9 May: Conspiracy Exposed in Pakistan

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This video compiled by Mehvish Ali, systematically exposes the conspiracy and crimes against the people of Pakistan related to the events of 9 May 2023 via 32 video evidences.


In May 2023, former prime minister Imran Khan was arrested and his supporters held nationwide protests, during which there have been incidents of violence. Some groups ‘breached the military headquarters while others set fire to a military commander’s official residence’. Several people have died and thousands of supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) party have been arrested.

Pakistan’s army described 9 May as a “dark day” and warned protesters of “severe retaliation” against further attacks on military and state properties.

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  Category: Asia, Featured, Highlights, Videos, World Affairs
  Topics: Crimes Against Humanity, Pakistan  Values: Justice
Views: 2442

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