An Oasis of Peace Amid the Gaza Crisis

In a region plagued by violence and conflict, there exists a unique village known as the 'Oasis of Peace.' Amid the ongoing tragedy that has seen innocent lives lost and Palestinians forced from their homes, this village continues to shine as a beacon of hope and prosperity.


Founded in 1970 by Fr. Bruno Hussar, this village occupies a special place halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa. Known in Hebrew as 'Neve Shalom' and in Arabic as 'واحة السلام' (Wahat al-Salam), the village is referred to by both names, a testament to the mutual respect held by its diverse communities.

Neve Shalom is a social experiment where people from different backgrounds come together to live harmoniously, embracing the values of peace and equal opportunity. The village is home to 356 residents, half of them Jews and rest Muslims, and Christians, with around 70 families residing here.

A Bilingual School for Peace

One of the village's proudest achievements is the bilingual School for Peace and Conflict Transformation. Here, children from both communities study together, sharing their values and cultures and learning to understand and appreciate their differences. The school also offers courses and seminars for adults, promoting lifelong learning and dialogue.

Aims of the Village

The residents of Neve Shalom-Wahat al-Salam have dedicated themselves to creating a life of stability and peace in a region marked by chaos, division, and violence. Their goal is to foster mutual understanding in a region burdened by generational conflicts.

The School for Peace and Conflict Transformation serves as a testament to their commitment to promoting peace, stability, and reconciliation among the communities. Dyana Shaloufi-Rizek, the director of Shalom-Wahat al Salam, expressed her thoughts on the Palestine-Israel conflict, emphasizing that radical movements on both sides, despite their differing ideologies, all share a desire for a solution. She called for a shift of power from leaders to the people and a focus on ending the conflict.

Neve Shalom’s Position on the Gaza Crisis

While the village grieves the losses on both sides, its steadfast stance is to advocate for peaceful solutions. Neve Shalom believes that reconciliation, diplomacy, and non-violence are the only paths to lasting peace. Their approach centers on open channels of communication, negotiation, and addressing the root causes of the conflict while condemning violence and advocating for civilian protection. Fortunately, the village remains safe from the violence engulfing Gaza.

The Way Forward

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is multifaceted, involving factors like religion, land, and the interests of international actors. Yet, it's crucial to recognize that violence and military actions won't provide a solution. Instead, they lead to chaos, hate crimes, the loss of innocent lives, and escalating aggression worldwide.

Recent news highlights the alarming rise in hate crimes resulting in the deaths of innocent individuals. This should serve as a wake-up call for all nations.

Urgent dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis is the need of the hour. The Oasis of Peace provides an example of how to navigate this conflict. Violence has plagued the region for far too long, and a ceasefire and dialogue are long overdue. This issue must be resolved through discussion, not on the battlefield.

In these trying times, we must remember that open communication resolves problems while weapons create them. It is the duty of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to initiate and encourage dialogue. Temporary solutions won't suffice; a permanent resolution can only be achieved when both parties can express their concerns.

Neve Shalom should serve as a model of peace and a means to foster mutual understanding between communities. We must address hatred with words, not weapons. The Palestine-Israel conflict is no longer a regional issue; it's a global concern. The world must stand united for peace, promoting cooperation, respect, and patience during these challenging times.

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