What I Learn From the Prophet ﷺ About Death & Dying

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Imam Sohaib Nazeer Sultan (1980-2021), in this program (live-streamed by CelebrateMercy on January 15, 2021), gave a very personal 20-minute talk on his current journey with an aggressive, terminal cancer and how the Prophet's ﷺ lessons on death and dying have helped him with this struggle. His talk was followed by an open 20-minute question & answer session.

Sultan was the first full-time Muslim Life Coordinator and Chaplain at Princeton University. He was a graduate of the Hartford Theological Seminary earning a Masters in Islamic Studies & Christian-Muslim Relations, and a Graduate Certificate in Islamic Chaplaincy. His research and academic interests were in Islamic spirituality and psychology, as well as the development of practical skills in religious leadership. Sultan's master's thesis was on Preaching with Purpose: Writing and Delivering Great Sermons.

Sultan was a well-known author and writer.  His first book, The Koran for Dummies, part of the well-known for Dummies series was published by Wiley Publishing Inc. in 2004.  Sultan published his second book with Skylight Paths Publishing, The Qur’an and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad: Selection Annotated and Explained, in 2007.

He was a public lecturer and writer on Islam, Muslim culture and Muslim-Western relations and occasionally blogged on the Huffington Post Religion section. Additionally, he frequently delivered Islamic Friday sermons, his last being in March 2021.

Sultan was diagnosed with stage 4 of a deadly form of bile cancer, passing away from it on Friday, April 16, 2021. His funeral and burial were held the next day.

Please Support the Family of Imam Sohaib Sultan

( Sources: CelebrateMercy, Planet Princeton, Princeton University, Wikipedia )

  Category: Featured, Life & Society, Videos
  Topics: Life And Death, Obituary
Views: 1941

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