Conspiracy does exist and is a fact.

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The war in Bosnia has revealed the deeply disturbing attitude by the Western establishment toward others - not of the same race or creed. It is consequently frightening to discover the two-faced policies of some countries who are our biggest trading partners.

As I said in my previous article, there were many who picked up the cudgel and attacked me for propagating the "conspiracy theory." I have stated it before and will do so again: The conspiracy theory does exist, and is a fact. The aggression on Bosnia and the planned and systematic genocide of a whole nation under the benign gaze of Britain, Germany, Russia, Greece and other European countries makes it absolutely clear.

The deviant behavior of the Serbs and the horrors inflicted on the poor Bosnians are unforgivable. It further makes it imperative that we take measures to avoid being put in enclaves like our unsuspecting Bosnian brothers who have been the subject of Serbian state-sponsored terrorism.

The dangers are too great to take any chances.

Some writers in this paper have challenged the "conspiracy theory" and have accused many Arab writers of being naive and provocative.

However, let me clarify that not all of us believe in "bands of Western policy makers" sitting in dark room plotting the breakup of our countries and the enslavement of our people. There may or may not be a hidden agenda as such but the effective way in which governments tried to hush up the Bosnian tragedy is unforgivable. It has also provided food for thought for those of us who can think.

A record of the United Nations will prove that no resolution favoring us has even been implemented. Take the examples of the two resolutions on the occupied Arab lands. Glance at other resolutions concerning other areas of the Muslim world. Take a cursory look at how the nuclear issue is dealt with by the West and the United Nations. It seems there are two sets of rules. One for them and one for us.

Read and listen to the statements of some Western leaders. Quick on the draw to criticize Indonesia over the East Timor issue, the Europeans have not been able to table a resolution condemning Serb terror!!

The United Nations itself has failed miserably in this respect. It is quick to attack errant states and mobilize huge armies when it serves the interest of big powers. However, Butrous Ghali has now exposed himself and the United Nations for the sham that it is.

The British government which failed to do anything ever since the crisis began is now expressing concern about the Serbs!! Defense Secretary Michael Portillo has condemned Croatia's invasion as "ethnic cleansing." He is worried about Serb refugees. His government showed less concern if it did at all for the unfortunate Bosnians.

Let me make it clear that there is a clean distinction between the behavior of the British government and the people. The Christian British people are contributing in their own way to help alleviate the sufferings of the Bosnians. 

Christians and Muslims should unite to prevent a permanent dichotomy and estrangement between them. Christians should thwart attempts to create confusion.

However, the major cards are in the hands of the government.

How then can writers in our world explain all this to our people? How can we justify statements by Western leaders?

British Defense Secretary Michael Portillo says that "a settlement based on shifting hundreds of thousands of people (Serbs) - and killing thousands more - is not acceptable." His colleague, Foreign Secretary Mr. Malcolm Rifkind himself sent a human right warning to the Croats.

Why did not they convey the same message to the Serbs?

Russia, the other arch villain in this drama of despair and chaos alarmed at Croat advances, has appealed for reason. It did not utter a word when 8 year old Muslim girls were being raped by Serbs. The West has not commented on the mass murder of over 15,000 Bosnians whose graves are being discovered by the satellites. 

And yet they scoff and ridicule us when we talk of conspiracy. 

How can we forget and forgive mass rapes, slitting of the throats of Muslim children and the sneering slogans on destroyed historical mosques in Serb Cyrillic script. They want us to forget present day atrocities while they don't want to erase even a faint memory of what happened to the Jews fifty years ago. Ninety year old men are hounded and taken in handcuffs because of "suspicious" that they were involved in "crimes."

They want us to do as they bid never mind the contradiction in behavior.

On the one hand their foreign ministers and prime ministers go to airports to greet hack writers like Taslima Nasreen who offended our sensibilities by her remarks on Islam. Freedom of thought and expression is how they justify the actions of these Quislings.

Yet posters and literature featuring the pope have been dropped after protests from Catholics. They were described as "deliberately and gratuitously offensive." I agree, wholeheartedly, that no mockery of religion should be tolerated. And that includes the religion Islam. However, when we Muslims ask for a ban on insidious literature we are accused of being "fundamentalists and extremists."

How can some in the West explain to us that our fears of military and cultural domination are unfounded? Their actions and utterances seems to do the opposite.

Over dinner a few weeks ago Greek Prime Minster Andreas Papandreou defended the Bosnian Serbs as Christians "fighting for their religion" against Muslim hordes.

What do we say to this? Can't we get the signal that those at the helm of affairs think along these lines to condone such atrocities and justify them as done by the Greek Prime Minister "who himself a seasoned politician and meant every word that he said" reflect the deep-rooted bias prevailing over centuries.

We cannot afford to ignore such remarks in covert meetings. 

What are we expected to believe when Britain and the West do not even make any pretense of neutrality and confront the reality of the situation.

There are no options as far as they are concerned. They observe their own planned scenario, which denies the Bosnian Muslims even the dignity of self defense while acquiescing and even aiding in their slaughter.

The dangers are too great to ignore. Let us prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

  Category: World Affairs
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Views: 983

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