Interfaith Event: Inspiring Stories for Uncertain Times (Part 6)

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Healing Our World

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 | 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time

This is the fifth event in this series which will explore "Healing our World" from different faith perspectives.

IslamiCity and The Guibord Center - Religion Inside Out, invite you to join us for a time of storytelling and guided conversation about "Healing".

We’ll hear moving stories from people of various faith traditions and backgrounds about how their spiritual values or ethics have given them the grit and vision to continue serving the greater good - especially in times as challenging as these. You’ll have a chance to share your own thoughts in a small group, and to discuss how we can apply spiritual wisdom in our lives.

IslamiCity is partnering with The Guibord Center an interfaith organization dedicated to opening hearts and minds. We are bringing together people with rich spiritual backgrounds and diverse perspectives for this event, the second in a series. We hope this virtual collaboration will serve as a model of spiritual and interreligious engagement and mutual enrichment that unites our communities in faith and hope for a better world.

Our storytellers for this event will be:

Dany Doueiri, PhD
Muslim - Co-founder, IslamiCity

Dany Doueiri, PhD is a co-founder and board member of IslamiCity, the world's most visited Islamic website. He is a professor of Arabic and Islamic studies and an executive board member of the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Doueiri served as technical editor of Quran for Dummies, part of the renowned “for Dummies” book series.

Andrea Hodos
Jewish - Assoc. Director, NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change

In her role at NewGround, Andrea Hodos co-facilitates the organization’s MAJIC high school leadership council and Professional Fellowship. Andrea also is the creator of Moving Torah, a method for exploring Jewish text and story using performance and writing. Her new venture, Sinai and Sunna, invites Muslim and Jewish women to write, share and perform their stories together.

Kandee R. Lewis
Christian - Executive Director, Positive Results Corporation (PRC)

Kandee Rochelle Lewis's belief in Father/Mother God, Mother Earth and our ancestors, and her lifelong sense of being greatly blessed, have allowed her to share her blessings with the world. A master trainer and certified domestic violence and sexual assault prevention advocate, she leads PRC's work with youth, families, and community stakeholders, offering resources to form healthy, consensual, respectful relationships.

Tim Phillips
Co-Founder and VP, Animal Defenders International (ADI)

Tim Phillips with Jan Creamer, President of ADI has campaigned against animal cruelty for almost 40 years. He coordinates undercover ADI teams gathering evidence in labs, fur farms, and other locations, leading to prosecutions, laws and closures of cruel industries. Tim has conducted complex rescues and relocations of animals on several continents, and his work has led to dozens of national laws banning animal circuses and cosmetics testing.

Participation will be limited to the first 100 people that register.

**If you use the Zoom app on your device, you will be required to upgrade to the newest version, 5.0. We encourage you to download and install it at least one day in advance of the event to avoid last-minute problems joining the event.

After you register for this event, we will email you the exact link you can use to join us.

Please note: The keynote storytellers will be recorded, but we will not be recording the stories you share in your small groups/breakout sessions, so feel free to share your own stories related to this topic straight from your heart!

For any questions please contact Dr. Lisa Patriquin, Program Director for Youth and Young Adults at [email protected]

For issues connecting to the webinar contact Yolie Carrillo at [email protected] or (323) 333-4664.

  Category: Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Highlights, Interactive
  Topics: Interfaith  Channel: Webinars
Views: 4516

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