Rushing Into Catastrophe

Armageddon, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation, is a prophesied battleground during the end times, open to both literal and symbolic interpretations. The term also refers to any apocalyptic scenario. In Islamic theology, it's known as the Greatest Armageddon or Al-Malhama Al-Kubra (the great battle). Megiddo, thought to be the location, is a historical site in northern Israel, marked by ancient forts guarding the Via Maris trade route (photo: Wikipedia).

The Biden regime refuses to defend US borders but does not hesitate to rush aircraft carrier task forces and the 101st US Airborne Division to defend Israel’s borders.  “We have Israel’s back,” endlessly proclaims America’ Jewish Secretary of State.  “America can afford two wars,” proclaims America’s Jewish Secretary of the Treasury.  But forget protecting our own border and the burdens on American taxpayers.

It seems our government is captured and risks our lives and welfare in the interest of another country.

It seems everyone in Washington, Republicans and Democrats, especially Republicans, have intense war fever.  While Washington quickly escalated the conflict by deploying US military forces to the area, the Republican Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, blames  escalation on Iran and issues a threat: “if you escalate this war, we’re coming for you.” Graham continues with his threats, in our name, to Iran saying the US will “knock Iran out of the oil business.”  Like Israel and the Jewish-American neoconservatives, Graham’s target is the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah:  “I am poised to use military force to destroy the source of funding for Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Another House Republican, this one from Texas, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, says he is writing legislation for authority to commit the US military to Israel’s war on Palestine.

What we are witnessing is Republicans who are as extreme as Hamas.  Is this insanity real, or is this showmanship, with political campaign funding in mind, for the US military/security complex who will greatly benefit from America “affording two wars?”

We are also witnessing the total failure of Western leadership, not only in Washington but throughout the Western world.  Instead of escalating the situation by sending military forces, Washington should have used its offices to calm matters down.  Why did not Washington calm the situation down instead of blowing it up?

This website — speculates that the US forces accumulating in the war zone are a “war fleet,” the purpose of which is to finally bring regime change to Syria and kick out the Russians in an act of revenge for the Russians preventing President Obama’s planned overthrow of the Assad government.  

I can understand that the Biden regime’s neoconservatives want to continue their policy of cleansing the Middle East for Israeli expansion, but how safe is it to assume that Putin will run away with his tail between his legs?  This would finish Putin as a leader of the dissident world and probably also finish him inside Russia.  A show of Russian cowardice would certainly provoke an escalation of NATO’s involvement in Ukraine.  It seems certain that a US attack on Syria would result in military conflict between the US and Russia.

The Israelis have been massacring Palestinians and stealing their country bit by bit since 1947, and no one has ever done anything about it.  The UN passes resolutions, but the US vetoes them.  So this final time Netanyahu expects no opposition, indeed, he expects  help from the US and its empire in the commission of his war crimes.  

It is clear to me that the situation is awash in miscalculations. Hezbollah is a match for Israel.  Indeed, the militia has twice defeated the vaunted Israeli Army and driven them out of Lebanon despite Israel’s air power. Syria’s army is battle hardened from fighting the mercenaries Washington sent to overthrow Assad.  Like Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran has fervor and a large number of missiles that can hit Israel.  If, as is claimed, 5,000 missiles from Hamas overwhelmed Israel’s Iron Dome, the Iron Dome has no chance against 100,000 or 200,000 missiles.

If Israel’s army is sent into Gaza, Hamas will keep it there, and Israel risks being overrun by Hezbollah, Syria, and Iraq and Iran should they care to participate.  Faced with Israel’s defeat, Washington would commit its forces with catastrophic consequences.

We are experiencing on the part of Israel and the US a total lack of judgment.  The risks are being ignored.  It is starting to look like the Armageddon that Revelation describes.  

The problem for humanity is that it has developed weapons that are capable of destroying all life, and these weapons are in the hands of emotional people incapable of restraint and reason.  

I have been, and continue to be, concerned about the conflict in Ukraine spiraling out of control.  The situation developing in the Middle East is more dangerous.  There doesn’t seem to be sufficient recognition of this danger.  The war propaganda from the presstitutes is extreme and blinds people to reality.  Those in office think they are in control, but they are not. 

Possibly Russia could prevent a wider conflict by raising its military presence in Syria, but Putin is not proactive.  

You tell me, where are the leaders to prevent a catastrophe?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, columnist for Business Week, the Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has testified before U.S. Congress on 30 occasions.

( Source: Paul Craig Roberts )

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