IslamiCity Preserves Quran as NFTs on the Blockchain

The Web3 is a set of protocols led by blockchain, that intends to reinvent how the Internet is wired in the backend, combining the logic of the Internet with the logic of the computer. Some refer to blockchain as a distributed world computer. It is possibly the next big step in the development of computers and the Internet [BlockchainHub] (photo: iStock by Getty Images).

The move supplements preserving the sacred text from the collective memory of the Muslim community to the collective 'memory' of the internet.

With the aim of preserving the Quran in perpetuity, the Quran Verse NFT project by IslamiCity is the first instance of minting the entire Islamic scripture as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. Once on the blockchain, these NFTs cannot be edited or deleted, making them part of a permanent record.

Each NFT represents a different Arabic verse in the Quran.

"In every era, sacred texts have been passed down through the use of the most modern technologies of the time," said Mohammad Aleem, the Co-Founder and CEO of IslamiCity. "In the mid-1400s, it was the Gutenberg Press. Then it was the internet. Today, it's blockchain. The goal is still the same: preserve these sacred texts and make them widely available to the public."

Placing the entire Quran on the blockchain offers a distinct advantage to both print and digital versions. Because of its decentralized nature, the blockchain is impervious to editing or censorship. "Information on a website can easily be taken down or hacked by entities or governments for any number of reasons," said Jihad Turk, founding President and Dean of Bayan Islamic Graduate School. "The blockchain prevents such manipulation. Whereas we continue to pass on the Quran through oral traditions and the collective memory of the Muslim community, the blockchain serves as the collective 'memory' of the internet. Making use of this technology to faithfully preserve and present the Quran fulfills our collective responsibility to accurately convey this message to humanity."

Minting sacred texts on the blockchain is not unprecedented, with the Old Testament being preserved as NFTs just last year. The Quran Verse project comprises 6,236 NFTs, one for each verse of the Quran. Each NFT contains contextual and historical information about its respective verse. IslamiCity has already sold over 500 NFTs for $45,000 before this launch.

The Ummah Network's Quran+ app is tailored to digital natives to better understand and engage with the Islamic scripture.

Sales from the NFTs will fund the creation of an Islamic autonomous metaverse called the Ummah Network. It aims to align and empower Muslims worldwide to collectively coordinate public projects in the web3 space. The Network's first project will be the Quran+ app, tailored for the digital-first generation to better understand and engage with the scripture.

The Quran Verse NFTs are currently available on

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U.S. Organization IslamiCity Preserves Quran as NFTs on the Blockchain (Yahoo! Finance)

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