How to Put out the Fire?

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We are in the second 10 days of Ramadan, the days of Maghfirah. Our Prophet said that the first ten days of Ramadan are the days of mercy, the next days are the days of maghfirah (forgiveness) and the last ten days are the days of atonement and saving us from hell.

We need Maghfirah, which literally means protection and forgiveness. During this month the Muslim community in the United States has come under severe attack from Islamophobes who are making Islam and Muslims an easy scapegoat for their frustration and anger over the election of a black president, depleting economy and rising unemployment as well as declining income. Muslims as usual are divided and unable to respond in a unified manner. Interfaith Councils all over the country have taken a unified stand as is evident from their statements in New York, California and Nevada. However, Muslim organizations have yet to meet and discuss the ways and means to take a unified stand on the issue to counter hate-Islam campaign led primarily by the Christian evangelical fanatics, media madmen, Zionist extremists and political opportunists such as Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. Thus, Muslims are exposed to far bigger dangers. Of course, in all circumstances We ask Allah to protect us and show us the guidance to take a better course of action.

Allah tells us that things would not change for better unless we are willing to change ourselves and our conditions. At this time, when the media is full with reports and talk shows intent on lighting a fire of hate in our country, it is our duty to respond and put out this fire. Two years ago during the last Presidential campaign, the Islamophobics distributed a documentary called Obsession to spread hatred against Islam and Muslims and this year, which is an election year, they have turned construction of an Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan as a national issue to implicate Islam and Muslims in 9/11. Muslims responded to the 2008 challenge befittingly and forced Obsession into obscurity. Now we must stand up for what is good for us and what is good for America. 

Those who are actively speaking against Islam and Muslims have planned a series of actions against Islam and Muslims. Some of them plan to burn a copy of the Quran on September 11. Others plan to take rallies out against masajids on the same day. Conservative talk show hosts and politicians are encouraging such groups by vomiting poison against Muslims by equating them to Nazis and barbarians.

Attacks against Muslims have increased in the last one month. According to reports in news media, more than 50 incidents of violence against Muslims have been reported in the last 30 days. The media in general is quiet about these issues. But we cannot be. We must be proactive. We must seek the protection in Allah at this time. Seeking protection in Allah means doing things that Allah has asked us to do in these situations.

This is what the Quran tells us to do in these situations.

  • Allah asks us not to be intimidated and not to feel hopeless.

  • Allah asks us to be positive for his mercy.

  • Allah asks us to put our heads together and work to improve the situation.

  • Allah asks us to spread the truth about his message to all those ignorant.

  • Allah asks to be always prayerful. 

  • Allah asks us to be respectful to people and fair and just to everyone.

  • Allah asks us to be peaceful even when provoked. 

  • Allah asks us to refrain from attacking other's religious beliefs.

Based on what Allah taught us in the Quran this is what our Prophet did in adverse conditions.

  • He developed alliances with those who were willing to understand him and Allah's message.

  • He developed dialogue with those non-Muslims who were willing to listen to him.

  • He even appealed to the hearts and minds of his foes to listen to him.

  • He mobilized his companions to be actively involved in the social issues of their time.

  • He motivated his followers to help the poor and the needy regardless of their background.

  • He inspired his supporters to use every possible channel to spread the words about Allah and the message of Islam.

  • He took the challenge seriously and planned ahead to deal with it.

  • He gave confidence to his followers of the legitimacy of their stand. 

  • He was proactive and he took risks in improving the situation.

  • He was peaceful in his response.

Based on the Quran and the teachings of our Prophet, we can develop a unified strategy to work for the betterment of Islam in our country. We can create a positive interaction with the society at large. It is time that we are seen working as one people standing for our dignity and truth and challenging all those who are bent on denying the rights that Allah has given us.

Muslims of conscious should come together and help sort out a strategy. If their organizations are not willing to sit together, they should mobilize masses and take leadership in this area. Specifically, Muslim professionals, men and women should take a leadership role in this situation. Our religious scholars are still busy in locating the moon and they should not be disturbed because that is all they can do. 

Let us not ignore the signs. The holocaust did not begin suddenly. Christian leaders of Germany prepared grounds for that decades before that. They burned Torah. They accused Jews of treachery. They called them fifth columnist. They equated Judaism with the devil and they called Jews anti-Christ. The rhetoric of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and those who are speaking their language is not different than those Christians who were leading anti-Jewish movement in Germany. The hatred that is being spread might move us closer to something more dreadful. We do not have time to bicker about who did what in the past. We do not have time to point fingers at others. We do not have time to sit in isolation in our own ego castles while the people suffer. We do not have time to beat the ethnic drums or play the race card. We do not have the time to project a holier than thou attitude. We have a duty to ourselves to our country and our Creator to be a voice of truth and justice for everyone and we must demonstrate through our action that we are capable of fulfilling our duty.

Dr Aslam Abdullah is is encouraging people to contact him at [email protected] to set a date and time to organize a campaign to protect and defend Muslim interests in the state of Nevada.

  Category: World Affairs
  Topics: Islamophobia
Views: 7582

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Older Comments:

jazakumul khair for this rich article hope my dear brothers and sisters would make good use of it

Brother Abdullah message is loud and clear. However the sarcasm toward our scholars is definitely uncalled for. There are thousand of scholars and imams exhorting every day and night to do exactly the same thing that is mentioned in this article. Dr Abdullah knows better than most of us that sarcasm has no place in Islam.

This article displays a great sense of research, while speaking the truth. All Muslims around the world must get up and stop this negativity against Muslims. Just because Christians prosecuted Jews does not make all Christians bad, just because some white people are racist does not make all white people bad. People have the freedom to express themselves, and they should and must be held accountable for their actions not for the actions of others. Not all Muslims are terrorists, at least I am not and I know thousands more who are not. We must stand against these people and there is not better time to stand than now in this holy month.

Thank you Dr.Aslam Abdullah for writing this article.May Allah reward you. Aameen.