The root cause of violence in Mideast

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The bomb blast in Tel Aviv which killed a number of Israeli occupiers and two American students seemed to have frightened the United States more than Israel. The suicide attacks by Palestinians should not be viewed only as "terrorist" attacks. Rather they reflect the deep malaise of the occupied Palestinian people who are suffering under the freely supplied jackboots of the Israeli aggressor.

I was not surprised as many others were at the news of the attacks. There had already been several attacks in the past weeks. 

This one had Israel in arms. It also had the United States and the media in deep concern. The CNN broadcasters had anxiety written on their faces. Others in the United States, while presenting pictures of the incident, were "almost in tears." Indeed, they seemed to be more pathetic than the Israelis. However, we all know whom they were trying to please. This is an election year, and not only politicians but also the media grovels before the powerful Zionist lobby.

President Clinton and others who dilly-dallied while Bosnia bled got into action immediately. Consignments of sophisticated equipments were sent to counter "terror."

However, these people failed to realize that terror is an international phenomenon.

Expressions of political wants by the Palestinians which translate into bloody acts may seem horrific to the West. But so does the policy of tyranny and oppression, rapes, extra-judicial killing and mental torture carried out by the Israelis during their occupation of territories occupied in the 1967 war.

If Israel does not want to live in terror, it should vacate the West Bank including Jerusalem. This the United States, which is a party to resolutions calling for such an act, does not want to understand.

The West believes that any act against its interest should be countered. Israel falls within that parameter. That is why such a big meeting is held.

However, let us not forget that Arabs and Muslims have been victims of terror. The latest are the Bosnians who suffered immensely. No amount of words can describe the atrocities committed on them by the Serbs and the Croats. Mass slaughter, daily bombings, rapes all went under the eyes of the United States and others. Nobody lifted a finger. Instead, those who wanted to help found their way blocked, their hands tied and their minds drugged with assurances of "help is at hand."

However, what is painful to us is that our lives and property are deemed worthless compared to that of the Israelis.

The death of the 39 worshippers at the Al-Ibrahimi mosque at the hands of the American Zionist failed to evoke the same response as the recent blast. No broadcasters were somber in appearance. They did not want to dwell on the subject more than the prescribed time.

The media went witch-hunting, looking for "Muslim terrorists" immediately after the Oklahoma bomb blast. A "respected" British paper wrote of "two men in Arab head-dress seen running away after the blast." What a nonsense!

Nobody condones terror. Nobody wants the flow of innocent blood.

The people who introduced terror in the area are the Zionists. The King David Hotel blast, other bloody acts of reprisal, revenge and showing of strength were done by the hordes of Jewish settlers who descended into Palestine. They occupied it by force under the benign gaze of the West. Now they are being given similar doses. They should not scream. To stop this, they first should vacate all occupied territory. There is no need for all this hysteria about terror. 

The Americans claims that to solve a problem you have to first identify it. And in the case of Israel also, it is very easy to do so. See what the root causes are. Remove them and then only will pedestrians be able to cross the streets peacefully.

However, to be oblivious to Israeli's excesses and to equate terror with Arabs is a misnomer. It will fragment an already divided world and create more tensions.

And this is something which we can do without.

  Category: Life & Society
  Topics: Violence
Views: 1323

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