World Stands With Palestine

Huge numbers of people all over the globe have been protesting in solidarity with Palestinians this month as Israel intensified its killing campaign in the Gaza Strip, and a massive uprising swept cities and villages all over historic Palestine. 

Demonstrations swept Arab capitals, from Rabat to Amman, Beirut to Baghdad, Sanaa to Tunis.

People in Bahrain and Morocco took to the streets, two countries that normalized relations with Israel last year despite popular opposition and no restoration of Palestinian rights.

Protesters filled streets in European cities, including London, Paris, Milan, Brussels and The Hague.

There were big shows of solidarity in Tehran, Cape Town, Santiago, Istanbul, Jakarta, Melbourne and Karachi.

People came out across the United States as well, including in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington and Dearborn.

All were calling for an end to Israeli crimes.

Video by Tala Kaddoura. 

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