Crying Heart Behind Dark Humor

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef and later on by co-founder of the Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, for a heated and emotive debate on the historical treatment of Palestine during their conflict with Israel and whether Israel's decision to bomb Gaza in an attempt to get rid of Hamas is justified and proportionate after the attacks on October 7th.

Bassem condemns the terrorist organisation Hamas and tries to explain that people have been desensitised to accept that civilians dying is an inevitability of war.

Piers then suggests he doesn't know what the "proportionate response" to a terrorist attack of Hamas's scale would be.

Bassem responds by referencing a graph that shows the total amount of deaths in the conflict prior to the attacks and questions the Palestinian killings in the West Bank, which has never been occupied by Hamas fighters.

Bassem then mocks Ben Shapiro for his public stance on Israel defending themselves, questioning how an occupier can be defending themselves. Shapiro's friend and colleague Jeremy is then invited by Piers to debate Bassem's criticisms.

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