Sam Harris and the Concept of Irrationalism

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This piece is in reference to that particular spat which occurred on HBO between Ben Affleck and Bill Maher with Sam Harris. It was even the featured video on YouTube, with over two million views the next morning, meaning many people saw it. The spat which occurred had led up to extra exchanges of emails and articles being written. One article in particular (written by Glenn Greenwald) began citing some of Mr. Harris' past works which, thus, is now leading up to this thought.

Sam Harris is not as educated as he thinks he is. 

It is somewhat sad to see that these rational-Atheists are given way more air-time on TV. * It is sad seeing these individuals are given more the opportunity to easily express their point of views on Islam in such the ugly fashions that they do. Compare that then to the amount of air-time in which all rational-Muslims who actually practice the doctrines are given. 

If you want to discuss rationale, would it not be more logical that if you really wanted to have a serious discussion about the doctrines of Islam that you would invite a rational and practicing scholar of Islam (e.g., Hamza Yusuf or Yasir Qadhi) instead of inviting more rational-Atheists on air to discuss it? Would it not be more rationale for these scholars to give you a good and well-thought out two hour long presentation in order to discuss the history and the background of the doctrines along with that of the history and background of Muhammad to defend it? 

Or, am I just being irrational to say this? 

Mind you, some of these men (I am talking about Sam Harris here, and we all know what went on last week) have even professionally published books in the past before with them themselves even quoting, "Islam... has all the makings of a thoroughgoing cult of death."

Yet, he (Sam Harris) is the one refusing to be labeled an Islamophobe?

In another article written by this very same guy (Sam Harris), and published through the Washington Times, the author and atheist writes, "It is time we admitted that we are not at war with "terrorism." We are at war with Islam ...  The idea that Islam is a "peaceful religion hijacked by extremists" is a dangerous fantasy - and it is now a particularly dangerous fantasy for Muslims to indulge." 

It is very simple here. If Sam is not what he says he is not, then you fill in the blank of what he is.

Shall we compare his works to say with Said Nursi's if we could all agree that the internal doctrines of Islam have never changed? 

Within this same paragraph above, his (Sam's) suggestion to every American is to IN FACT read the Koran in order to "discover the relentlessness" that's within it. 

But the question remaining, is that what would actually happen if someone were to actually do this and actually read the Koran thoroughly, from the beginning to the end, with zero preconceived notions running through their head? 

After all, is it not this very act of reading the Koran ... front to back ... that has led some directly right into its path? 

To name a few good examples here would be that of Joshua Evans (Christian raised) and Abu Bakr of Australia (Atheist raised). 

In the end, when talking about rationale, would it not be more logical that if a human were to actually do this act of reading the Koran thoroughly from front to back, and that if questions still remained, that the most reasonable thing to do would be to have a real face-to-face talk with any rational-Islamic scholar?

Or, am I just being too irrational to say this?

* And other non-Atheists who are quite critical and bias in their own special way.


Ryan Wright, who has spent ample time living over in Turkey, is a linguist and grammarian from The Ohio State University who now spends his time writing in regards to the concept of English grammar and syntax for mostly Turkish speakers. He can be contacted through email at

  Category: Americas, Featured, World Affairs
  Topics: Interfaith, Ulama
Views: 4248

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Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his
Ilah (god)? And Allah knowingly left him astray,and sealed his
hearing and heart and put cover on his sight.Who then will guide
him after Allah? Will you not then reflect? And they say "There
is nothing but our life of this world we die and we live and
nothing destroys us except the time.Unfortunately they have no
knowledge except mere conjecture. Exactly this is the belief of
so called rationalists like this man whom we pray Allah give him
hidayah Guidance.Without guidance a person can never understand
When Our Clear Verses are recited to them,their argument is no
other than they say "Bring back our dead (fathers ancestors
whatever) if you are truthful.Say to them Allah gives you
life,then causes you to die then He will assemble you on the Day
of Resurrection about which there is no doubt,but most of
mankind know not. Allah has created the heavens and the earth
with truth (not irrationally like the belief of the irrationals)
in order that each person may be recompensed what he has earned
and they will not be wronged. Masha Allah Allah give all of us
hidayah including this person and the whole mankind to accept
the truth which is always rational not irrational disbelief. He
(Allah) has created the heavens without any pillars that you see
and has set on the earth firm mountains lest it should shake
with you and He has scattered therein moving (living) creatures
of all kinds.And We send down water (rain) from the sky causing
plants of every goodly kind to grow therein.This is the Creation
of Allah.So ( Ye) show Me that which those whom you worship
besides Him created.Unfortunately Zalimun (polytheist Atheists
and all wrongdoers ) are in plain error. May Allah guide us and
make us become the means for guidance to the entire mankind Amen