Thirteen Reasons Why Israel is Illegal

The following is a summary of the reasons why the Zionist state of Israel is illegal.


Judaism does not permit the Jews to have a secular state. Israel, indeed, is a non-religious polity. The father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was a politician and his ideas were expediently political. He was unequivocal that his envisioned Jewish State was secular and was part of a Jewish social question.

He said:

“It is no longer - and it has not been for a long time - a theological matter. It has nothing whatsoever to do with religion and conscience…What is more, everyone knows it…The Jewish question is neither nationalistic nor religious. It is a social question."


Even in pure religious terms, to bring the Jews back to form a state in the country from which they had been dispersed, would be possible only via divine leadership, i.e., the King Messiah. Hence, the wait is on.


The divine promise concerning the Holy (Promised) Land is misunderstood. It was about entering only, after which, on account of the endless Jewish misconduct, new historical chapters with new protagonists and rules, followed.

In other words, entering the Holy Land was an opportunity and privilege, which nevertheless was wasted. The Jewish people forfeited their entitlement, predicated on truth and righteousness, to the Land.


There were people, settlements, laws, culture and civilization where Israel was created. That is to say, there was already a state where the state of Israel was enforced.


The creation of Israel was possible only in association with the illegal colonization of Palestine at the hands of Britain. Therefore, the foundation of Israel is a twinned illegality and its identity a twofold criminality.


Throughout its existence, aggression and bloodshed have consistently been attributed to Israel. Incessant tyranny is its legacy. The innocent blood is all over its institutionalized existence.


No tangible and lasting good did Israel ever generate to the “other” within and around itself, which testifies to its illegitimacy. Indeed, wickedness begets nothing but more wickedness.


The Jews were never banned from Palestine by Muslims. It was the West that constantly mistreated the Jews. It was the West furthermore that invented the idea of antisemitism, functioning as its focal point. The present bond between Zionism and the West is nothing other than an axis of evil. Universal goodness and virtue are targeted thereby.


While historically the whole world was banishing and oppressing the Jews, it was only Muslims who kept extending a helping hand to them. Only in Islamdom could they find a sanctuary, and in Muslims a protective friend. While everywhere else they were “in exile”, in Islamdom the Jews were “at home.”


The creation of the state of Israel represented the pinnacle of antisemitism.


The way the state of Israel functioned represented the apex of anti-humanity as well as anti-rationality.


Israel is a sign of the distortion of the truth. If the Jews honestly wanted the truth, they would not be what they were in history and what they are now. Instead, they would have embraced Islam and become Muslims.


It is not only that Zionism distorted Judaism, but also that Judaism had beforehand distorted the truth revealed to the Jews through their prophets. It is true that the Jews had been promised both the entry and return to the Holy (Promised) Land.

However, such would be possible only with the heavenly truth on-board. As it is, the Zionist state of Israel is not about returning to, but about abusing and defiling, the Holy Land. As much as the truth had been tampered with, it nonetheless has been revealed again, but through the seal of prophet, Muhammad ﷺ.


If the Jews really wanted to return to the Promised Land – to the purity, knowledge and values underpinning it as a concept and sensory reality. They would have returned to themselves and their senses first. They would then have followed Muhammad ﷺ in his capacity as the saviour (messiah) of the whole world, who was the messiah of the Jews too.

After that, the Holy Land would not have belonged to any particular group, but to the truth and whoever could affiliate himself with it. Under such circumstances, it would not be people that will rule in the Holy Land, but the power and dictates of the truth itself.

The Holy Land could afterwards become a pilgrimage site for all who subscribed either to the truth or universal goodwill. Serving as a confluence point between the various manifestations of terrestrial goodness. At any rate, and unfortunately, the ongoing existence of Israel serves as an attestation to the Jews' refusal to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

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