We want friends, not masters

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The Gulf Cooperation Council foreign ministers in their last meeting urged the newly elected Prime Minister of the Zionist state of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to honor the Middle East peace treaties. They also stressed the U.S. role in pushing the peace process ahead and ensuring implementation of all Israeli-Palestinian agreements.

Meanwhile the Arab media was expressing alarm and apprehension at the change of government in Israel. It seems neither the Arabs nor their media have learnt any lesson.

First of all, they should know that all kinds of Arab messages, pleas and denunciation have fallen on deaf Israeli ears. Secondly, however much they stress, the United States cannot push for any peace process that is impartial. 

Likud and Labour are two sides of the same coin. This was once again proved by Peres when he deliberately refused to pull out from Hebron, even though he had promised to do that. He left it to the new government to decide the timing of the pull out, an act which Netanyahu has openly stated he is against. Netanyahu, while addressing hordes of Israeli militants was aggressive and defiant.

The gullible Arabs should expect the worst. Why should the Arabs be grieved at Labour's ouster? During the Labour regime more Arabs were killed, many houses demolished and increased oppression of the Palestinians took place.

As for the Americans, they are already planning more concessions to Netanyahu. They are going to abide by his rules. Many explanations will be given to the Arabs including "a chance for Netanyahu to settle down". Some analyst predict that Clinton may even "dump" U.S.-Secretary of State, Warren Christopher. Israel has asked for his ouster. Israel is represented in the Clinton administration through U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyck, an Australian who was given U.S. citizenship within five minutes and rewarded with an ambassadorial post in Tel Aviv. He himself is a Likud supporter and is expected to push for an increased Israeli say in American policies toward the Middle East.

The Arabs should expect more military action especially in South Lebanon, punitive measures against the Palestinians and more blood- shed.

Some Arab analysts have stated the peace process will come to a halt. In fact the peace process is dead. It died with the hundreds of Lebanese during Peres election - military campaign against the defenseless Lebanese. 

Israel wants money which Clinton, dipping in the coffers of the American tax payers, will generally dish out to them. The rhetoric of peace coming from Israel and America should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

Peace cannot be pursued when the cries of dead women and children still haunt us. Peace cannot come when Arab lands and Muslim and Christian holy shrines are being controlled by the Zionists. Peace will be elusive when the aggressors' actions are justified by Washington.

How can any rational Arab think of shaking the bloody hands of those who deny our people the God given right of freedom? How can we talk with those who get upset when a bullet or bomb is directed at the occupier of our lands?

More than 40,000 freely-supplied U.S. bombs were used in the 600 air raids carried out by the Zionist sate - a vain attempt to get a few more votes.

The Israelis were not impressed. They wanted even more and hence threw out Peres.

The Washington-Tel Aviv axis has one aim in mind. To subjugate the area and to see that silence is observed. The right-minded Arab asks: What silence?

There are those among us who have been deceived by the rhetoric of peace. Yes, we do want peace. But a peace of the equals. What is life if it is lived under servility and humiliation? Washington speaks of a peace where Israeli technology and Arab capital will contribute to economic development. We may add that it is only the development of a greater Israel. We spit on such a type of development.

In the context of all these developments, the Arabs should chart out a plan of action to protect themselves from Israeli hegemony. There should be a resounding "No" to capitulation. 

Have we no self-esteem? Are we a nation of vassals? Are our lives worth nothing? 

When 62 Israelis die in a land that is not theirs, the world moves. When a hundred Lebanese are blown to bits by Israel in their own land, sympathy is expressed to Israel. Not only justification and excuses are made by the perpetrators of this murderous act but support is given to them. The victims are accused of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What new world order is this that accuses the victim and condones the aggressor? Why are the resistance fighters of Lebanon denigrated as terrorists while those who forcibly settle people on stolen lands are called the peace makers? 

Likud does not want to make any concessions. Nor does Labor. 

The Arabs are viewed as customers and clients for U.S. goods. Israel is viewed as an equal and strategic partner.

The Arabs should also strive to be on an equal footing. They should demand that no concessions can be given without equal reciprocity from the sides. 

We want friends, not masters.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Policy, Occupation
Views: 2110

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