Media Silent as Doubts Emerge over Disco Bombing

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The scene of a bombing outside the entry to a night-club of the Tel Aviv sea side promenade late 01 June 2001. Seventeen Israelis were killed and some 80 wounded in the attack.

Considering that Israel almost went to war over it, why is it that major U.S. media, which has given daily, local and national coverage to the Chandra Levy missing person story, and her relationship to U.S. Congressman Gary Condit, is virtually silent over the emerging facts surrounding the bombing of the Israeli disco in Tel Aviv? Consider these reports from the international press:

- "A Palestinian with links to Israeli intelligence unwittingly acted as a driver for the suicide bomber responsible for the devastating explosion that killed 22 people outside a Tel Aviv discotheque." (Uzi Mahnaimi, "Disco Bomber Used Israeli Mole As Driver," Sunday Times, June 24, 2001)

- "The bomber of a Tel Aviv discotheque who killed himself and 20 others had entered Israel from Jordan on an Israeli visa and had no ties with the Palestinian National Authority, an Israeli Arab MP said Wednesday. Mohammed Barakei, a communist member of parliament, told AFP the information came from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, whom he and fellow Israeli Arab MP Issam Mahlul met Wednesday afternoon in the West Bank town of Ramallah." ("Tel Aviv Bomber Arrived from Jordan with Israeli Visa," AFP, June 06, 2001)

- Joe Vialls, a Private Investigator based in Western Australia, with thirty years direct experience of international military and multinational operations, reports: "Grim-faced Jewish intelligence experts are claiming that the bombing outside Pacha's Disco which killed 18 and wounded 100 was the work of Israeli fanatics rather than Islamic Jihad or a new (media invented) organization described as 'Palestinian Hizbollah'." ("Descendents of Stern Gang Massacre Israeli Children in Media Spectacular," June 2, 2001)

Israel apparently has no compunctions about bombing Jews to achieve its goals. Amnon Kapeliouk, wrote in "A Century of Zionism," (Le Monde Diplomatique, November 1997), "Most Iraqi Jews, whose situation was generally satisfactory, were slow to respond to the pressing calls of Israeli Jews to immigrate. At the start of 1951 a bomb exploded in a Baghdad synagogue causing two deaths and dozens of wounded. Following which, 100,000 Iraqi Jews decided to leave for the promised land. The attack, never claimed, has sometimes been attributed to Israeli agents, something that the Israeli government has always formally denied."

The victims of the disco bombing, according to Israel Shamir, an immigrant Russian journalist based in Jaffa, Israel, were mostly Russian immigrants--the girls often married Palestinians. Mr. Shamir says, "Few of them are Jews by any reasonable criteria, and Israeli radio informed that it would be quite impossible to bury the victims in the hallowed ground of the Jewish cemetery.... If they perish, they are buried beyond the fence, together with suicides."

Were these Russian immigrants sacrificed to provide a pretext for escalating Israel's war on the Palestinians? Since the beginning of the current Palestinian uprising, Israel has killed 500 Palestinians, injured 23,000, and destroyed 27,000 trees and 3,200 buildings, including 1,200 homes. The Israeli toll is 106 killed and 760 injured. (Charley Reese, "Only Thing To Negotiate Is Timetable for Israel's Withdrawal," Orlando Sentinel, June 21, 2001)

All this supported by a U.S. subsidy to Israel of about $25,000 for every Israeli man, woman, and child according to Richard H. Curtiss, former chief inspector of the U.S. Information Agency.

Now that it's needed, where is the moral outrage and investigative zeal displayed by U.S. media in the Chandra Levy case, the Monica Lewinsky affair, and the trial of football star O. J. Simpson?


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  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Conflicts And War, Crime And Justice, Occupation
Views: 2894

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