Show the World What Israel’s Doing in Gaza

“This war in Gaza is one of the most brutal wars I’ve ever experienced. It’s the first time I feel so terrified,” says Muhammad Qndeel, a Palestinian photojournalist from Gaza. 

For the last week, Close Up has been filming the Palestinian photojournalist as he documents the impact of Israel’s assault on Gaza. “They’re bombing houses, shelling towers, bombarding neighbourhoods and using white phosphorus [explosives]”, he says. 

Our team managed to get footage of Qndeel’s work before electricity was cut to the Gaza strip. Gaza’s Deadliest Days is his story.

The story begins on October 7th, when Hamas  - the armed group that governs Gaza - launched a surprise attack on southern Israel, killing more than 1,300 Israelis. Israel retaliated with a massive bombardment, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to defeat Hamas and “change the Middle East”. So far, more than 2,670 Palestinians have been killed.

Photojournalist Qndeel has covered five conflicts in the region, but this time it’s more personal. He has lost three colleagues in the last week. “I can’t stop thinking about my children,” he says. “How can I keep them safe if I’m killed?” 

Despite the dangers, Qndeel is determined to continue covering the fighting. “We are sharing what we see to make sure our message reaches the entire world that Gaza is under siege and the most heinous crimes are being committed here,” he says.

Watch Gaza’s Deadliest Days by Real Gaza Productions

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