The West Has Not Thought Israel's Gaza War Through

At a time when the world is engrossed in the Israeli war on Gaza, Shaykh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad provides a much-needed analysis on the state of affairs.

In this week's Islamic Thought video by Islam21c, Shaykh Haitham delves into a variety of topics including the strategic miscalculations made by the West, the role of the Muslim Ummah, and the broader implications for global order and justice.

Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Israel Has Already Lost the War: Shaykh Haitham evaluates the state of Israel's military efforts, scrutinising the nation's failure to secure a decisive victory despite superior firepower.

2️⃣ The Future of the Conflict: An incisive look at where this enduring struggle is heading, considering factors such as international law, geopolitical alliances, and the role of global superpowers.

3️⃣ Existence is Resistance: The very existence of Palestinians stands as a form of resistance against the occupation. Shaykh Haitham discusses how, even in the event of an Israeli "win", the nation would find itself isolated, its actions standing in stark opposition to the values of justice and human rights and perceived as respecting neither by the Muslim world.

4️⃣ A Clash of Civilisations? This conflict has far-reaching implications, and is increasingly perceived in the Muslim world as a struggle between Western powers and Muslims. The West's selective application of justice has only served to fuel this perception.

5️⃣ A Crisis Within the Ummah: Shaykh Haitham criticises Muslim political leaders, arguing that they have failed to represent the Ummah effectively, instead opting to suppress it from within.

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