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My country is facing many challenges. It now stands literally at an unprecedented and dangerous crossroads. America is being torn this way and that by those on the left and the right; by older, more settled families and new immigrants; by Democrats and Republicans. The very livelihood and health of my country is in danger. I wonder constantly, which roads will my country go down? Will it head down roads that promote inclusivity or exclusivity; listening or ignoring; respect or disrespect?

It is in light of these questions that Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam, a book authored by my mentor and teacher, American University Professor Akbar Ahmed, is so significant. Ahmed and his team of young American researchers, of which I am a part, travelled the length and breadth of the United States, visiting over 75 mosques and 100 cities in an unprecedented journey to discover America through the hearts and minds of Muslims, and through the lens of all ethnic groups in America.

The team discussed American identity with a wide variety of people, from recent immigrants to descendents of the Mayflower, the ship that brought some of the first Europeans to America in 1620. The book touches on every layer of American society and identity that one can imagine. It paints, in my opinion, the most holistic and integrated picture of the "American experiment" to date.

America's potential, Ahmed suggests, cannot flourish unless Americans quickly forge, through their own hearts and minds, a fresh American identity, one which ultimately stresses the principles laid out by the Founding Fathers but does not neglect the identities that have been forged in recent history. Americans today must remember the democratic vision of the Founding Fathers, especially in their current potentially hostile and catastrophic relationship with the Muslim world.

In the post 9/11 era, Americans have forgotten that Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century welcomed Muslim clerics to preach Islam in Philadelphia and cited the Prophet Muhammad as a "model of compassion". They have forgotten that Thomas Jefferson owned, read and learned from the Qur'an; that John Adams called the Prophet Muhammad one of the world's "sober inquirers after truth" alongside such figures as Confucius and Socrates; and that George Washington welcomed people from all walks of life, regardless of religion, race or ethnicity.

Whether you agree with Ahmed and his team's theories, concepts, methodological tools, viewpoints, beliefs and opinions or not, Journey into America concerns itself with issues that affect all Americans. And while Americans are facing unprecedented challenges, not only on their own soil but also throughout the world, for many Americans there is no greater challenge to their vision of America than its Muslim minority and their Islamic faith.

Reading this book, however, can help Americans acquire a new and greater appreciation for the diverse, vibrant and patriotic Muslim community in America as well as for both the universal principles of the Islamic faith and the honorable leadership of the Prophet Muhammad. Most importantly, the book also reminds Americans that their country is supposed to serve as a "beacon of hope" that appreciates and adheres to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence both at home and abroad.

Journey into America is a quintessential read for those Americans who are trying to make America and the world a healthier and safer place - one that emphasizes the peaceful, humane, egalitarian and universal vision once put forth by Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams.


Craig Considine was a member of the team that conducted the Journey into America project and Director of the documentary feature film Journey into America. He is a native of Needham, MA and will be entering a PhD program in Sociology at Trinity College - University of Dublin. He holds an MSc from the University of London - Royal Holloway and a BA from American University, Washington, DC.

  Category: Americas, World Affairs
  Topics: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, United States Of America  Channel: Opinion
Views: 5322

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I like many others choose to label ourselves Christians, and do so openly and without regrets, even if it causes offense to others.

Um...the last time I check America was a representative republic.

A Jewish leader once said something like this,"Why should we be afraid of the Muslims. Muslims don't read; if they read they don't understand; if they understand they don't do it; if they do it everything will go wrong! Sad to say but true. This same thing is now happening not only to the Muslims but Americans, Russians, Europeans, Africans, Arabs, Hindus, Jews, Christians etc...etc. This is the true picture of the world (not only The US of A) today.


Additional information:

The French national motto is: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

Thomas Paine's influence on two Continents was achieved through his writings and actions both in America and in France where he was imprisoned for a time.

America's Founding Fathers were all Deists or Friends of God/Quakers and not Baptists or Methodists.

Omitted from the list of America's Founding Fathers in this article is the name of Thomas Paine whose writings led to "the American Revolution" and France's Revolution based on ideals of "equality, fraternity and brotherhood."
During his last dying moments a Christian clergy chose to cause him "emotional abuse" for having rejected some basic Christian theology. His funeral and burial was conducted by fewer than a ten individual that included Quakers and Black slaves and his grave was vandalized soon after and his body removed by some unknown individuals. Not one of the Founding Fathers stood by him in the last years of his life in America. He is said to be the only man in history who brought about two Revolutions. The ideas that he was advocating were, it seems, too far ahead of the times that he lived in.