Election 2000: News Briefs

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Muslim leaders to announce U.S. presidential pick

Washington, October 2000 (Iviews.com) - A coalition of Muslim American organizations say they will announce support for a U.S. Presidential candidate October 23. At the same time, community leaders are urging their members to be unified in their voting once the decision is made.

The announcement was made during a large gathering of Muslim American activists in Alexandria, Virginia this weekend. Community leaders are hoping a large Muslim voting block would make an impact on the U.S. presidential elections. Although they stopped short of endorsing one particular candidate at the meeting, leaders seemed to indicate they were leaning toward a choice of Al Gore or George W. Bush.

"We firmly believe the era of fragmentation [amongst Muslim Americans] is over, said Souheil Ghannouchi, President of the Muslim American Society. He believes the use of block voting will have an even greater impact on future elections. "There will be a day when the candidates will be waiting for the Muslim community to make a decision on who they support," said Ghannouchi. ______________________

Arab Americans Meet with George W. Bush

Dearborn, Michigan October 2000 (Iviews.com) - Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush met with Arab Americans in Dearborn, Michigan last week to hear concerns about the recent outbreak of violence in the Middle East.

The meeting, hosted by Michigan Governor John Engler, included a round table of more than 35 Arab American leaders from Michigan. The group also raised issues concerning a possible U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, economic sanctions against Iraq, and the use of secret evidence in immigration deportation proceedings. The meeting follows a policy address given to Arab Americans by Bush campaign advisor Condaleeza Rice earlier this month. __________________________

Al Gore campaign condemns anti-Muslim bigots

Boston, Massachusetts October 2000 (Iviews.com) - A group of Al Gore supporters shouted racial slurs and derogatory remarks at a group of pro-Palestinian demonstrators outside the University of Massachusetts debate hall in Boston last week.

The 250 demonstrators had gathered outside the hall to demand the U.S. withdraw aid to Israel after nearly a week of bloody battles between armed Israeli troops and rock-throwing Palestinian protestors. Chants of "Justice for Palestine" were matched and sometimes drowned out by shouts of "Al Gore, Al Gore" and "USA, USA!"

Later in the evening when Muslim demonstrators stood shoulder to shoulder for prayer, they were reportedly met with shouts of "We speak English in this country" and "Terrorists!"

A spokesperson for the Al Gore campaign said he was not aware of the incident but said their actions should be condemned.

"The campaign does not in any way condone such behavior. Al Gore has always stood for protecting an individuals freedom to protest and freedom of religion and tolerance," said campaign spokesman Dagoberto Vega.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: George W. Bush, Government And Politics
Views: 913

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