Petty politics compounds Pakistan woes

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The confrontation between the government of Pakistan and the MQM is reaching bloodier heights.

Violence continues unabated with an average of over 30 people being killed daily and scores more wounded.

It seems that the lack of progress in talks between the PPP government and the MQM hard-liners is bringing more misery to the people of Karachi and Pakistan.

The MQM warned of "open war" against the government while Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the Opposition, demanded Benazir Bhutto to step down in order to save Karachi and Pakistan.

The question arises as to save it from whom and for who. It is Pakistan's tragedy that petty politicians for their own gains and vested interests have used the masses in a manner that has caused harm to the nation. Compounded to all this is one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. Uneducated people with no sense can easily be aroused by anyone and especially by politicians who claim that "they are willing to lay down their life for the nation".

Altaf Hussain, sitting very costly in a flat in London, can easily say that. However, the lives that are being lost are those of the innocent people of the city.

The terrorists, and there is absolutely no other word to describe them, encouraged by telephone calls and faxes from abroad are still killing people.

Their so-called leaders are putting out four and six point plans (Remember East Pakistan!!) for negotiations with the government which itself is incapable of handling the situation.

The whole scene is pathetic. It is similar to little children fighting over sweets. However, the sweet which is Pakistan is being stamped upon by them. So many leaders have sprung up like mushrooms in Karachi. Some are in London approving and disapproving; yet continuing to the flow of blood. It seems that the mercurial Altaf Hussain has approved a few names for negotiations. As a leader, he "believes" that he cannot come himself. A patriotic Pakistani remarked "who is paying his bills?"

There is an Arabic saying: "We will allow the thief to reach the door" - presumable to be nabbed.

In the light of all this the Prime Minister should react above petty policies and look into the genuine grievances of the Mohajirs. 

It was their ancestors who fought for the creation of Pakistan. They, therefore, deserve a voice. But for how long will they be Mohajirs to be manipulated by self appointed leaders who's parents had nothing to do with the independence movement.

The government should rise above the occasion and be magnanimous. However, the terrorists should be taken to task.

The army should give a warning to all those, regardless of their affiliations, to lay down their arms. They should then move in and anyone found to possess even a bullet should be given to highest punishment.

If those in Orangi Town, and other areas want to die, they should go to Bosnia where they can easily obtain "shahadat" martyrdom. Let them not spill the blood of the innocent.

These terrorists have become like rabid dogs and like them should be hunted down and shot. However, due process of law should be used and the national interest of the country should be above party interests.

Whatever happens, the Karachi we know will never be the same again.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Karachi, Pakistan
Views: 1289

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