The Splendid and Unspeakable Joy of Killing Arabs

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For decades Hollywood has portrayed Arabs in the most vile manner and for decades Arabs have complained of such unfair and biased stereotype.  Given the Arab world's impotence and total silence in the face of genocide in Palestine and Iraq, given their total submission to American interests not Arab interests, given their greed and bribery by the American dollar, given their incompetence as leaders in need of massive oppression and several security forces to remain in power, given their hypocritical public pronouncements toward Islamic principles and protection of Arab life and land while privately extending all help and comfort to Israel and American bombers, given their obsession to rule autocratically through any means necessary, including murder and violence upon their own people, given their squandering of enormous wealth for decades on immoral behaviors, given their total ownership of---May God Protect Our Leader--media, given their back stabbing of each other while kissing mutual cheeks, given their enormous ego and need to plaster every inch of cement in the capital with their portraits, and given the utter surrender, ignorance, and total stupidity of the Arab masses who fill the streets with cries of:  "With our souls, our blood, we sacrifice ourselves to you (fill in the blank), given, given, given....

Were Hollywood and the western media wrong all this time in characterizing Arabs as ignorant, backward, unproductive, prone to violence, greedy, and submissive to their masters?


The title of this article: "The splendid and unspeakable joy of killing Arabs" comes from the movie The Lost Patrol" (1934), based on Philip MacDonald's "Patrol".

One would think that such a title would only apply to Israel, to American Jewish and Christian Zionists, or to hate groups.   Tragically, given the modern history of Arab governments killing their own people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco and other Arab nations it can just as easily apply to most of the "leaders" of the "Arab League of Impotence and Incompetence."; an organization this writer has previously called upon to dissolve.  It is obvious that the true "Axis of Evil" is conquering the Arab "Assess of Evil."

Perhaps no better Hollywood movie captured the true essence of the "modern" Arab as opposed to the "Muslim Arab" of old than the movie: "Lawrence of Arabia".

Here is a truthful prophetic statement from the "English" Lawrence of Arabia:

Sherif Ali After shooting the Bedouin who was drinking water from the well: "You are angry, English. He was nothing. The well is everything. The Hasimi may not drink at our wells. He knew that! Sa'lam.
Lawrence SHERIF ALI! So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are!.

Such characterizations were very true during the Pre-Islamic time of "Al-Jahiliyah" (time of ignorance), however, with the advent of Islam that destroyed all "tribalism" and taught allegiance to the One True God.. Allah, through education, hard work, faith, and unity, Arabs lit the candle and cradle of civilization throughout the world.  Today that candle is burning in Tel Aviv, London, and Washington D.C. with the oil, blood, sweat, and tears of the very Arabs who taught the new world what they knew not by the Grace of Allah.

Today the "enlightenment" of these capitals is premised on the total re-colonization and occupation of the Arab world beginning with the defenseless impoverished Iraq.   President Bush, following his marching orders from Sharon through his American Zionist cabals in government:  Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Libby, Wurmser, Feith, Fleischer, Haas and their Christian Fundamentalist implementers of Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and the newly baptized crusader Powell is implementing by sheer force, disregarding the will of the world, Zionist hegemony over Arab land and the containment of Islam.   The marriage of convenience between Zionism and American Christian Fundamentalism has now been draped by the American flag.   Israel will finally exact revenge upon Babylon, it's former master.

John Bolton, a State Department official, in Israel (of course where else is American foreign policy formulated and approved) announced that Iraq's destruction will be followed by Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

President Bush on February 26 delivered a speech to the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, on the Post-Saddam Arab and Muslim world claiming that Iraq's invasion and "democratization" at the hands of America, will lead to peace in the Middle East and the spread of democracy in the region.  Given that every Arab nation is run by an autocratic government this can only mean that the Arab leaders of today especially those enabling and assisting the American invasion of an Arab nation WILL BE GONE TOMORROW. So much for Arab fear and trust of America's policies that have never wavered from supporting Israel and the subjugation of the Arab masses.

Naturally, the Arab world will not take this lying down.  Or will they.

What is the outrage and response of the Arab leaders?  The answer can be found in one of America's premier Zionist papers (the other being the New York Times) in an article accurately entitled:

"Arabs Ponder Iraq AFTER War: With conflict seen as imminent, many nations are preparing for its AFTERMATH."  (Washington Post: Feb. 21, 2003)

Such impotency of leaders of 300 million Arabs is a historical outrage. Simply saying "NO" was not even an option given to the Arab masses.

Osama Bin Laden's terrorist attack on 9/11 was an opportunity squandered by the Arab and Muslim world to galvanize its masses to the total eradication of internal and external threats, the most important being Israel's occupation and daily murder of Palestinians. 

The Arab leaders could have taken a proactive approach to unify the world in the eradication of the root causes of "terrorism" against the West --- which is primarily the American supported terrorism of Israel. The terrorism that kills Palestinians daily, are flaunted by Israel in the face of the United Nations and world peace. The Arab leaders instead of coming to the grieved American people and educating them as to why terrorism finally hit their shores, they cowered and withdrew even further as doormats to Bush, Israel and company.  They stumbled over themselves in asking for forgiveness and promised Bush to help in rooting out the "evil doers" since such doers are enemies of the "Muslim Dictators" themselves, perhaps the greatest tragic example of an oxymoron.

Bush, like Caesar, seized the moment putting the world on notice. America will unleash its power to "reorder" the world into its own fuel and resource rich playground.  Anyone not with America is against America. The governments of the world fell into a fearful seizure like dominoes in a gym.

Advertising executives know that, for all the power of greed and aspiration, FEAR is the most effective sales weapon of all. Every colonial power throughout history has utilized FEAR and threats to is security to export military colonialism and righteous genocide upon the weak and poor in the world. No nation does it better than Sharon's Israel.  Now Bush has learned the Sharonic lessons well.

"NEXT STOP, BAGHDAD" screamed the Israeli paper The Jerusalem Post on October 16, 2001, barely a month after 9/11.

Now it's simply a matter of time until Bush/Blair Bombs fall on innocent Iraqi civilians, victims of their geography, oil wealth, and a sadistic leader.


Bush, the Compassionate Conservative Born Again Christian, is on a CRUSADE.

Gullible Arabs trust that their leaders won't allow such an easy genocide to occur on an Arab nation already annihilated, devastated, and economically suffocated for the past 12 years. How many Iraqi's must die beyond the 1.5 million already dead, beyond the deadly toll of 500,000 children, beyond an infrastructure once the jewel of the Arab world now bombed into the stone age?  Obviously according to the Zionist Dictionary in the White House such deaths don't reach the threshold of a Holocaust or Genocide, thus more deaths can be accommodated.

Arab leaders feeling the pressure of the masses called for an "emergency summit" of Arab leaders on March 1, 2003.   One can only pray that such a summit is not convened to spare the Arab and Muslim world further embarrassment and humiliation. Such summits are always of little or no value and always "too late", always in reaction to a further slap to the Arabs, always issuing a communiqu of false unity, hypocrisy, and tragically issuing hollow "threats" against "dangerous" developments.  No one believes the Arabs, no one fears them, and no one cares for them, especially not the leaders themselves. This summit like all summits will pronounce their unity and opposition to attacking any Arab nation (forgotten is the daily massacre of Palestinians by Sharon whom President Mubarak will meet next week most likely to prove his relevance to America and be assured of protection.)

Arab Leaders Will Oppose Any Attack on Iraq: Are they in such denial, in such ignorance, or simply and fearfully stupid?  Let us count the ways of their submission.

  1. Qatar:  hosts the American Military Headquarters for an Iraqi attack.  This while the plump Emir of Qatar, being the head of the non-existent "Islamic Organization of Conferences", is calling for a Muslim Summit to "discuss the situation in Iraq".  Indeed, let's discuss Iraq, but please do it "after the bombing" and save the Muslim world more embarrassment.

  2. Bahrain:  the headquarters for the largest American Naval base in the Gulf.

  3. Kuwait:  Two thirds of Kuwait is already impounded by the US military and is off limits to Kuwaiti's.

  4. Saudi Arabia: the land of the "Two Holy Mosques" and favorite Prince Sultan Base for the US Air force.

  5. Egypt:  the recipient of over $2 Billion of American bribes to use the Suez Canal, protect Israel, help murder Egyptian Islamist opposition.  The land where its forbidden to even protest against American attacks outside of College Campuses.  Recently, only 600 Egyptian students protested against the war on Iraq, in campus, surrounded by 3,000 Soldiers.

  6. Jordan:  the Anglo-American King too inexperienced and fearful to challenge Israel or America.  Jordan already has several American battalions and special operation forces that already entered Iraq.  Silence bought by a few hundred million dollars.  The King also shoots his civilian protestors.

  7. Oman and the United Arab Emirates: as part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) already are serving as bases for British and American forces.

  8. Yemen:  After terrorist attacks on American interests and citizens, the President is a strong American ally on its war on terrorism.  He needs America's support to stay in power and keep the American oil companies in Yemen supplying him with needed currency.

  9. Algeria:  a new found ally of the US and its war on terrorism--meaning giving aid and protection to the brutal Algerian military to commit further massacres upon its population.

  10. Syria:  one only needs to know that Syria voted for UN Resolution 1441 in the Security Council in support of the U.S.  Did Syria get any assurances that Israel won't topple the government if the US is supported in toppling Saddam Hussein?

  11. Mauritania:  this Muslim nation was at least honest with itself.  It sold itself to Israel long before this upcoming war at a time Sharon was massacring Palestinian Muslims at Haram Al-Sharif.

After the historical Arab incompetence in the face of decades of Israeli aggression upon the helpless, defenseless Palestinians, no one will be surprised if a Summit of Arab leaders is not even held. Mubarak of Egypt has already stated that the Arabs can't do a thing to prevent the coming war - then please spare us the humiliation of another failed summit.

But, Thank God, for the conscientious people of the world, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and other faiths, who filled the streets of their nations defending the Iraqi people from Bush/Blair/Sharon's Mad, Mad war. Thank God for the few Arab protests from Morocco, to Damascus, to the half a million Muslim and Christian Egyptians who protested in Cairo on Thursday, February 27, raising their voices in solidarity with Iraqi's and Palestinians.

More than 10 million people demonstrated between Feb. 14 and Feb. 16 in 603 cities worldwide against the WAR on IRAQ.

The largest numbers of demonstrators were in the following cities:

Rome: 2.5 million

Montreal: 150,000

Madrid: 2 million

Dublin: 100,000

London: 1.5 million

Los Angeles: 100,000

Barcelona: 1 million

Brussels: 100,000

Paris: 800,000

Lisbon: 100,000

New York City: 500,000

Las Palmas, Spain: 100,000

Berlin: 500,000

Cadiz, Spain: 100,000

Seville: 250,000

Amsterdam: 80,000

Melbourne: 200,000

Toronto: 80,000

Athens: 200,000

Stockholm: 80,000

Oviedo, Spain: 200,000

What's missing from this hopeful, joyous, and reassuring list are the masses of the remaining 56 Muslim nations, 1.2 Billion, whose unity can douse the flame of the Burning Bush's Crusade.  God, my shame, embarrassment, anger, frustration, and utter despair that Muslims are SILENT WHEN INNOCENT PEOPLE DIE.  Even in the free society of the United States not ONE SINGLE MUSLIM ORGANIZATION has called for a mass demonstration in defense of Iraq or Palestine.  American Muslims are barely involved in being a voice for justice around the world.

Ironically and to their strong credit, thousands of Israeli's, yes, Israeli's demonstrated against Bush's war on Iraq.  In fact in a recent poll in Israel, more than twenty percent of Israeli's are opposed to Bush's war on Iraq.

But while the Arab Streets are mostly SILENT, elderly American citizens of a nursing home in California all in their eighties and nineties on canes and wheelchairs were passionate in their protest to protect Iraqi children from Bush's bombs.

It does not escape the western capitals in their foreign policy analysis that regardless of their Anti-Muslim policies,  the Muslim world is usually muted, often under suppression of their own leaders.  For Centuries the Muslim Ummah has cowered in its ignorance and it's poverty of faith and squandered wealth.  Muslims have turned their wrath against each other to please their Western Masters.  Even today, Muslims worldwide inexplicably prefer and trust non-Muslims to their own faithful brethren.  Lost in the Muslim mind, soul, body, and psyche is the very divine light that gave them guidance, salvation, peace, and hope: THE TWO PILLARS OF LIFE AND DEATH: THE HOLY QURAN AND THE PROPHET'S SUNNAH.

The Quran has been shelved as was predicted and written in the Quran itself.   How shameful that Muslims have come to believe that their own faith, Islam, is the main reason for their demoralized, defeatist, and ignorant state.

What does the world say about Muslim Silence and Impotence?

  1. Independent/UK: February 22, 2003
    "As the world focuses on Iraq, the bodies pile up in Gaza"  By Justin Huggler

  2. Ha'aretz:  February 21, 2003
    "As Joha's donkey dithers" By Zvi Bar'el

    It doesn't make sense that everyone will work against the war while the Arabs are keeping mum," wrote Salameh in Al Ahram, "especially as the aim of the war is to draw a new map in the Middle East. Not a single Arab voice has come out in support of the French-German position. The Arabs have made do with disagreement among themselves as to whether a regular summit meeting should be held in March, or a special conference. They are like the donkey that belonged to Joha [a character in Arab folklore - Ed.], who died of hunger because he couldn't decide whether to eat the barley or the sorghum."

  3. Source: MPAC "Muslim 'Brothers' Desert Iraq" By Eric Margolis Feb 20, 2003

  4. Boston Globe:  February 19, 2003
    "Middle East Nations Aid US War Plan:"

  5. Independent/UK:  By Robert Fisk, February 18, 2003
    "A million march in London but, faced with disaster, the Arabs are like MICE"

  6. The Guardian: By Chris McGreal, February 11, 2003
    "Food running out in Gaza as aid appeal fails"

"UN warns that warehouses feeding a million Palestinians will be bare in weeks because donations have dried up". Food has also been running out in Iraq for its children for the last 12 years.   Given that Arab and Muslim wealth is considered the "personal" wealth of its corrupt leaders, not one Arab or Muslim leader has offered food aid to Iraq's children, why?  because they like Bush detest one person - Saddam Hussein.

The war is inevitable as the Saudis, the protectors of the Two Holy Mosques, are informing their "brethren" in the Arab League.  "Regime Change" in the Muslim world is the adopted American policy, at least under the Bush Crusader. Thus, they say, let's save ourselves and prepare for what comes after Saddam.

Maybe an Iraqi Genocide is just what is needed for the Muslim world.  Perhaps that's exactly the awakening the Muslim world needs to implement its own "REGIME CHANGE": within each Muslim to reclaim Islam, reclaim Muslim land and resources, and to reclaim just rulers who's priority will be the health, wealth, and welfare of the "Ummah".   God help us if that's what's needed to raise our voices in Muslim streets around the world to stop another Muslim genocide.


Only when Muslims change what is within themselves and within their power to truly follow God's and His Prophet's Sunnah, will ALLAH bless us with His mercy, guidance, and a bright future of peace and prosperity.  Islam is and has always been a faith of peace despite what fanatical Muslims inflict upon humanity, including other Muslims.  The children of Abraham, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have and can live in peace on this small planet, but only if we follow God's guidance and not the guidance of a fanatical Israel and its American Zionist friends in government, the media, Wall Street, and Hollywood who have hijacked America's foreign policy to "FIGHT ISLAM TO THE LAST AMERICAN".


Maie Mostafa, a 13-year-old Egyptian child, chanted a song during the massive Egyptian protest Thursday, February 27, urging people to rise and struggle. Its lyrics goes:

We will not give up our land to the enemy...We won't sell;

No reconciliation...No normalization;

We won't let you down Baghdad;

We won't let you down Palestine;

We will neither sell soil nor religion;

Salahudin is coming back.


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  Topics: Ethnic Group, Iraq, Occupation
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Older Comments:
Amazing, Very well written and insightfull. Every arab should read this article.

Excellent article.Unfortunately the people concerned ie the muslim leader wont read it.I wish you publish it on other islamic website for wider circulation.Please translate it Arabic for those readers who understand arabic better than English.Ummah needs to be woken up to the looming holocost.

There is an ancient Chinese saying:"the longest journey starts with the first step"
We Muslims as individuals need to think about unity among the Muslim Ummah. But to get there we need to start forging alliances among ourselves at the individual level.
Every Muslim should go to their local Mosques, and everyday select another Muslim(someone they havent met before) and spend a few hours getting to know the person. And then get his contact information, and from time to time get in touch with him or her.
When we wake up at the individual level, and see our own humanity and inner mu'min awaken, then only will the Ummah move forward. This can also be used to get to know non-Muslims too. For we need to get to know all our Human brothers, at least the ones in our community.
And no more turning away. I have seen too many Muslims turn away from there brothers and sisters, only because they have a slightly different view or even wildly differing views. You cannot label people with just one badge. Human Beings are as different as our very own figerprints. It is only to be expected that they will have differing views and opinions. Does not mean, we should face away. It is only through talking and dialogue that we can understand one another and come to respect and tolerate each other.
There is not one community of Muslims among the Ummah who do not hold some level of animosity towrds another community of Muslims. We must get out of this vicious cycle. After all the Ummah is composed of individuals. And once we can change at that level, lo and behold the Ummah does seem to take on a look of marked improvement.

Assalam Ailquiem: I could not read all and most part you are right. But it is changing, though slowly. To educate Americans, it has to be an American, somebody like Ted Turner and many, many, many. We need some strong Media presence and few rich, royal families to buy out many dishonest people in hierchy. That's how it was done to undermine Muslims. So it's time now to wake up.

What an article. Please submitt to all the OXYMORONS in the Arab world--the leaders or I should say the American doormats/mules. It kills me how ignorant they are the Arab rulers. Bush is going to free those poor people from Saddam. He is going to hand pick all the innocent people before the bombings start. As his father before him did. Are all the world leaders stupid? Can they not read between the lines all Bush wants to do is show what kind of a bully he is and how he can step on them all. For example the other day on our local news the reporter said that Washaton has a way of making Ottawa do what they want. They are doing that with every other nation with the exception of Isreal. Hey world wake up America is going to leave you in its dust.

i am thinking that USA have no other work in this world. so i hateeeee this war!

I hate this war! So many millions of people protest against this war; however, little of those people are Muslims. I wish we would all rise as one. I realize that many Muslims are "all talk." Rallies and anti-war movements do have an effect on decisions concerning politics and governments. We know who the real victims are, and when we a brought forth to Allah (SWT), we will be questioned for the actions we have committed (or should I say not have committed).

Assalamalaikum, An article that brought tears to my eyes as I read it ! what am I doing as a muslim. Is it not my duty by the mercy of Allah to protect my brothers and sisters in Iraq, Palestine, Chechenya and Afghanistan. Why am I sitting and watching while my brothers and sisters are slaughtered. We muslims don't realize the strength of our faith, Insha Allah we will wake up. But right now, it's a classic example of the cat which thought the world plunged in to darkness when it closed it's eyes. Insha Allah as the 13 year old Maei Mostafa rightly sang "Salahudin is coming back"........Insha Allah there will be 1.5 million Salahudin's coming back.

Jazak Allahu Khairan


An excellent piece of brain work,May Allah bless you!!!!!

call me paranoid.zionist jews really want this war.without them,those coward-o-matic american will drop war faster than a hot potato.

I am crying while reading this article. I am helpless , I am helpless. I try to email every night to UN security members to not support US invasion on Iraq.

Wow Brian, I had know idea that Bush was Him ,, you know the second coming ... cool disguise.. coming back as the all powerful leader of the Organized Christian world Oh Lord what will you think of next... Snicker of course.


Probably the only Arab you've ever seen was on TV, and I doubt you've ever talked to one.

Hopefully Allah will free you from your evil racism, before you die,
a thousand of Allahs blessing and peace be upon you

I believe that the characterization of arabs in film is quite accurate. The smarmy, olive skinned, [] deserve to be portrayed the way they really are. I hope that they get what's coming to them. George W. Bush is the saviour of the west. God bless him!

Ahmad (still giving a hard time)
I couldn't agree more on literacy as an issue, to me the primary two things the Muslim world needs is a voice for the people, and education, particularly literacy, mathematics, and science.

The mass media in all the world is a front for the rich to try to create distractions for the people. It was done in Germany in WW2 it is done in America, Europe, and it is done in Muslim nations. A select few individuals decide what information will be focused on.
That leaves for the rest preachers, and the internet, both subject to the same disinformation, but in higher volume than the mass media. At least there is some standard for the mass media to follow. I watch many, I know, the facts are the same, only the commentary are different, and the interpretation of those facts.

The best way to learn truth is through detailed scholarship, taking into account opinions from various sides of an issue and weighing them against ones own values.
This relies greatly on ones education, and unfortunately what values you were taught, and what the importance was stressed on. If you have a misguided preacher, or television giving you your values, than you have a problem. The only source for values should be direct reading of the Quran, not three passages from the Quran that someone chooses to focus on alone but the book as a whole.
We need to get let squeemish about translation, because in many Muslim countries this is holding us back. I don't say pray with translation, only in Arabic, but reading needs to increase in the native language.

Islamic civilisation started under prophetic leadership. The prophet (SAW) foretold us that it would change to a just Khalifah,(i.e Abu bakr Umar) then to a biting authority (Automan Empire) then to an oppresive authority (Have a look at the leaders now) then back to a just Khalifah. And then the Prophet (SAW) went quiet! WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS!!!

Seems to me like we're in the final stages of the second last phase! OOOH SO CLOSE TO INEVITABLE DAY AS WELL!

Is everyone else scared as well?? YOU SHOULD BE!

Respected Sir!

I read your article and it showed that the Islamic world is heading towards a chaos. A cofusion which is the result of too much faith in wealth and less faith and trust on ALLAH TA'LLAH.

If only the Arab leaders would open their eyes to the Holy Koran and see for themselves as to what happened to the nations before them which were boastful about themselves.

Why is that despite having the Koran in Arabic, the Arab nations don't understand the Majestic Book? Why is this Sir?

waiting for your reply!

Allah Hafiz!


Shuja Syed
You too are doing the same thing the muslims are doing which is blaming others.
are you ready to sacrifice the good life in Toronto and do some help in any muslim country you choose.ex:fighting illetracy ,
help the poor,uneducated brothers and sisters in whichever field you are qualified only for a couple months a year like the peacecorps do ?

Where are Muslim documentaries, movies, serials? Why don't they have counter-propaganda? I have no grudge or complain against hollywood at all? We Muslims are ignorant, arrogant and self-deceptive to the bone. We have all the money to build unfunctional and unproductive masjids, but we do not have money to start TV channels, newspapers, communication companies. Now they are crying, as usual. Allah (sbt) does not change the situation of the peeople, who do not themselves change. Shame on us.

Shuja Syed

2000 characters? No,needless.This article calls for only 4 words : WELL DONE THANK YOU.
May God reward its author!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
Yes Yes Yes.
Every one dies but a few live a true life. It is Ok that we die. But before that let us live like a muslim for at least a moment. Brothers in Islam, Rise for the sake of Allah. Do our Arab leaders think that they will be forgiven by Allah for what they are doing now? My brothers in Islaam, Now is the time to throw away those crap leaders.


Salaam. Excellent article!

The war between kufr and Islam has been going on for years covertly, but now its in the open. Here are some interesting quotes for u:

"It's really not a number I'm terribly interested in." [When asked about the number of Iraqi people who were slaughtered by Americans in the 1991 "Desert Storm" terror campaign (200,000 people!)] - General US General Colin Powell

"I will never apologize for the United States of America. I don't care what the facts are." After the US destroyer Vincennes in Iranian territorial waters, shoots down an Iranian commercial flight (Iran Air 654) in Iranian airspace killing all 286 passengers. - George Bush is quoted in the magazine, Newsweek, 1985

"Turkey presents today the most promising and challenging field on the face of the earth for missionary service." Thus wrote James L. Barton, missionary executive, in last week's issue of 'Christian Work.' But first he summarized the revolutionary changes in Turkey since 1923. The changes: For a hundred years Christian missionaries have struggled hopelessly to capture the hearts of the Calif-awed Turks. They had come, said Mr. Barton, to suspect that "the Moslem was outside the sphere of the operation of divine grace." - TIME February 15, 1926, pp. 15-16

"Every civil building connected with Mahommedan tradition should be levelled to the ground without regard to antiquarian veneration or artistic predilection." -British Prime Minister - Palmerston's Letter No. 9 dated 9 October 1857, to Lord Canning, Viceroy of India, Canning Papers.

"So be not weak and ask not for peace (from the enemies of Islam) and you should have the upper hand; for Allah is with you, and He will never put you in loss for your good deeds." [TMQ Muhammad: 35]

it is no more a hidden fact that arab leaders are themselves respobsible for all the atrocities brought upon them by israel and the us.
they for the sake of power and false pride has let
every arabs down.
Only their surrender to almighty will bring glory
and losr pride and peace to the world.

Being born in this country and coming from the religon of cesar to ISLAM I was amazed as to how foolish we muslims was to believe in these peoples words. When I was a christan we learned in the books of religon, that this man was a liar and there is no good in him. These are the same people that ran JESUS fron day one until the time ALLAH rasied HIM up. The same dog that fought ISLAM for the past 1400 years. Who have raped the earth and its people everywhere he crawed upon the shores of some new land. Why should the muslims that understand ISLAM think thats there is any good in the people of kuuf. They hate you and me and will fight you until the of judgement. May ALLAH help the people who LOVE HIM and may we be amoung those people. Amin

P.S. Its good to read such articals as yours

Don't you poeple read your newspapers,or you need smoeone to read them for you ?
what ?? Arab and muslim human shields ? do their lives really count ???
According to a recent Fox News report, U.S. leaders are considering prosecuting for war crimes any U.S. citizen (let alone non US ones) who travels to Iraq to be a human shield in an effort to protect the Iraqi people.
Patriot Act II, U.S. citizens acting as human shields in Iraq could be stripped of their U.S. citizenship, denied their Constitutional rights, be held indefinitely, and tried secretly as enemy combatants based on the allegedly treasonous intent of their actions as aiding and supporting the enemy.

This is a very strong article, but unfortunately, the author has told it like it is.

My prediction of sorts: The first decade of the 21st century will go down in the history books as the decade of PEOPLE POWER. How unfortunate that Muslims who claim peace, equality, brotherhood and justice as ingredient of their deen (faith), have proved, so far, to be not among those who "stand for right against wrong." Those who have dared to make themselves "human shields," and have marched in protest across the globe among non-Muslims have exemplified what Islam stands for. Why so? Well, for starters, any society or people that continues to live a tribal mentality as Arabs, and Muslims from some nations such as Pakistan do, and who are so deeply sunk into the mire and filth of this worldly existence that they spend billions of dinars/dollars in military hardware (even while their immediate neighbors happen to be Arabs and Muslims), and who ignore global poverty while they sink in physical and intellectual mindlessness, --are not really Muslims. Hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed and evil actions have a bad habit of swallowing up those who wallow in them.
American (and Israeli) government(s) will get what they deserve. And so will the Arabs! The "human shields" will be the true moral survivors.

Masha Allah, this story had some great points. Now if someone could only translate it into Arabic and send it to Middle East Newspapers.

Dear Brother,
I would like to quote the Ayat of Surah Imran (3:185) in which Allah SWT has described the criteria of success.
"Every soul shall taste death and only on the day of judgement shall you be paid your full recompense. Whoever is spared from fire and is admitted to paradise shall have attained the objective of this worldly life, for the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception."
Now it is for the people of understanding to learn a lesson from this.

I agree with most points in your article and it breaks my heart to see the situtions in Palestine and Iraq. It seems that the muslim life is not seen as important as anyone elses. We have a lot of historical events showing how people have died in the past, yet we stand by & see millions of peoples lives being taken away without the batting of an eyelid. I agree the arab world (as well as other muslim countries) should stand up together & defend their people & their land. However to defnd the Yemen in its support of the American led war, may remind you that in the first Gulf war Yemen was the only Arab country to defend Iraq, this action had a devastating effect for the Yemeni Economy. Most Arab states turned on the Yemen, stopping supplies & funding & with its dearest muslim neighbour Saudia Arabia threatening Attack on the Yemen if Iraq attacked any other Country. The people of the Yemen suffered greatly from this point with their currency going from 13 riyals to , to 230 riyals to . So it is very sad to see that the Yemeni Government have to be players in this war inorder to salvage its economy. As for the other Arab countries, I have not got enough space to comment.

May Allah guide all these war hungry people & bring peace, submission & faith into their hearts.

Thanks a million Dr. Khodr. Your analysis and deep insights alas is proven true once again. Just look at the incompetent results of the "Arab League" which just took place with the Saudi, Syrian, etc. delegations storming out. Yes, the enemies of the Muslims are smiling. They're probably wondering with loyal Arabs like the Qataris, Bahranis, Emirates, and esp the Saudis, who needs the Kurds and the Turks?

Mohammad Khan, dont dis Arabs. Only like 13-18% of Muslims are Arabs. What is the rest of the population doing?!!?! (I am a Pakistani by the way...)
I DO NOT see African Muslim countries or Southeast Asian Muslim countries or fareast Asian Muslim countries doing ANYTHING AT ALL!! Why blame only the Arabs? It is true at this point in time none of the Arab-Muslim countries do not demonstrate true Islam at all in the way that they set up laws but neither do a lot of other NON-Arab countries. Take a look inside yourself first and then see if there is room to might not have any.

I do agree with essay. Sad but true.
Today's world has no justice in it. The strong eats the weak. It is no longer a world of compassion for humanity.

yeah, i am disgusted with the arab world, they want everything served to them in a platter, they will die of starvation if someone wont tell them what to eat, they will walk naked if someone doesnt point to them to wear clothes, they are good at one thing and they are masters of it, and that is they are brilliant when it comes to hating each other, back biting, spreading rumours against each other, killing each other. it always has been true and remains true that if arabs and muslims dont change their pathetic situation little dimwitted blithering monkies like bush will always rule them

You make some excellent points, but here are some things you should note.
As you said, thousands of Americans are against a war with Iraq. The reason that many people do support war is simply the fear, hatred and distrust caused by the September 11th attack. Without Bin Laden's help, George Bush would not have many supporters. The image of people celebrating in the streets after the horrific attacks of 9/11, will forever be etched in the minds of most Americans.
I have tried many times to tell people that the attacks and bombings are not the work of true Muslims. I tell anyone who will listen that we all worship the One God of Abraham. Every time I think I am making progress, there is another newscast showing Arab Muslims chanting "death to Americans". Many Americans are very angry at the Israeli treatment of Palestinians, but every time a suicide bomber walks into a crowed mall, or gets on a bus with children and blows them all to pieces, that sympathy gets smaller and smaller.
I am a Christian, but I have learned so far, that there is no difference between the basic teachings of Jesus and Muhammad. I have to ask therefore, why don't people of faith try to work together, and help bring about Peace? Forget Bush; forget what you see in movies. There are millions of people of faith in America who want to see an end to the bloodshed. I know it is difficult, but why not hold out a friendly hand to the American people, we could be a terrific ally. There is one thing I can say, about most Americans. We are not warmongers, we are for the most part kind and generous people. We give millions of dollars out of our own pockets to help people here and around the world. If we can get past the blaming, and fearing and hatred, we could build something. We worship a just and merciful God who gave us great prophets like Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad. It is about time that we looked in our Qu'ran, Bible or Torah, and started to live by what they taught us.


The Arabs are a Shame to be called Muslims(who has surrendered to Alla). They have no characterstics left to be called true Muslims. Istead of Allah, they have taken Americans and Israelis as thier friends and protectors.They seek after wealth and luxury and how to marry four wives, when other Muslims are suffering all over the world.Today's Arab world is a place of injustice and oppression where they exploit, torture or even rape or kill expatriate workers as their predecessrs did before Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) brought them to Islam.Today, they are no better than those infidels. So Allah, the most just and wise, has revealed their hypocracy and cowardice in fron of the world. Incumbent US, Israeli and Turkish attacks on them may probably be a favour in disguise from Allah to bring a new generation out of this coward nation who will have honour and dignity and belief in Almighty Allah.

Thank you for this wonderful article. You have shot the arrow on bull's eye.

What can we do to make muslims get united under one umbrella. Can we send articles like yours and some encouraging articles in the mail to all muslims and keep on asking for their support. May be having local committies who report to regional committies in creating one big organizartion.
Create some strong agendas to bring together all muslim communites.
Again the question comes to mind about funding.
It is a great shame that all those oil reach Arab countires do not take initiatives to unite all.
It is a big hypocracy by all those Arab nations talk about stopping the war in Iraq and stopping atrocities in Palestine yet allowing huge military build up on their soil to ransake the entire Middle East boundries. It is simply non-comprehensible.

This article should be printed in every local muslim community news bulletin to awaken the spirit of help and support for fellow muslim.

I encourage and applaud you for good work and May Allah help you in your tasks.


Omar A: I hope you find time to participate in the
Islamicity discussion board. Your comments are well



Another victim of the think tank stupid theories(clash of civilizations).By the way as brother lhosaini said this theory was first predicted by dr Elmandjra one of the prominent futirist of the world,and huntington admits that in his book.Actually Elmandjra said that there will be a war of civilizations and not a clash of them.there is a big difference betwen them,and recently that moron Huntington whose theory was used to justify the fearocracy in the US and thus wage preemptive wars was proved to be wrong when the US was confronted by Germany and France and also Russsia.the conflict between all these judeo-christian conutries sent that theory to the garbage can.


This was a case well explanied and I would like to congratulate the author for such a nice work. However, I would like to remember everybody ( every Muslim) that is we can lived,can live and will live peacefully together with any non Muslims who wish to live with us.But we have to fulfill one requirement before we can do that, we have to truly obey Allah right from our hearts and then and only than can we live peacefully in this world. You can argue that this is imposible given what the Zionists and their friends in Washington are doing. But look change and protection begins at home. Let's start at ourselves and we will Insallah do that too!
May Allah guide the Muslim Ummah to the true path. Aamiin.

By far this is the best article I have ever read on Islamicity, and I read both pages. This brother, may Allah guide you and all of us you spoke the truth. Arabs have been at the lowest of humanity, looked down upon, Allah brought down the miracle of the Qu'ran and they rose up to lead the best civilization that has ever existed on earth. No racism, no sexism, no wars, killings, rapes, Islam brought peace and success. Now Muslim nations across the world have left Islam and are the bottom of the world. The only soultuon to our problems is the Qu'ran and the Sunnah, nothing else! Our Ummah will rise again and Muslims will go back to their position leading humanity to be free. There is no freedom when man makes laws to govern other man. Allah warned Muslims if you rule anything other then His Book you will fight against each other and never be successful. In Islam there is no race, wealth, every Muslim is truly equal praying infront of their Lord shoulder to shoulder with their brothers and sisters. Palestine, Kashmir, Chyenchne, every Muslim land will be free, the whole world will be free of killings and torture when Islam is leading it. May Allah shower His Mercy on our Ummah, our planet, humanity, and bring a leader that will lead Islam to it rightful position. Allahu Akbar.

It doesn't really matter what the cause of Islam/Western conflict is. It doesn't really matter about the Palestinian cause. As long as Arab states support terrorism, just so long are American bombs going to rain down on them!!

9/11 roused up a fearful beast that will not sleep again till all terrorists and their state sponsors are sleeping with their 72 virgins in hell.

Mike: Why is it that when people are paranoid about Zionism they are being spoilt children, but when yanks are paranoid about some obscure terrorist threat it's alright for them to go and bomb?! (50 or so countries since WW2). The Israeli flag says it all, the top blue line denoted the Nile, the bottom the Euphrates, the star of David is Eretz Israel - the land of the Jews.

Mohammed Khan: I live in the UK now, and most Asian Muslims here are coconuts, more worried about the next pint than worrying about their brothers and sisters. They are as corrupt as the leaders back home.

DavidC: Ofcourse he's f*kin scared. I disagree with him on one point: The average Arab in the street will never accept Israel (tolerate only because they have to), they hate the US govt., they hate their own 'leaders'. The last thing the US should want is a democratic Middle East. The people may be weak now, but if they ever get the chance to speak and be heard, Israel and the US will not like what they hear. Then we really will be into a WW3 scenario.

As the Israeli leadership are fond of saying, 'the Arabs may have th oil, but we have the matches'.

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

My greatest fear is that we act as individuals, out of desparation to do something, anything, as each of us feels is our duty as Muslims - to respond to this evil in kind - that we throw ourselves away, thrashing ourselves against a wall of ignorance.

Our only effective weapons against tyranny are prayer and patience and da'wah. Make a commitment to go to the mosque and pray. That's where the answers are. Please be patient and don't throw yourself away we need each other. Increase your knowledge - share it with a stranger. We can't change the world, we can only change ourselves - then Allah will change the world for us.

As-Salaamu Alaikum.


The author is frightened and angry. There is a thread of
truth in here, but the author's emotional state has it
snarled and tangled up in unfounded predictions and
historical associations.

This is a time for clear thinking. Self rightgeous anger is
as intoxicating as alcohol.

A brilliant and thought provoking artilce. I hope the leaders of these arab nations, who have sold out their lands, their people, their principles while prostituting themsleves as leaders, can understand that their days of shame and hypocricy are coming to an end.

Arab countries that trust the US have not heard of the Trojan horse or the final solution of America toward the Native Americans culminating in millions of deaths. We have yet to apologize to them for our crimes against their humanity.

Ours is a nation that founded itself upon pillars of rectitude after massacring the Indians and while enslaving the Blacks. But hey, what nation doesn't have its grimy moments of history. It seems that while the US failed in S. America and SE Asia she didn't do too badly in Europe and Japan.

So there are mixed results for both the pessimist and optimist. Will we succeed in the Mid-East or fail? Surely every Arab dreams of a reformed Mid-East, and it would be wonderful if the change was self-induced not coerced and short-lived or exported without substance.

If the specter of the American flag and the Star of David waving over the Mid-East does not serve as a catalyst and rallying cry for solidarity, what on earth will? Why are Arabs like this? Abu Bakr (ABPWH) 1400 years ago said when a people desert Jihad they will be humiliated. Arabism was never the answer.


God doesn't change the fate of a nation unless they change themselves. The same is true for the Arabs and all the Muslims of the world, most of which only pay lip service to Islam, instead of really following it's spirit. So it's no wonder that we are in the position we are now. And it won't change unless we do the greater Jihad of correcting ourselves and live the righteous lives God ingended us to live. The Zionists and the West can oppress us only because we let them.

So Unfortunate, but true...Cant believe Arabs and even non-Arab Muslims are sleeping, when the world is out to change the map of the Muslim World. May Allah help us. Ameen

All I want to say is Dr Khodr's views and opinions are twisted and wrong. He talks about how Arab leaders are corrupt, jealous kniving animals and are letting America get away with their war, and so what does he assume that Saddam Hussein is a happy,joyful democratic leader who loves everyone? I do not agree with a war in Iraq, but Hussein must go, he has killed Kurds, Shias, Kuwaitis, one thing that connects them all is they are all Muslims. He is an evil that must be gotten rid of, true that he at present does not hold a threat, but why should he have power? Just like why should Bush have power when to me he is worse than Bin Ladin and Hussein put together. In many parts of Dr Khodr's essay I agree, that Arab leaders are not doing enough, but I also think war is not the answer, Hussein must go through other means, without the loss of innocent civilian life and that Muslims are united against this crusade, you will never find a Muslim who supports the killing of inncocent Iraqis.

MIKE FROM U.S.A. said:
Enough with the zionism already, it's getting rediculous. You sound like a bunch of complaining children. The war with Iraq is not about getting our hands on iraqs oil, if it was why didn't we take it the first time? It's not about realining the middle east to suit Israels needs. It may be a personal vendetta Bush has against Saddam. And it has a lot to do with ensuring Saddam doesn't give chemical weapons to terrorists who vow to kill all of us here in America. I personnally don't agree with the war. But why do all Muslims sound like the most crazy conspiracy theorists. Jewish lobby has influence in America, but so does dozens of other lobbies. Israel doesn't dictate to America what we will and won't do in the world, influence, yes, decide every iotat of our foreign policy, absolutely not! If you hate Israel so much grow some cajones and declare war and stop complaining so much, you sound like spoiled children.

ASLAM ALAHIKUN,My comment on this is not too much is so bad to killing arab. I can't say more than that am just know that is so bad to killing them, they not fite with arab only they fite with all muslim.

assalaam alaikum ... many muslims talk about the arabs states, but what about othere muslim countries like pakistan? arab leaders don't represent the people. they are half cia agents or put by merica and britain them selves. we the saudis are most helpful for muslims everywhere. may allah protect us all.

Nice Article but goes back again to trash itself toward the end when you just become like what we used to do and say for so many years and that is what killed us!... Keep pushing for stupid motto's like Islamd, SalahEddin and the rest of the garbage that has no meaning. You can't rewind history. Islam is what damaged the Arabs and limited their thinking and life. Yes it was great 1500 years ago but that is it. It is keeping us down. It destroyed our ability to think freely and respect others. We are so selfish and disrespectful to others even when they help us. Islam is IMMORAL and the source behind Saudi's and others going to Paris and .. European Women for money .. Islam permits abuse of Non Muslims ...and you know the rest of the story. Islam is what made Arabs loyal to family controlled governments and other masters. Hashmeites Prophet desecdents ,, Saudi protectors of Meca, Meca a christian can't live or work ...GArbage Garbage Garbage .... Arab Salvation starts by geting freedom from this dark ages relgion and its dominance then this nation will rise up again, Honest and respectable .. Sorry for making you feel depressed especially if you are a devout muslims like some of the people that I know!

Glad to see that this is so objectively written. Your attitude is as bad as the Christian Conservatives you hate. You seem to conveniently forget that the Palestinian "heros" murder defenseless Isreali men women and children. As long as you see only one side of the issue, the death will continue. People like you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Salaam to the person who wrote this article
Salaam to the passion behind this article
salaam to the insight of this article
salaam to the inspiration it releases
salaam to the shame it highlights
salaam to the pain it initiates
salaam to the tears it beckons
salaam to the justice it begs..
I am ashamed today....i breathe the mercy of Allah in my lungs every second..even as i write these words..i feel ungrateful..i am ashamed..NOT as a muslim but of the bros i have, who sell us out every day. NOT the tyrranical leaders, there is a reason they are called that! But of the muslim business man, doctors, professors, teachers, policeman, soldiers who cower away from these tyrants and let them oppress them...
I fear that my own inaction may put me in the same category......
thank you Dr. Khodr for this amazing piece of self accountablity..may Allah Bless you and your family and protect you from the harm of this world and the next..and may He cause just ONE of us to forget our fear of these evil ppl and stand up for justice and the way of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)....Ameen!

Who do you think is killing the innocent arabs if not their own leaders throught paid merceneries so that they could stay in power for life.
Be assured that the blood of innocent Iraqi people will be on their hands as the Americans and British will pressure these leaders to pay the cost of this war .
The cost of killing Iraqi people for them !!!!

just thank you to write this article...
my english is not so good but i understand what you mean... inshaallah we won't let israel and and it's friends to win against us at the end...
Egyptian child is true "Salahain is coming back" insaallah...

One of the more engrossing articles i read on this thought provoking website. One really gets to think, put pieces together in one's mind and understand to some extent the way things are going on. Arabs are returning to historical times. When there was no concern for the common man, where money and power were defining aspects of one's position. After reading this I gage that the arabs are returning to those times. Have they forgotten where they have come from? Do they really want to go back to the time when there was absolute turmoil and conflict? Will they ever realise the truth as it is? The opportunists are taking advantage of the prevalent situation. I guess reality will strike them only when they experience it first hand. ALLAH help us all...

So much reality in this article. Really breath holding.

Upon all the articles I have read since 9/11 this is the most thought provoking of them all. Well done Mohammed.

The Arab Muslims who merited to be role models for the rest of the 1.2 billion Muslims all over the world, have foolishly abdicated this responsibility. Allah has promise to protect his deen ISLAM..note the emphasis not Muslims..and He will do that no matter what. But is this what the Muslims really want? For Allah to protect his deen and leave us hanging in the balance? It seems to me the answer is yes.

What an irony, over 1400 years ago the Prohet(SAW) and his Companions fought against all odds most of them even with their lives so that we have this beautiful way of live that will lead us to the ultimate and endless bliss promise by the almighty Allah, but the present generation's imbeciles, currupt leaders who think just because they are the Custodians of the Holy Mosques and Arabs by birth, that Allah will take whatever they do on behalf of their bretheren as service to him and reward them. You are wrong, on the contrary you have succeeded in bringing curse to the Arabs and by implication to the generality of Muslims. Allah has warn you not to take them as protectors but you said no we must, behaving like the Jews...

I am crying, I am short of words.. Please let all Muslims go back to the Quran and that Perfect role model of all times the Prophet Muhammad's teachings before it is too late.

And remember, Allah has said clearly in the Quran that an attack on any Muslim anywhere is an attack on all Muslims everywhere.

May Allah help us.