The Crusaders

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American soldiers assemble for prayer service near Fallujah, shortly before the assault on the city began. November 6, 2004

Sixteen words may be all that stand right now between the apparatus of government and the Founding Fathers' worst nightmare. And those words are starting to give.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ."

When George Bush, in the wake of 9/11, puffed himself into Richard the Lionheart and declared he would lead the country in a "crusade" against terrorism - you know, crusade, as in slaughter of Muslim infidels - turns out . . . oh, how awkward (if you're on White House spin duty) . . . he may have been speaking literally.

What's certain, in any case, is that a lot of people in high and low places within the Bush administration - and in particular, the military - heard him literally, and regard the war on terror as a religious war: 

"The enemy has got a face. He's called Satan. He lives in Fallujah. And we're going to destroy him," a lieutenant colonel, according to a BBC reporter, said to his troops on the eve of the destruction of that undefended city in post-election 2004.

"I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol," Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jerry Boykin notoriously boasted a few years back, speaking of a Muslim warlord in Somalia. And by the way, George Bush is "in the White House because God put him there."

And, of course, just the other day, Lt. Col. Ralph Kauzlarich, who conducted the first official investigation into Pat Tillman's death, opined that Tillman's family is only pestering the Army for the, ahem, truth about how he died because their loved one, a non-believer with no heavenly reward to reap, is now "worm dirt." 

Until I read the newly published "With God on Their Side" (St. Martin's Press), Michael Weinstein's disturbing account of anti-Semitism at the U.S. Air Force Academy, I shrugged off each of these remarks, and so much more, as isolated, almost comically intolerant noises out of True Believer Land. Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do . . .

Now my blood runs cold. Weinstein, a 1977 graduate of the Academy and former assistant general counsel in the Reagan administration, and a lifelong Republican, has devoted the last several years of his life to battling what he has come to regard as a fundamentalist takeover of the Academy, turning it, in effect, into a taxpayer-supported Evangelical institution. He charges that the separation of church and state is rapidly vanishing at the school, which routinely promotes sectarian religious events, tolerates the proselytizing of uniquely vulnerable new recruits and, basically, conflates evangelical interests and the national interest.

If you think this is just a fight over some abstract principle, with ramifications only for atheist, Jewish, Buddhist and other cadets who may be "offended" by fundamentalist God talk, I urge you to check out Weinstein's book or website ( He documents a chilling phenomenon: The whole U.S. military, up and down the chain of command, is coming to be dominated by members of a small, characteristically intolerant sliver of Christianity who truly regard themselves as Christian soldiers, on a God-appointed mission to harvest souls and battle evil. 

Weinstein, whose family tradition of national service is pretty impressive, does not do battle lightly with those who now run his alma mater. One of his sons is a recent graduate of the Air Force Academy and the other is still a cadet there. The fact that both of them endured anti-Semitic harassment initially spurred him to take action. But this goes deeper than disrespect for other faiths. The attitude he has encountered in his attempt to hold the institution, and the rest of the military, accountable smacks of a coup: "The Christian Taliban is running the Department of Defense," he told me. "It inundates everything." 

Can you imagine a contingent of religious zealots, with their contempt for secular values (and such manifestations of secular order as the U.S. Constitution) - and with their zest for holy war - in control of the most potent fighting force and weaponry in human history? Is this possible?

Well, said Weinstein, consider the 523rd Fighter Squadron, based at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., which calls itself The Crusaders, and whose emblem consists of a sword, four crosses and a medieval knight's helmet. Check 'em out at, which reports that the payload on the F-16s they fly consists of "a wide variety of conventional, precision guided and nuclear weapons."

And listen once again to Commander-in-Chief Bush, speaking in 2003 to Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz: "God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East."

If this is a religious war - a "clash of civilizations," waged by competing agents of God's will - victory may be indistinguishable from Armageddon. God help the human race.

Robert Koehler, an award-winning, Chicago-based journalist, is an editor at Tribune Media Services and nationally syndicated writer. You can respond to this column at [email protected] or visit his Web site at

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  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: England, Fallujah, George W. Bush, Iraq
Views: 5382

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Older Comments:
As long as Christians and Jews support hate, violence, racism and genocide against Muslims the Judeo-Christian Crusade against Muslims will go on aided and abetted by the UN, NATO and the EU. What I do not understand is why, if knowing what the state of Israel represents, the Jews and their Rabbis who are good and kind people, openly support Israel against their own conscience? To understand what I mean take a look at this Israeli Documentary made by a Jewish media organisation. You can also look for 'not so cool facts about Israel' on I do not think you will ever see this on US or UK TV, and it probably won't be long before Israel forces Youtube to censor this clip:

defeat of the Alaska oil--drilling proposal in the Republican Congress (it happened a couple years ago), and due to our intervention in Iraq, the Bush-Chaney-Rice-Exxon de facto aristocratic family controls the oil prices. One should expect the oil prices to keep on going higher until the election of 2008.I do praise Mrs. Pelosi and the so-called pro-Israeli lobby that exerts the greatest influence in the Democratic Party (money wise) for killing any seeds of possibility of war against Syria (it is a war that Israel does not want, since Syria is an Israel's neighbor) - she did the right thing, and the dismay of the current administration and others has to be weighted against an unnecessary bloodshed that we would experience.Once more, our withdrawal from Iraq would help to fight anti--US and Israel paranoia amongst the Islamic countries as well as would weaken financial position of the Bush-Chaney-Rice-Exxon de facto aristocratic house. However, our withdrawal from Iraq should not be followed by our withdrawal from Afghanistan. I do sincerely believe that our withdrawal would lead to the fall of the current President of Iran because his claims would become baseless, and the Iran would resume its slow progress towards liberalization that had been happening over the 20 years after the Islamic Revolution until US intervention in Iraq.Moreover, I would love to rejoin the US Army as an infantryman and fight an enemy that has to be defeated. The North Koreans have been brainwashed, and their leader believes his own propaganda. On top of it he already has nukes. Tell me that he should not be our priority?Sincerely,Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw son of Jozef born 28 DEC 1973 in City of Bialystok, Poland (Elizabeth, NJ)[email protected]

intelligence bad? The Intelligence was right with respect of the false rumors that Sadam was spreading to scare off a potential invasion: a very bad tactic that back--fired on him.Why did not President / Head of the Bush-Chaney-Rice-Exxon de facto aristocratic house push trough 'his' Congress (Republican dominated Congress) an act that would allow US to drill in Alaska? Because this would diminish his de facto aristocratic house's control over the oil prices.The war in Afghanistan has been fought for patriotic reasons, and the war in Iraq has been fought for the well being of a particular de facto aristocratic family.The side effect of our presence in Iraq has been a wide spread paranoia of the inevitable invasion of the US Forces amongst every and all non--allied with US Islamic states (80% of Indonesians do believe that we will invade them). Moreover, our presence at the same time to the east of Iran, in Afghanistan, and to the west, in Iraq, was read by nearly the entire public as our attempt at assuming a position that would allow US to attack them at the same time from the East and from the West. Our attempts at offering Iranians better nuclear energy solutions through the Russian Federation were ludicrous. The 1st Grand Ayatollah of Iran spoke of the West as lead by US as the Devil to the West and of the Eastern Block as lead by the Soviet Union (Russians) as the Devil to the East. The only major power that Iranians do trust is China, and in a case of opened land conflict with US, I am certain that they would request military assistance from China (this would allow US to test the capabilities of the Chinese military without engaging into a direct armed conflict). The Iranians being white and Oriental do dislike Arabs.At presence due to the current administration assisted defeat of the Alaska oil--drilling proposal in the Republican Congress (it happened a couple years ago), and due to our intervention in Iraq, the Bush-Chaney-Rice-Exxon de facto aristocratic

The Executive Part of Our Government has placed the operations "Just Retribution" and "Saving Exxon" in the same category. This is wrong. I hope that the US Public does read the Congressional report about the war in Iraq, and does not listen to populists such as O'Reilly who under pressure from the official propaganda do not make the so very important distinction.Let me begin with this short statement I do like Swaford, a lot. He and I have been trained to kill people, but outside of uniform, we both as many other soldiers and Marines do think on our own.The war waged against Afghanistan was a just war and a necessary retribution. Our homeland was attacked - a man has a right to defend his home. There was second to none outrage over our military intervention in Afghanistan; if we did not do it, one should remember that Iran placed 300,000 of their elite troops on the boundary with Afghanistan, after Iranian Diplomats and Imams were beheaded by the Taliban, to carry out a military strike against the Taliban. The Taliban was acting in the violation of the Honorable Qur'an by amongst other things mistreating women (e.g., even up to three months after divorce a man should support a woman financially in a way that allows her to live up to his standard). Taliban and Al-Qaida have been spreading Evil that often places doubtful parts of the Hadith before the laws of the Honorable Qur'an.I do praise President Bush for his willingness to strike against the Evil.However, the war in Iraq, in spite of that Sadam was a tyrant and mass murderer cannot be excused from the perspective of our best national interest. It can, however, be explained from the perspective of the best interest of the de facto Aristocratic Bush-Chaney-Rice-Exxon Family's best interest (de facto, since officially we have no aristocracy, nor nobility, but in fact without official recognition they do exist).Did Iraq have weapons of mass destruction? The Iraq almost certainly did not have them. Was the

Subhanallah!!! More and more people are coming to Islam. I am just lost for words and cant hold this tears... as i am reminded by the words of the Quran:

"When comes the Help of Allah, and Victory,
And thou dost see the people enter Allah's Religion in crowds,
Celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His Forgiveness: For He is Oft-Returning (in Grace and Mercy)." Quran 101. 1-3.

I saw the video. I am just shocked and sickened by what I saw. Why did our government did not condemn this? Why did our church not condemn this? Why did the Pope not condemn this? Why did the stupid Americans and their stuipd president not condemn this? I know very little about Islam, but all i know from the parents of the kids I teach I like very much. I find nothing in Islam to dislike. I have read a few pamphlets and all I have read is plain common sense and good things. I want the Yazidi people to read this, I declare my faith in Islam. I swear there is no God but One God who I can call God or Allah, its the same, he is the creator, the giver of life and happiness and death. I belive there is no last prophet but Mohammed and I believe in all prophets and the Koran as last book and everything the Koran teaches and the prophet Mohammed has said. I hope all my sisters around the world will join me in uniting against the murder of my suster in Iraq. May God give her peace and heaven. And may God severely punish those who did this to her.

I am sick of this bloodthirsty evil mentality of our leaders and our clergy. I cannot believe an entire crowd of animals murdered this innocent girl who converted to Islam. Is the fact that neither teh church nor our leaders condemed this mdness a signal that poor creature deserved to be smashed to death? I thought Christianity was about peace and goodwill. I see only hate and bloodshed. Why did the US forces not go and arrest the Yazidis? Because they are the murdering jerks Bush and his US supports. I have seen enough. Here is my shaahaada. There is no God but Allah. Mohammed is his last messenger. The last book is the Koran and I believe in the day of judgment, Allah's Angels and all His prophets. To tis I swear. I wish I could scream out my statement in that same public square where they murdered that poor girl.

I saw the video posted by Katherine. It is simply unforgivable for our governments not to have condemned this madness. How caould they allow this to happen? I know enough about Islam to know that all of its preachings are good and not very different from my Catholic faith. I always knew Christ was a prophet and this "father "and" son "and" holy ghost thing never made any sense to me. I now bring faith in Islam. My friends tell me I need no one to declare my faith to but God. So here goes: I state emphatically there is only one God who is also known as Allah and Rab in Islam. I also state that his last prophet was Mohammed. I also declare my faith in the last book, the Quran. I hope this makes the Yazidi squirm.

The video of the lynching of poor girl was simply too outrageous to bear. I do not know a whole lot about Islam other than what little I have read. But nothing I have read thus far is "evil" as our church would have us believe. I have 3 friends all Muslims, of whom 1 wears a higab. I have met all their families and they are more warm, honest and sincere than any of my other non-Muslim friends. I have to educate myself more on Islam. But I do state without any fear, there is no God but God. (God=Allah. God is known by many but only the most beautiful names. Allah is one of them) Prophet Mohammed (Peace be on him) is his last messenger. I also bring faith in all the teachings of Islam. The Angels, all the Prophets (mentioned in the bible, koran and torah) and the last day. I already feel this incredible feeling of peace.

Katherine O'Connor, I am with you. I have been reading up on Islam without my mind cluttered with the rot from Fox news, CNN or the general idiot US media. I saw the video and was aghast. What was more shocking was the complete lack of news on the disgusting incident by any of the US nespapers or channels. I have read enough to recognise the truth. If they want to kill women for converting to Islam, then they have another one to worry about. I declare there is no God (Allah) but God (Allah) and Mohammed is God's last prophet. I also bear witness that the Koran is the last book and an authentic word of God. Here Yazidis stick this in your ear.


Masha Allah... How Great is Allah!!! He works in fine ways we dont easily realize... when a muslim convert was horribly murdered by the devil worshippers, the Yazidis, for no other fault than she believed in Allah and disbelieved in polytheism. She took Islam as her religion and disbelieved in her people's false deity. He replaced her with two new muslim sisters...

When thousands of muslim women and children are being slaughtered by the crusaders and the zionists, in Iraq, Afghan, and elsewhere... double more people are coming into the fold of Islam...
When they thought they have diminished the light of Islam, it's shining even more brighter and more and more people are guided to Islam.. Subhanallah!

Congratulations and welcome to Islam to sister Katherine O'Connor and her sister!!!

...The whole U.S. military, up and down the chain of command, is coming to be dominated by members of a small, characteristically intolerant sliver of Christianity who truly regard themselves as Christian soldiers, on a God-appointed mission to harvest souls and battle evil... To this I say "Amen"

The birth of "little" Isaac was a threat to big brother Ishmael 14 years old.
For he was thinking the promises of God to Abraham in his flesh to hold.
The same rhythm now sound, the children of the barren deserts as ringing tools.
God declared that with Isaac would establish His lively covenant, rejecters are fools.

I live in the states, I feel that alot of americans take this as a religious war

After seeing the slaughter of Muslims and Afghanistan and Iraq I was moved to learn more and mmore about Islam. But today upon witnessing the brutal murder in broad daylight of a Muslim girl (video below) by the US & UK supported Kurdish Yazidi for converting Islam, today I and my sister have both converted to Islam. I declare there is no God but God and Mohammed is his last prophet. I urge all Muslims to see this video. It only strengthened my resolve, and I had no qualms about my decision. Please view these 5 video clips and pray for my poor sister who was butchered:

It's just not the loony American racist Crusade mentality but a pervasive Nazi White Christian Supremacist Fascist mentality that has plagued white America. Here is a video clip of what happened in a pro-Immigration rally in Los Angeles. This is the real American democracy the real American justice - what a big joke- does anyone still want to immigrate to the US? Only if you are white and Christian.

The article does not seem to provide alot of evidence or credibility. Indepth analysis needs to be done before the publication of such works.

It is presumptous of sons of adam to believe that God is on their side. This belief stems from ignorance of God who has given us free will in order to create our lives the way we choose. God can not be on the side of OBL as well as Bush. The only certainty is that each of these two men believe that. So, where does God fit into this equation?
The 60 Million dollar question is not whether God is on our side BUT whether we are on God's side. AND the glaring truth is that in order for us to be on HIS side, we must let go of our own egotistical and self-serving I, ME and Myself. That Ego must perish before we have a modicum of chance to comptehend God. God does not exist in a heart where duality exists. One of us must die and since my death is certain, then I must give up the struggle to dominate and insist that everything must be fashioned to my liking. Give up the fight and let GOD enter that purified heart. Let go and let GOD do HIS work. This is the first step towards surrender, towards being a Muslim (one who surrenders in peace to the will of God). Until then we are left to our own devices and God does this out of HIS pure love because He only wants us to return to HIM through our own feewill, by choice and a deep desire to be with HIM even though HE has been with us all the time, recording and witnessing our deeds.
In surrender to the will of Allah, the magic of this life and the next starts to unfold. Blessed are the peacemakers (meaning the ones who have surrendered in peace to God and none other) for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Biblical Christianity does not need the US, armies,nukes,guns, terrorism,rockets or terrorism to spread and win. All we need is God and our faith.

Why are we muck raking and of all places on an Islamic Website?

Do you for one moment think these neo-cons can challenge the might of ALLAH (swt)?

Since when did Anti Semitism at the academy become a problem Muslims have to solve?

We have more pressing things to worry about like making sure our kids don't lose their faith.

No wonder Americans are so fantastically stupid - they are still living in the medieval ages. They see themselves through Hollywood eyes - one day a Rambo chasing the commies, the next, a Knight in shining amour defending the cross, the next a superhero with cape and all. Can't read or write. Know more about baseball or 'football' than mathematics or science or geography - or in fact anything at all, leading utterly confused and dysfunctional lives - methinks the entire nation needs a psychiatrist - we can send them thousands from here. I am sure there will be tons of mental cases in the US to keep them busy for ever, starting with Bush and Cheney.

Born in Canada, my family moved to the states 20 years ago. I joined the US Marines because my dad thought this was the best way for me to go, travel, learn a trade, would look good on my resume and maybe they will straighten me out he said. Well I am now on my way out after 13 years of service and though I have benefited somewhat from my decision to join the US Marines, I must unload my thoughts because I need to explain especially to Muslims, what I have observed of the "American culture and way of life" from boot camp to my last posting.

The Crusade mentality is alive and kicking. Typically White Christian Americans, especially from the Midwest, do not regard non-white, non-English speaking, non-Christians as human beings. They will tolerate a non-white Christian as long as he knows his or her place but if you happen to be a Muslim - its open season. But if you are Black and a Muslim, that is a mortal sin. Why because that is what their parents and grandparents and their clergy have been filling their brains with since they were born. They will go to Church on Sunday, sing those hymns and drop in that dollar or two in the collection box, smile at all, shake hands and say cute and solemn things. Then, as they lave the Church, they leave behind all the humanity and decency that previously seemed to fill the church. They will not think twice to throw a bottle or two at Mexicans, whom they call 'greasers'. They will, occasionally, if they can get away with it, beat up, insult, jeer and even urinate on some poor Spanish guy waiting on the corner looking for a day laborer's job. Worse, if the conditions are right they will happily lynch and murder some dark Muslim, Black or Spanish looking immigrant, and in many instances the local law usually knows who the culprits are - but they are complicit in these crimes which only surface a decade or so later, and by which time its all forgotten. For fun they will set dogs, cats, raccoons, and other little critters on fire.

The United States President claimed that he once heard god himself taking to him, instructing him to do this and that. From what I know if a person starts "hearing" voices in his head, then he needs a psychiatrist.

The article is most unbelievable. Not only is the author attempting to smear Evangelicals as "Taliban" and "zealots" - hence equating them with suicide bombers and jihadists; he is also losing all credibility.

The current swirl of caselaw against Christian expression in the military, public schools- which is a clear attack against Biblical belief- is evidence against this numbo-jumbo of a hostile takeover of the military by "evangelicals".

Not only that: the author is clearly ignorant of the fact that of ALL Christian groups, Evangelicals are generally MOST pro-Israel and pro-Jews. The whole anti-semitism rant reeks of propaganda that can easily be refuted by collections of Evangelical teaching and material.

This institution of a slave owned by the sovereign does exist in the United States (both Union County in New Jersey and the federal government) at present.
How does it work?
1) lab rats are taken through the next of kind (relatives); in my case, it was due to circular thinking (I have been recently diagnosed with a form of Personality Disorder by Doctor US Army Major Bacon: a long term male adaptation; they have run research on me since 11, and 7 years ago, I would call it two long term reasons for male adaptation);
2) at the same time, Doctor Major Bacon stated that I do fulfill retainment requirements (male adaptation is a common reaction to human research) , since causes of my trouble are environmental, and, if causes have not lasted for so long, I would have been normal. In other words, I am maladapted and constantly distressed, but not insane;

Therefore, I am a slave or an involuntary lab rat sold by my family into slavery as a human Guinea pig, and an ex-US Army soldier, Infantryman, who received an honorable discharge, and who, as of today, can join either a National Guard or Active Reserve of the US Army.

I had, but no choice, but to stop by NJ because my wife does live in Elizabeth, NJ, and my "staff" is being shipped here from Bavaria; however, at the same time, I will follow the last order that I did receive from CPT Highley:to move out from NJ, and to start my life anew, ASAP.

Sincerely, Robert Kolakowski son of Stanislaw born 28 DEC 73 (out of Eugenia Kolakowska; 908-353-2808/908-351-2858); husband of Annie M. Le(h)nhardt--Kolakowski nee De Vone (mother of Tatiya(n)na 'Ebonet' Le(h)nhardt);
I shall be known from now on as the slave of the state and the warrior of the sate as
Robert 'Mamluke' Kolakowski son of Stanislaw.