The Natural Good

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Good and evil are not alien to humankind. Humans are equipped with a sharp vision to separate the former from the latter. More often than not, he strikes the right choice between right and wrong. Even where he fails, he is found to have another good sense. This sense helps him appreciate the correct choice when someone else distinguishes between good and evil. While he appears to be instinctively inclined to good in order to personify it, he seems to experience strong repulsion to evil - so much so that he wants to eliminate it altogether. His adherence to good makes him feel relieved, contented, and humble. And his submission to evil causes him to feel low, embarrassed and arrogant. However, perpetual adherence to either virtue or vice determines the course of his life before too long. Little does he deviate from this course once it is set by his conscious compliance with either of them - he is then destined to reach the destination defined by his own actions.

The Holy Quran says that the Lord has shown him both these ways. In addition to blessing him with eyes, tongue and lips, he also blessed him with the knowledge of right and wrong (Quran 90:9-10). At more than one place, the Quran reinforces that man knows both ways and it is up to him to choose whatever he may wish; he can either become thankful by taking the correct course of life or be unthankful by treading the path of evil (Quran 76:3). The Lord indeed has inspired to him the boundaries to respect and the vices to avoid that lie beyond them (Quran 91:7-8). The assertions of the Quran can hardly be disputed since they depict a phenomenon commonly observed. The tradition of the majority of humankind seems to be pregnant with narratives of how they have cherished the good virtues and loathed the despicable ways of evil. The annals of history record the awe inspiring anecdotes of the sacrifices made for upholding the virtue of justice, and eradicating the evil of oppression. From a simple shoemaker to a grand emperor each has made unforgettable contributions to the preservation of virtues and elimination of evil. It is therefore highly improbable that we can put down the assertions of the Holy Book regarding the human knowledge of right and wrong.

Despite our instinctive impulses to comply with our knowledge of good and bad, the Holy Quran enjoins upon us to remind each other of the mutual teaching of Truth. It is true that we have the knowledge; we nonetheless have other frailties that obstruct perpetual adherence to good. The Holy Book recognizes that to have this knowledge does not mean that we have acquired a knack and that we are now preconditioned to do good (Quran 103:3). For if we were conditioned, there would have been no reward for us in the Hereafter. To confuse knowledge with conditioning is to overlook the central problem in most issues facing humankind on the face of this earth. Unless hypnotized by falsehood, man will carry out good works by his own free desire. To galvanize human desire into the favor of good, one needs to be reminded constantly. It is a duty prescribed for us - to help others and be helped in order to lead a life that is virtuous.

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  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured  Values: Education, Knowledge
Views: 10476

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Older Comments:
The majority of people follow their own desires therefore they will see good as evil and evil as good. Take for examples drinking gambling immorality are now accepted as good because majority of people are embroiled in these evils so they see them as normal but from the core of their hearts they know that these things are evil and yet to maintain the status quo we have to continue. Attaining Paradise is not easy as one has to go against his nafs desires while following desires leads to damnation. Allah save us and give us taufiq to continue to tread on the right path until we meet our Creator.

May Allah make it easy for us to perform good deeds in order to please Allah and not for show off. Ameen.

As salam alaikum!
This is a wonderful article that puts good and evil into perspective in a very simple manner. Simple messages come from Allah and those that are complicated,beware because shaitan concerns himslef with the details in order to confuse and manipulate. I find that when I slip in my faith and my actions I feel ashamed and become arrogant as to cover my wrong-doing. On the other hand when I am stong in my faith and stay on the path of Islam I feel happy, free and without guilt. I truely thank Allah for giving us the ability to make a clear distinction between right and wrong. Remember if you have doubts about something or you get a gut feeling just steer clear of whatever it is, this is your inner self telling you to beware(he gave us all this ability, let's choose not to ignore it). Finally, I must say that as a hispanic living on the east coast it is certainly a challenge for me to stay steadfast in my faith. I always hear acquaintances reminding me that I am hispanic not muslim and I kindly remind them that I am first Muslimah and that being hispanic is simply my ethnicity. My culture is not to be mixed with Islam and my intentions are merely to revert to Islam in order to please Allah. May allah have mercy on our fragile souls and may he make us strong and knowledgable in order to serve him better. Let us equip ourselves with as much Islamic knowledge in order to combat evil as any soldier would. Please excuse my long winded voice to those who read this all the way through. As salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatohu!

i totally agree with the article i think we humans sometime just let our emotion and desire for material quest dictate to us which i think should not be.more of such article will enlightening the moslem nation as a whole.

Humans are indeed weak. Subahanallah.
Our current environment does dictate our relative tendency to do good and nasty stuffs, but then we should (as humans in general) strive hard to be under the guidance of the correct set of rules.

El venezolano Tiene razon. The poor in this worl are the increasing majority every day and getting poorer yet they have no faith to change their conditions or the courage to say and abide by truth. Venezuela is an excellent exemple of Poor willing to change their conditions from false manipulations. But ultimate To GOD we shall all return and we will be paid then our dues on a Day where nothing will be hidden. We pray that God guides all of us the TRUTH and The Right PATH of SALVATION. GOD BLESS! PEACE

All oppressed people can see very clearly who the oppressors and evil people are. The sad thing is they are either too impoverished to focus on changing their status quo as they toil away day in and day out to simply keep food on the table and meet their expenses, or they live in fear of failure if they were to fuel an uprising to shake off these evil oppressive people and their greedy and blood crazed regimes. But such a rebellion would be a gift of true freedom to their children and to generations to come. Muslims have so much that God has given them yet they do so little to change their situation. Understandably most of their wealth is in the hands of appeasers and weak and feeble effiminate leaders who worry about their own skins and Swiss bank accounts than the people they govern. If even 1 million people rise to reject and challange their slimy leaders, how many can these monsters kill? Besides I am sure there must be some people in the armed forces of these countries with a sense of honor and a deep desire to do the right thing. After all look at us. The Amerians and the US oil companies tried twice to remove Hugo Chavez and each time the sheer number of his supporters prevailed and we brought him back on our shoulders. What is stopping the people of Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Algeria, Morroco and other oppressed societies from seizing what is rightfully theirs? Perhaps they are either too complacent in their comfort or just don't have the conviction of their religion or pride in their individuality. It is no good being a sheep. They will feed you, fatten you and then eat you. Better to be a lion. At least even
if you go down, you do with some dignity. Better to age with character and sprit than whimpering old men counting their miserable pennies. You Muslims have a good and great religion in Islam. But sadly Islam has no good and great Muslims left to follow it.

This is indeed a wonderful philosophical article. Frankly, "good" and "evil" are not relative terms. Truth stands out clearly from falsehood. It has nothing to do with perception as some would want others to believe. What usually happens is some people are very adept at manipulation. They at times succeed at making people to accept as true what is in fact false; as good what is in fact evil. And that is why a word like "deception" has negative connotation. Fortunately for mankind, good has always prevailed over evil. The rule of evil is only temporary. Falsehood is just a mirage. Evil and falsehood do not withstand the test of time. Thanks for the reminder. Salam.

- Mashallah - simply written - beautiful and elegant. I think it is the easiest way to explain to somebody the Qadar of Allah. As far as I understanding, Allah gave us a multitude of senses/ blessings/ abilities to make choices and Allah guides and misguides someone according to the individual's wish. if you want to preserve Allah (do good deeds for Allah) - Allah will preserve you - and if you do not want to preserve Allah - Allah will not guide you.

The article presented by islamicity is P2P thats really great to forward to anyone and one will really appreciate for that thanks for the wonderful site & article it has really helped me lot everytime i need

v v impressive article
i have no words to define all that but ALLAH 's blessings that HE gave us every thing
nice article

Excellent article!!!!!!!!!!!

Assalamu Alaikum and Shookran Jazilan for sharing this. It is so very true and I know that from living my entire life in San Diego, California the society can confuse one with this knowledge of right and wrong. For example: it is for Muslim women to dress modestly-men too. Yet with the fashion magazines, television, middle and high school crowds; well there is a pressure to dress and act a certain way to be accepted by a perceived popular group of peers. Now as for reminders, seems to be difficult with all of the media portrayal of Muslims and generalizing terrorists with Muslims, so perhaps Muslims in the middle to high school age want to be modest and not draw attention to themselves so do not wear hijab in fear of being singled out for peer rebukes. I think an excellent idea to help broaden the minds of this particular age range would be to have the kids take part in a diversity and community relations program where they can get out and meet with different cultures and religions in their communities. This way, then perhaps those that imbrace a particular religion will not have any fear in expressing themselves. Here in America there is supposed to be freedoms of religion, so therefore hopefully if the school districts ever look seriously at such programs then children will be able to be at peace and accepted for their own unique religion-therefore less chance they will turn evil. As for the general population as a whole, I think that if people think about themselves and their personal union with God and not worry so much about what another person chooses then they will have a greater sense of peace within themselves. A problem is though that what is right for some may not be right for another and there is a great conflict that arises when one person is so sure that their way is the only way and they can only be right well then they will not listen or even think of the other person. Anyway, hope I made sense. Thank you for this wonderful article. Peace to you.