U.S. Puppets: Shah to Saddam to Pinochet - Ghani too?

Rick Sanchez examines Ashraf Ghani's ties to the US establishment and dares ask whether the deposed Afghan president ever had his own country's interests in mind, then looks from the Dominican Republic to Chile to Iran to Iraq to elucidate the history of Washington's foreign policy puppetry.

John Huddy discusses Ghani's hasty flight from Kabul when the Taliban captured the city. He also examines what the future looks like for what's left of his government.

Faran Fronczak reports on the back-and-forth news conferences of a Washington press corps frantic to get to the bottom of how the US so badly botched its evacuation from Kabul.

Pentagon and State Department officials spoke with the Washington press corps about the botched US evacuation of personnel from Kabul and intention to "de-conflict' in its Afghanistan posture.

Peter Kuznick of American University and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof share their expertise.

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