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The recent killing of a British soldier in broad daylight in London and the Boston bombings in United States by extremists should be wake up call to all true Muslims globally to say Enough to the growing religion extremism. It is a sickening situation to watch people maiming irreplaceable lives with impudence, all in the name of God. Muslims across the world should rise up in unison to vigorously condemn these barbaric and heinous acts that have no place in Islam. They (these hoodlums and evil-minded people) have done more defamation to Islam than those who have misconception of the religion.

Can you really blame people who see Islam as a violent religion? Personally, no, because each time these criminals murder impudently, they invoke Allah's name. Have we ever seen those that killed from the other religion (Christianity or Buddhism etc.) invoke Jesus' name (PBUH)? The answer is No. Let us face reality; we Muslims are not doing enough to condemn these people. Islam is the most misunderstood religion in the world. Why? Because of the heinous acts of terrorism being displayed by these evil-doers all in the name of Allah (SWT) and our nonchalant disposition towards condemning them swiftly when the killings happened.

From World Trade Centre (USA), to London bombings, to Nigerian Boko Haram, to Iraq and Afghanistan, these people have committed barbaric acts. Their actions have taken more Muslim lives than any other religion combined in human history. I am using this medium to stir up Muslims across the world to educate non-Muslims globally that these terrorists are not Muslims in the true sense of it, as Islam in all ramifications denounces terrorism. Islam means peace and is not a tool for destruction. We all need to come together and honestly condemn these people and curb their excesses in the society. Their actions do not belong to this modern era. It is disturbing that they see themselves as Muslims.

Religion, belief or faith was not created to instill fear and commit violence against humanity. Those who wrongfully use religion as a tool of fear and violence are the ignoramuses in the society. They use religious violence as a tool to seek power, revenge and undue recognition. Using religion as a tool of terror will ultimately fail because history has a lot of examples regards this. One school of thought also believes that religion is opium to mankind, and in human history, it has done more destruction than good. Unequivocally, this is subject to honest debate. In a nutshell, religion should be used as a tool for good of mankind, anything contrary to that should be condemned by all and sundry. To my Muslim folks around the world, it is time to wake up and say: enough is enough to these barbaric acts against fellow humans and ourselves.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Islam  Values: Peace
Views: 3724

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