Will Humans Change After Coronavirus?

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Dr. Mustafa Ceric is Grand Mufti emeritus of Bosnia. He is a noted advocate for interreligious relations.  Solitude was practiced by Hasan al Basri, the paramount devoted worshipper and is part of Ramadan celebration. Corona creates a similar effect.

It is a message that our houses of worship are becoming useless to us, when our devotion is insincere. Rumi had once said, "I came home and found God in my heart". This is today’s invitation. Dr. Ceric puts forth a grand vision for how humanity must reset its priorities and cultivate unity. Corona unites us by fear. Now we must grow to unity in love and respect. Our connection must be enhanced to a genuine spiritual connection. 

Table of contents:

1:00 On Brotherhood, Religion and Friendship

4:47 How and where can we find God

12:58 Reviewing the fundamental human questions

13:57 Will Humans change after the crisis?

17:16 Corona is a wake-up call

22:17 Solidarity and Consolation in Lockdown

25:49 Spiritual awakening in the hands of common people

31:16 Fear as Caution and Basis or Morality

33:26 Closing Prayer

Dr. Mustafa Ceric served as Grand Mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1993 to 2012. He is the founder of the Bosniak Academy of Arts and Sciences. In December of 2012, he co-founded World Bosniak Congress.

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