How can you tell if it is a valid Hadith?

IslamiCity has developed a new hadith search app that offers a unique search technology which lets you discover hadith.

This unique Hadith search tool will benefit anyone wishing to search or expand their knowledge of the Sunnah.

An Advanced Search and Discovery Tool For Nine Renowned Hadith Collections

It comes with advanced features such as type-ahead auto suggestions, spelling error immunity, and the ability to handle complete sentences just like automated assistants.

Here is how it works:

As you type, related suggestions are automatically presented with categorized hadith summaries on the search. You may choose one of the summaries and explore it in full detail or continue finishing your input and perform a traditional search by simply hitting the  ENTER key when done typing.

This is a two-in-one search, the first part helps you discover many hadith you may not have known, and the second part lets you locate the particular hadith that you are looking for.

Following are some sample searches.

  • Religion is sincerity
  • Be good to the neighbor
  • Actions are based on intentions
  • Heaven is under the feet of mother
  • Bukhari > Rain  (Will filter all hadith by Bukhari related to rain)
  • Bukhari Book 5 Hadith 8 or Bukhari 2234 (Hadith by reference or collector)
  • Allows Arabic Search & Arabic Voice Dictation

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