsible" acts by your own government, you have succeeded. And regardless of the fact you destroyed a country's economy and infrastructure, you win again, this time as Prime Minister of Israel.

Your American apologists, like columnist William Safire, say you won because Arafat disturbed the peace and quiet of Israeli over the last four months.

I wonder how disturbed the Israeli's would be if they lived in Palestinian shoes for the last 52 years, enduring the most outrageous rape and murder of lives, homes, and nature. No other indigenous population has as much as the Palestinians did by the very same people who vowed, "never again".

Even a slew of United Nations speeches and documents on the principles of human rights could not stop the Israelis. Sadly the Jewish icon of Holocaust Remembrance, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel, has a blind spot to the injustices Israel has perpetrated against humankind.

Just as the Hebrews of Egypt were forced to build Pharoah's tombs, the Palestinians are Israel's new "Hebrews", forced out of need to build illegal settlements for America's Messianic Jews who are equipped with modern-day Uzi's instead of whips.

How can a people, whose claim to the land of Palestine is based on their Biblical belief in God's generosity, who have suffered through history unlike any other peoples, within three years of the Holocaust, inflict their own ethnic cleansing on innocent people? How could they continue to persecute when they themselves suffered at the hands of Nazi's who used lies, myths, propaganda and a successful public relations campaign to persecute an entire population? How can those, who have yearned for centuries for a homeland, drive out others from their own nation, confiscating their land illegally in order to fulfill their limited understanding of God's promise?

Sorry, I did forget one last victim of the Zionist regime-- American people who are paying the price for their government's policy toward Israel. Few understand that billions of their hard-earned dollars are spent on weapons, which the death of their sons and daughters in Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Europe, and even in America are due to such blind support for Israel.

You must know general that it's only a matter of time until Israel's lies and domination of our foreign policy is exposed. More and more Americans are asking the right questions and writing letters critical of the Israeli-American relationship. What do you think will happen when Americans, including the millions of peace loving silent Jews, find their voice and demand their liberty from Israel? You can rest assured that Israel and the few thousand hired lobbyists will be held accountable for our money and the death of our citizens due to your outrageous brutality and cold-blooded murder of Palestinians.

General, I'm sure you're aware that Islam has 1.3 Billion adherents worldwide, with 6-8 million in America, and over 30 million in Europe. When you trampled on our Holy Mosque in Jerusalem you trampled on all the Muslims and sooner or later all fascist racist regimes topple.

Yet, it's not too late for Israel and its Zionist anti-American supporters to come to their senses and realize the world along with Arabs and Muslims accept Israel on 78% of historical Palestine, land it didn't have 52 years ago and all that is required for eternal peace and security for you and the world is that Israel withdraw from 22% of the remaining land it took in 1967.

Israel will never have peace and security no matter how many nuclear bombs its has. General, wake up and smell the Prozac. Palestinians are fighting against injustice and not because they are blood thirsty or Anti-Semitic.

Your first task is to digest this fact and order your American henchmen to stop spreading the lies.

It is your choice--peace according to UN Resolution 242 or an eternal war that drags America as the fourth victim of the Holocaust, after the Jews, Palestinians, and Truth.

Let's Dial "S" for Security Resolution 242. Shalom, Herr General.


Mohamed Khoder is a physician and activist living in the Washington D.C. area.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Beirut, Lebanon, Occupation
Views: 1317

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