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Saffron Road Turns One and Carves Out a Niche for Premium All Natural and Halal Certified Cuisine

Saffron Road (tm), the packaged food brand of American Halal Co., celebrated its brand's one year anniversary, fortuitously on USA's Independence Day, making Saffron Road a true blue Pax Americana brand. The success of the unique Saffron Road brand continues to evolve and grow. The brand's team recognized unmet needs in the marketplace and has since carved out their own niche catering to discerning natural food and halal consumers who prefer premium foods that are all natural, Antibiotic-Free, Hormone Free, Halal Certified.

"Given our premise of how deeply underserved our core consumer is, our professional instincts were spot on at Saffron Road in correctly gauging the synergetic needs of both premium halal and natural food consumers - our demographic sweet spot. This has enabled Saffron Road to carve out a beach head in the frozen grocery aisle - where we are perhaps the only entre brand that can proudly claim that we are: halal certified 100% natural, Antibiotic-Free, Hormone Free, and Certified Humane! Not only is that a tall barrier to entry, but also it has given Saffron Road a very unique brand value positioning from the get-go," says Adnan Durrani, CEO of American Halal Co. "Our niche is not bound to just one category - ethnic, halal or all natural, but transcends several dietary needs, making way for a more premium choice for consumers with sophisticated and unique tastes."

In just one year, the Saffron Road brand has:

  • Established their first retail partnership with the world's largest natural food retailer, Whole Foods Market, and was the retailer's debut into the U.S. halal market by being been rolled out nationally in all 11 of their regions
  • Produced four initial Indian entrees for nationwide distribution and drew thousands of consumers into Whole Foods Market stores to buy Saffron Road products in just its first four weeks. Since then, Saffron Road's sales lift and consumer repurchases at store level have been robust.
  • Launched at multiple trade shows such as the Fancy Food Show and Natural Products Expo
  • Earned numerous exceptional certifications and delivered on these pure claims: Gluten Free, Humane, Antibiotic Free and Halal
  • Engaged social networks, iPhone apps, Facebook, Twitter followers and emotionally connected big time with halal and natural foods consumers - who were emboldened to become Saffron Road's brand online advocates
  • Gained several awards and recognitions including The Best Product Award by The Halal Journal at this year's World Halal Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The brand's Chicken Tikka Masala entre was proclaimed a HIT by The Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempurt and at the 2011 Winter Fancy Food Show the brand was named "One of the Top 10 Hottest Products" to watch in 2011 by New Hope Media, the premier publisher for the natural food industry.
  • Secured over 1,500 grocery retail partners and are slated to be in over 4,000 stores this year
  • Increased its product line from four to now 12 products, including eight frozen entrees and four frozen chicken products

"This first year has truly been amazing - from identifying supportive retail partners who share our values and understand our market, to the outstanding consumer advocacy," says Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of American Halal Co. "Our higher standard of ethical consumerism is resonating with both the grocery trade and consumers."

About Saffron Road American Halal Co. markets All Natural Halal Certified food under the Saffron Road brand. Adnan Durrani, the CEO, and Jack Acree, the EVP, are serial entrepreneurs having been involved in companies like Vermont Pure Spring Water, Stonyfield Farms, Inc., Alexia Foods, and Terra Chips. The Company's management and Board represent a team of proven entrepreneurs at building premium food brands. Saffron Road's mission is to offer All Natural Halal Certified and Gluten Free foods, which are also holistic, sustainably farmed, and antibiotic free. Saffron Road's products are sourced from livestock which is fed only 100% vegetarian feed and are humanely treated. The Company seeks to bring its mission to a higher awakening with the local and global community, embodying a socially conscious company ethic as well as setting the standard for premium quality Halal Cuisine. 

Source: Saffron Road - Media Contacts: Lisa Mabe, Hewar Social Communications, 202.834.4498, [email protected] 
Kate Tayloe, American Halal Company, Inc., 203.961.1954 x100, [email protected] 

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  Category: Americas, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Food, Natural Foods
Views: 4529

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