Gaza Goes Dark and Journalists Battle

After three weeks of punishing Israeli bombardment of Gaza, Israel is still refusing to allow international journalists in. News outlets and audiences are entirely reliant on local Palestinian reporters, who risk their lives to provide a window into the war.


Mouin Rabbani - Co-editor, Jadaliyya

Omar Shakir - Human Rights Watch, Israel and Palestine director

Yara Eid - Gazan journalist

On our radar:

The online space has been a significant arena of battle throughout this war. Flo Phillips reports on the power that social media companies wield when it comes to what can and cannot be seen from Gaza.

Ghassan Kanafani and the era of Palestinian revolutionary media:

Silencing Palestinian voices is not new for Israel. We take you 50 years back for a historical case in point - Ghassan Kanafani. Reporter Tariq Nafi explores Kanafani’s work as a journalist and the era of Palestinian revolutionary media.


As’ad Abukhalil - Professor of political science, California State University

Elias Khoury - Novelist and literary critic

Refqa Abu-Remaileh - Professor of modern Arabic literature and film, Free University Berlin

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