Quran & The Fate Which Awaits Israel

Those Israelite people who rejected Jesus (PBUH) as the Messiah remain waiting to this day for their Messiah to arrive. Their hopes have been taken to dazzling heights by the successful Jewish return to reclaim Jerusalem as their own, and the successful restoration of a State of Israel in the Holy Land.

This book has turned to the Qur’ān to explain the reality of an evil and blood-stained Jewish return to the Holy Land in the Modern Age, to recover it as their own—some 2,000 years after the Lord-God had expelled them and banned such return.

A false Messiah is taking the Jews for a ride!

This book also explains their inevitable expulsion from that Land when Jesus (PBUH) returns, and History ends. They will be expelled in consequence of their present relentless oppression, and in consequence of violations, time and again since Solomon (PBUH) died, of the divinely ordained conditions for inheritance of that Land.

Allah Most High warned that if they ever returned to the Holy Land with such conduct, He would again return with His punishment of expulsion from that Land:

O People of Israel, your Lord-God may well show mercy unto you; but if you return (to the Holy Land) with your sinful conduct, We shall return with Our punishment, and [remember this:] We have ordained that [in the hereafter] Hell shall close upon all who deny the truth. (Quran 17:8)

Moses (PBUH) had spoken to the oppressed Israelites with words of comfort to assure them of a day that would come when they would be delivered from oppression:

Moses said to his people: “Turn unto Allah for help and have patience in adversity. Verily, the Land belongs to Allah: He gives it as a heritage to such as He wills of His servants; and the future belongs to those who fear Him!” (and who fear the punishment which awaits the oppressor). (Quran 7:128)

It is, indeed, ironic that those who, yesterday, were oppressed, have now become today’s most relentless oppressors. The world awaits that day when Allah’s Command will come to pass, and the sun will shine again for the oppressed. On that day of sunshine, today’s ‘wretched of the earth’, to use the haunting phrase of Martinique’s Frantz Fanon, will inherit the Holy Land.

We do not seek to hasten that day, and neither should they, the oppressors:

Allah’s Order is [bound] to come: do not, therefore, call for its speedy advent! (Quran 16:1)

( Source: Excerpt form the Introduction of the book, The Messiah, the Qur’an and Akhir Al-Zaman by Sheikh Imran Hosein )

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