SOP for Engaging in Farcical Drive for Peace: Excuses, Lies, Machinations, Open Life Line, Guttural Hold and Pugnacious Propaganda

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The Palestinians, the PLA, the Hamas, all were and are doing Jihad. Jews don't.

The Bible promised us the Promised Land. I will take it, no hold barred.

My democracy measures my uniqueness and superiority in the Middle East.

But Democracy measures internal orderliness only. It promises no external orderliness. Witness: A very mature Democracy conducts Water Boarding, Guantanamo Bay, Unchecked Contractor Soldiers' excessiveness, etc. in Iraq and Afghanistan. A very mature Democracy abandoned its Mujahideen allies in Afghanistan after chewing them up and using them. They provided Marshall Plan to their arch enemy Germany, but turned pale when asked to do so for their friend of convenience, the Muslims.

Serious Muslims cannot be Democrats. They will usurp and become vicious toward others.

But serious Jews, like the Likud and Avignor Lieberman can. They are respectful, and never will be marauders, or go for the jugular of the others.

I am afraid that Newton's 2nd Law will apply: To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction!

So, I decided to start by pacifying my major nemesis: I signed a peace treaty with Egypt, really so as to isolate the Palestinians and cause them to be left up the creek without a paddle. Sadat, and even, Carter, did not have a clue as to my strategy. I was simply over-stretched. I fell back to my optimal size. Then I began to buy time. Oslo-Foslo! Hogwash and Eye drops! Over the years, I have chased the Palestinians down like rats and defanged them. I have neutralized Jordan and Syria, eviscerated Iraq, Iran's turn is next. I have bought time profusely. Soon the West Bank will look like Tel Aviv and that will be the end of any Palestinian dream. Yes, my friends' children may have to die for my cause. They will never know what hit them, except for PTSD. They are dull rednecks, anyway. Well, what are friends for? Yeah, sure, there will be a 2nd coming. The Jews have come back! Good faith! Bad faith!! No faith!!! I will do whatever it takes. War by deception that takes toll of my faith, and that is my problem, not yours.

These Palestinians don't practice democracy. How can I deal with them?

So, there is an election to get democracy going. Surprise! Hamas wins. But they don't believe in democracy. I reject this election.

Gaza, I set you free - Ariel Sharon.

But there will be no passage, and only limited food, water, medicine or electricity for you, and lots of open-ended, uncorroborated incarceration for hardly teens to 60 years old - EOI: Equal Opportunity Imprisonment. Enjoy your freedom.

Palestinian Authority, you don't represent all of Palestine. So, I can't negotiate with you.
OK. We have united on principle with the Hamas. Let's negotiate. Hell, no! That's a bunch of terrorists with whom you are hobnobbing.

Mugger and rapist freed. In self-defense, he cited scratches on face, arm and back as the reason for his actions. So egregious of the fellow, he couldn't take it lying down!

We pummeled them. We hammered them. It didn't matter that they were watching the World Cup Final or playing soccer on the beach. Those stupid, senseless, miss-guided rockets, we attacked them because of that. Our people are panic-stricken. They are constantly running to shelters. What barbarity? Will they never grow up? Will they never learn? What would you do? We are the beacon of civilization in the Middle East. I kill whoever deserves killing; none else. Don't forget! It didn't matter whether my missile or their middle-school rockets were fired first. I know that they were chafing to pull the trigger. I always pull ours faster than they. I reject the notion that I have a trigger finger and a psychopathic, violent temperament. Do you know how many Nobel Prize winners I have in my 12 tribes? I am cool as a cucumber. No, I didn't say, "Cruel as a cucumber". Seriously!

Can anyone ever forget the tragedy when the Towers came down in NYC? Really awful!

Well, Dick, that F-16, it's the best ever! Thank you. Did you see the video about the precision-guided 500 lb. JDAM that brought the tower down in Gaza and caused a live birth from a dead mother? Ah, the miracle of exactness. And the miracle of modern medicine, too, I may add. Heh, heh!

The Gazans would enjoy peace, progress and freedom if they were disarmed.

The West Bank is disarmed. They are still waiting for their quota of peace progress and freedom.

Right to bear and carry arm - the 2nd Amendment is OK for the US. Who knows what may happen? Property, life and way of life, or livelihood may be endangered. So, it makes sense.

What are the Palestinians afraid of? What self-defense? It's to deny and destroy me.

I was at the forefront of the US Civil Rights Movement. I love the whales. I shed tear for the AIDS victims. Gays are people, too, you know. Oh God, STOP the Greenhouse effect! Is somebody listening?

I have killed the Palestinians, young and old, civilian and non-civilian by the thousands in Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and repeatedly in Palestine proper. What's the fuss? They are scum. So what if I am schizophrenic. I have the good kind of schizophrenia. Comprendez? Here, take my Glock. It's a gift. I have 18 more. You know your $3b stretches quite far. Eighteen is a good number!

The West is my very best friend.

This friendship has a price; the price for having killed me in the past. You have not only to look the other way, you have to endorse and assist me in every way possible without any question.

I suffered so much, can anyone forget? Ahmedi tried and look what I did to him and his brood? They are still eating from the dog dish.

Gaza is my lawn; I will mow it when it needs tidying. I will cull some wolves now and then to keep the herd manageable. Who's asking? Are you an Anti-Semite?

The New York Times and Tom Friedman are anti-Semites! So are Obama, Kerry and Hillary. Yes! Why do you have to ask? Are you one, too?

Yes, that would be the case in an instant if NYT showed pictures of some collapsed Gaza buildings and a handful of Gazans lying face down in a bomb crater without displaying any pictures of Israelis huddled together in bomb shelters. If they talked or wrote of a "meaningful" ceasefire with more freedom for the Gazans, that's what they'd be - Anti-Semites. They would be no friends of the descendants of the Shoah, the Calamity - the Holocaust!

Directly or indirectly, I took out the Palestinians and disarmed them in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunis. I will do the same in Gaza. It's just that it's only taking a little longer this time around.

Could such a thing happen when you seek to uproot their resistance in their own land among their own people? If not, this is the end of the road for you on your life long chase to eviscerate the Palestinians. You really need to negotiate now. Drop all the pretenses, all of the excuses, all of the charm, and all the arm twisting.

No "so-called" rights for the Palestinians. Never!
Never, again!


Dr. Shafi A. Khaled is a freelance writer. He teaches and does research in Business & Economics.

  Category: Featured, Middle East, World Affairs
  Topics: Democracy, Hamas, Palestine
Views: 2650

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