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People, in general, think it is either a religious book or the book of some particular people who follow a specific religion. Hence 1Footnote text sahsf ahf afhsa sfa, they do not feel any attachment to that book. The Author of the Quran introduces Himself in the Book and makes some unusual claims. He says He possesses Un-Limited knowledge of not only of this world but rather the entire universe. He enjoys Un-Limited wisdom, Un-Limited power. 2He reads what is there in the hearts 3Footnote text sahsf ahf afhsa sfa of people? When I read this kind 4Footnote jashcjashajhof statement I realized and felt that no other author of any other book dares to 5make this kind of claims about himself or herself. Readers in this Book likewise find other claims which very equally are interesting and unique claims. It is said in this Book that it related to life and the universe. Several methods are used to explain the truth connected to many things of. But, many people generally do not 6ajshd jahs jashfjahsjahsfjh ajsfha fjahs hash comprehend the things that have been made understandable.



  Category: Interactive, World Affairs
  Topics: Street Protest (Rally)
Views: 570

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