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A New World Dis-Order?

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Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead ... (3:169)

The ongoing oppression and brute violence has furthered polarization between the powerless and the powerful.  Exploitative relationships have become more of a norm than the exception. Recent Summits and Conferences in the East and the West well demonstrate this phenomena.

As a long standing corrective (certainly not the only one), there is the Palestinian struggle, which continues now as before in the face of death and destruction. It would be unjust to consider the struggle for Palestine only for land; it is that, of course, but equally, it is a far-reaching struggle for rights and principles now denied or hidden far beneath an ideological system, known as Zionism. Its sheer desire of imperial conquest and barely concealed racial hatred is being shamelessly revealed in the Occupied Lands of Palestine, today.

There is a great need for the Muslim scholarship and leadership to enter the information and knowledge world system. This overburdening responsibility demands us to refocus our simple fights of changing the Muslim image in the Western media to the very question of an imbalanced world. 

The need is to intervene alertly and responsibly in the current world order or expect to be intervened against brutally and irresponsibly. This is reduced to a matter of will, and to will that needs a collective focus. The recipients of this eCast are relatively free of the mundane pressures of daily life. It is thus incumbent upon us to directly participate in the struggle for a new world order of freedom and justice enhancing life and peace. Beyond the imperative of our own survival, we must continue to strive for an absolute transformation for the conditions of all oppressed people from the oppressors.

We pray that those who are slain in the pursuit of seeking freedom and justice in Palestine are accepted by the Creator not as dead but people full of life. We pray that those who think are alive in a free and just world be blessed with profound realization about the people whom the media calls 'dead'.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality
Views: 786
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