Islamic theology, Xenophobia, Faith and Anglo-Muslim Relations

Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad, a renowned Islamic scholar, English academic, writer, and theologian, is the Founder and Dean of Cambridge Muslim College. He converted to Islam in England in the 1970s after questioning Christianity as a child. His areas of expertise include Islamic theology, modernity, and Anglo-Muslim relations.

Sheikh Abdal Hakim worries about the decline in mental health among young people and explains how our modern world is causing this early-onset existential dread. In this episode, Sh. Abdal Hakim and Mo delve into various topics such as xenophobia, the history of Islam, racial tensions, biology, human connection, morality, faith, nature, and the connection between religion and mental health.

02:00 What it Means to be Muslim

6:00 Converting and changing populations 

11:03 Racial tension

14:02 Green pill

21:16 Abdal’s decision to convert

29:45 Misunderstandings and stereotypes 

34:43 Existential crises in youth

39:11 Decline in mental health

43:00 Human closeness

50:09 Modern Islam and philosophers 

58:29 Cambridge Muslim College

1:00:19 Biology, gender, climate change 

1:03:19 Pet peeves, happiness, books

1:10:10 Quran, prayer, sound heart

1:13:54 Optimistic future

1:17:04 Parting words


Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad | Guest
Mo Islam | Host & Founder
Ahmed Hussein | Marketing & Brand Manager
Ryan Ismail | Show Manager
Mohammad Anas | Editor
Youssef Hamieh | Production Manager
Katie Janner | Sound Editor
Edgar Ydel & Christian Rufo | Sound Engineers
Chaima Boudchar | Translator

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