Turkey's Powerful Position on the Israel Palestine War Revealed!

What does Turkey think about the Israel Palestine War? Cyrus Janssen traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and had the chance to meet Birol Güger, the Managing Director of the Cumhuriyet, Turkey's oldest newspaper. He asked him about Israel and Palestine and the potential for a larger regional conflict in the Middle East.

0:00 - Intro to Turkey's Position on Israel War

2:05 - How Turkey Views the Israel Palestine War

3:43 - Will there be a larger regional war in the Middle East?

5:03 - Why this is similar to the start of World War I

6:05 - Why Neighboring Muslim Countries Can't Take Refugees

8:24 - Is the United States Good or Bad for the Middle East?

9:56 - The REAL Reason the US Military is in the Middle East

13:17 - The Truth About October 7th Attacks

14:20 - How American Can Improve It's Middle East Relations

15:13 - Is the Two-State Solution the Only Way?

16:57 - How Netanyahu Is risking the lives of his people

17:41 - How Israel is losing relationships in the region

18:25 - The hypocrisy of the situation for Western countries

19:28 - Conclusion

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