Call to 'Shut Down Pakistan'

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Imran Khan, the former prime minister of Pakistan, has been arrested, a government minister has said, as supporters of the politician are told to "shut down Pakistan".

Mr Khan is said to have appeared in court in Islamabad on corruption charges.

Footage online, verified by Sky News, shows Mr Khan being led into an armoured vehicle by security forces.

This escalation is a big next step in the political crisis Pakistan is currently facing with protests taking place in every major city across the country. Videos seen by Sky News in Pakistan, show army bases being broken into by civilians and army vehicles being set alight in Lahore and Rawalpindi. With the public showing their discontent towards the military, it is an incredibly unsettling and unpredictable 12-48 hours in Pakistan, politically and socially.

A 'high-level' meeting of the Pakistan Army Core-Commanders is scheduled to take place this evening, Army sources have confirmed to Sky News, following the widespread protests.

It comes as the Army HQ in Pakistan advised all officers in a memo to exercise "extreme vigilance" and to "stay put in units".

Mr Khan was moved to Rawalpindi near Islamabad, where he was questioned by police and underwent a medical checkup before his tribunal.

The 72-year-old was ousted from power last year, and has spent his time campaigning against his successor, claiming his removal was illegal.

( Source: Sky News )

  Category: Asia, Featured, Highlights, Videos, World Affairs
  Topics: Imran Khan, Pakistan
Views: 706

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