It's Like Telling a Rape Victim Maybe You Weren't Raped

MPAC President Salam Al-Marayati was live on CNN Newsroom with host Fredricka Whitfield to discuss the growing distrust among American Muslim voters as the Biden-Harris Administration continues its unwavering support for Israel's ongoing assault on the people of Gaza.

He questioned the complexity of President Biden supporting Israel in this ongoing conflict.+ He shared how his family and friends have lost their loved ones in this conflict. He further discussed the consequences of the Gulf wars and the loss of life.

He concluded by saying that international actors should learn from past experiences. Especially, when Israel invaded Iraq to get rid of PLO, which just caused an increase in militancy. If such a conflict persists we will get something worse than that.

Note: Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) improves public understanding and policies that impact American Muslims by engaging the government, media, and communities.

More information regarding Palestine and the ongoing conflict can be found here.

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