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Why did Iblees tell Allah all of this? Because he knew that Allah's promise is the truth. When Allah told Iblees he was from those given respite he also knew that Allah doesn't break His promise. How about us when we make du`a' (supplication)? Do we feel that Allah doesn't break His promise to us? Are we as confident in our du`a' as Iblees, who is the enemy of Allah ? How is it possible that Iblees can be more confident in his du`a' than us?
Iblees told Allah his plan:

[Shaytan] said, 

"Because You have put me in error, I will surely sit in wait for them on Your straight path. Then I will come to them from before them and from behind them and on their right and on their left, and You will not find most of them grateful [to You]." (Qur'an 7:16-17)

When Shaytan blamed Allah by saying, "Because You have put me error," this was a mistake in his belief in the qadr (decree) of Allah . If done on purpose, a mistake in `aqidah (belief) is kufr (disbelief in Allah). There's a hadith (record of the words of the Prophet ) that mentions this in Sahih Bukhari:

In the time of Bani Israel (the people of Israel), a man lived with a roommate who didn't pray. When he encouraged his roommate to pray, the roommate just said he didn't feel like praying. The man went back later and tried to encourage his roommate again but received the same response. Finally, the third time the man came to his roommate and said, "If you don't pray, Allah will never forgive you."

The Prophet said that Allah will resurrect these two people and will bring forward the one who didn't pray and ask him, "Why didn't you pray?" The man will say, "Wallahi (I swear by Allah), I loved You but I was weak. I believed in You but I was weak." Allah will say, "I forgive you." Then Allah will bring forward the righteous man who was advising his friend and ask, "Why did you tell him I wouldn't forgive him?" Why does Allah ask him that? Because in our belief anyone who dies believing in Allah and the Prophet as the last Prophet insha'Allah (God willing) will go to Paradise (although some later than others). Allah can forgive any sin except shirk (associating partners with Him) for whomever He wants (Qur'an 4:116); this is part of our `aqidah (belief). We also know that if someone repents from shirk, Allah will forgive it. So, saying that Allah will never forgive someone is a mistake in our belief.

When Iblees said Allah misguided him, this was a mistake in his belief because he attributed misguidance to Allah . We don't find misguidance amongst the names or attributes of Allah . Allah doesn't misguide people; human beings choose to be misguided. Like Allah says in the Qur'an, "...and when they deviated, Allah caused their hearts to deviate," (Qur'an 61:5).

So, Iblees gives us his plan. Have anyone of you heard of the repo-man? The repo-man is a person who comes and takes your car if you don't make your car payment. Subhan'Allah (glory be to God) when I was in college, I received credit card offers all the time, with very high credit limits. Now that I'm married with children and a job, alhamdullilah (praise be to Allah), I haven't gotten one credit card offer. Why is that? Because they want to catch you when you're young; because they know that most college students can't control their desires. College students tend to spend money that they can't pay the bill for when it comes. People will come to your house and take your iPod, your laptop, and the best of whatever they can find. So the job of the repo-man is to take the most valuable commodity you have. Shaytan works the same way.

Iblees is coming for us, and when he comes to us, he's coming to take the most valuable commodity we have. We might be worried that Iblees is coming to take our Lexus, or our PS3, or our concert ticket. But Shaytan is not interested in taking all that. He will come to take our Islam. How many of us feel that we're lucky to be Muslim? When we hear this, we should think, subhan'Allah, my treasure is my deen (faith). If you want to know how valuable Islam is, go to Surah Al 'Araf (Qur'an 7). Even when the people enter Paradise, they realize their greatest blessing is Islam and they say: 

"Praise to Allah, who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us," (Qur'an 7:43).

How many of us have felt this value for our deen, knowing that Iblees, the "repo-man", wants this most valuable of things from us? That's why when you're sitting in a philosophy class and you start having doubts remember that Iblees's primary target is your faith.

How do people treat the most valuable commodity that they have, like the Mona Lisa? How many of you have been to the Louvre before? If you visit museums, you see the "priceless antiquities" have lasers and other security devices. If you cross the wrong line, helicopters and police come after you. Do we protect our Islam the way these priceless commodities have been protected? Do we protect our Islam knowing that this enemy is constantly trying to take it from us? This is a very important point, because in the ayah (verse) Shaytan uses two forms of emphasis (laam at-tawkeed and nun at-tawkeed) to say, "Wallahi I will definitely take them off the straight path!"

What is the remedy for this in Surah Al Fatiha? 

"Ihdina as-siraat al-mustaqeem (guide us to the straight path)," (Qur'an 1:6)

That's why Allah made it an obligation to read Surah Al Fatiha at least seventeen times a day, because we have an enemy coming after us at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That's why we need this du`a'. Now when we say it, we should feel as if we need to say this to protect ourselves.

Then Shaytan continued. He said: 

"Then I will come to them from before them and from behind them and on their right and on their left, and You will not find most of them grateful [to You]." (Qur'an 7:17)

Now, maybe after hearing this, some of us will still think, "Hey, I've got Norton Anti-Virus, I'm good. Shaytan can't get me." As I said earlier, this is the person who Shaytan got. Abdullah ibn Masood radi Allahu `anhu (may Allah be pleased with him) related a hadith related by Imam Ahmed with a strong isnad (chain of narration). He said, "One day we were sitting with the Prophet and he drew a straight line. He said, "This is the way of Allah ." Then the Prophet drew lines perpendicular to this straight line and he said, "On every one of these lines is a Shaytan calling you to his path." So there's a Shaytan calling Muslims to get high, calling Muslims to hang out with the opposite gender, calling Muslims to commit acts of homosexuality. On every one of these ways there's a Shaytan telling you that communism or secularism or nationalism is better than Islam. These are the things that you will hear in your universities. Shaytan will work on you in every way that you can think of, especially in concepts (i.e. how you think about life). Suhban'Allah, the Prophet pointed at the first straight line that he drew and he read this verse from Surah Al An`am, 

"And this is My path, which is straight, so follow it; and do not follow [other] ways, for you will be separated from His way. This has He instructed you that you may become righteous." (Qur'an 6:153)

When we go to the Qur'an we notice something interesting. Whenever Allah uses the word "darkness", or words that symbolize misguidance, He uses those words in the plural form. But, whenever He uses words to symbolize guidance, like "light", He uses those words only in the singular form. For example, Allah says, 

"Allah is the protector of those who believe. He brings them out from darknesses into the light. And those who disbelieve - their allies are Taghut. They take them out of the light into the darknesses. Those are the companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein," (Qur'an 2:257)

Another example is in the sixth chapter of the Qur'an where Allah says, 

"And is one who was dead and We gave him life and made for him light by which to walk among the people like one who is steeped in darknesses, never to emerge there from? Thus it has been made pleasing to the disbelievers that which they were doing," (Qur'an 6:122)

This verse was sent when `Umar accepted Islam. Why does Allah use light in the singular and darkness in the plural? Because Allah wants to show us that guidance can only be obtained by traversing siratul mustaqeem (the straight path) and there's only one straight path: 

"Say, 'Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance; and we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds,'" (Qur'an 6:71)

However, the ways to be misguided are innumerable.

Source: SuhaibWebb - Lecture by Suhaib Webb, Transcribed by Fuseina Mohamad

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Older Comments:
Jazaakumu llahu khaeran.

Brother Anwer Kuraishi,

Salaam, brother. Just some sincere advice from a brother, I wanted
you to know that there is a difference between an Isra'iliyyat
tradition and a tradition from the Prophet Muhammad, sall Allahu
3layhi was sallam, ABOUT the Bani Isra'il.

Brother Suhaib has done no wrong on that account. Allah's Mercy is
far greater than we can ever imagine, however, his wrath is so sever
it should still affect us greatly even knowing about His mercy. So
to assume that it'll give a ticket to those who don't want to do the
commands of Allah is to assume the worst of our fellow brothers and
sisters. It's time we stopped that. The greater point of that hadith
is, of course, as brother Suhaib put it. That to say a lie upon
Allah is far worse than it is to not fulfill His commands knowing
that you're in the wrong. Wa Allahu A'lam!

Rabbana la tazuqquluubana ba'adi iz hadaitana wa hablana min ladunka
Rahamatan Innaka Antal Wahhab.We should remember taufiq is only given
by Allah so therefore he who finds good should thank Allah if you
find the opposite don't blame no body but yourself.That is the
message Decree of Allah. We thank Allah for giving us guidance we
have to live with this guidance and die with it.May Allah make us
among the successful in Duniya and Akhirah for ever and ever Amen.

Masha allah,barka lahu fikum may allah continue to increase your knowlegde.this is the truth and the siratal mustaqim may allah not give us to shaytan and pray that he does guide us to the straight path till the day of qiyamo jazakum lah khaira.

Br. Shauib Asslamu Aalaykum

In your article you have quoted a story from Bani Israel (Isralites) which, instead of serviing any good, I am afraid, is going to do more demage to the Muslim Ummah. The rule to quote from Isralites is, according to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that you can do so if it is going to strenthen your point, advice, suggestion your lecture or writing. But in your case it serves a negative point; it encourages, by giving false hopes, to the Ummah (amongst them uneducated people in Islamic knowledge, and there are plenty of them, and particularly the youth) that they keep violating the Commands of Allah, and the First Command of Allah, after Faith is, to establish Salat, and strontly stick to His Mercy. Absolutely wrong.The faith consists of: Love of Allah (you must obey all His Commands), Hope from Allah (keep your duties to Allah and hope for the best), and fear of Allah (believing that Allah may punish you for the smallest violation, if He so wishes). So please abstain rom such quotatins from Isralites which serves and encourages negative points. Maaslama. A.Kuraishi

The article is beatifully written from the knowledge Allah (swt) has given us. However, the behavior of majority of people in the Nation of Islam who refuse to accept "The Office of Divine Guidance Reserved exclusively by Allah (swt) for the Progeny of Muhammad (salawat), for which the world has No Excuse" is contrary to the Command of Allah (swt). In other words, all Muslims in the Nation of Islam, since after the departure of Prophet Muhammad (salawat), who reject the "Office of Divine Guidance" whose Imams are the 12 Successors of Prophet Muhammad from his Ahlul-Bayt are following the footsteps of Shaytan to disobey the Commands of Allah (swt).
Since the following of the leadership of Abu Bakr, Umar Khattab, Uthman, the Umayyad rulers and down the line to the present Sunni and Wahhabi scholars has no authorization from Allah (swt) and His Messenger, all non-followers of the 12 Successors of Muhammad (salawat), should know they are following the footsteps of Shaytan.
Moreover, the rejection of the 12 Successors of Muhammad (salawat) is the same as the rejection of uncountable number of verses of the Holy Qur`an and numerous number of Ahadiths from Prophet Muhammad (salawat). The only people in the Nation of Islam, since after departure of Prophet Muhammad (salawat), who have not rejected the 12 Successors appointed by Allah (swt) for Prophet Muhammad (salawat), are the Shi`a Muslims. Unfortunately, the rejection of the Commands of Allah (swt) instituted in the Holy Qur`an and in the Ahadiths of Prophet Muhammad (salawat) is largely maintained by mistranslation of the Holy Qur`an, falsified narrations which are not from Prophet Muhammad (salawat) and arrogance of the rejecters. Those who are responsible for maintaining the rejection of the 12 Successors of Prophet Muhammad at this time are the Sunni and Wahhabi scholars. I do hereby invite all the rejecters of the 12 Successors of Muhammad (salawat) to hold debates with the Shi`a scholars to learn the truth.

Allah ke siwa ko maabood nahi or woh ibadat ke laiyq he

May Allah make our short voyage on earth pass through Siratal
Mustaqim! Jazakallaahu khairan.

I love the message of strengthening our faith, and not speaking on behalf of Allah (swt) that is, telling others that Allah (swt) will not forgive them. I would like to hear more about how people on the straight path are not monolithic, and that we as Muslims need to be open to diversity when following the straight path.

JazakALLAH &shukran,may ALLAH guide us to his straight path and protect us all Ameen