The Flotilla Attack Proves Israel is a Pariah State

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There is something absolutely rotten and hideous about the Government of Israel (GOI) and its supporters. On May 30 Israeli forces boarded an unarmed ship with an unarmed crew, carrying no munitions or weapons, 65 miles in the sea at 2 a.m. The Turkish ship Mavi Marmara was in the international water carrying only food, medicines and materials to build pre-fabricated homes for the blockaded people of Gaza when it was raided by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which can be best termed as the pirates of the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli action was an act of piracy by any account. Lest we forget under article 3 of the Rome Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of Maritime Navigation of 1988, it is an international crime for any person to seize or exercise control over a ship by force, and also a crime to injure or kill any person in the process. Israel has violated the Article. In other words, the Israeli killers are no different, actually worse, than the Somali pirates. They cannot attack a ship and then claim self-defense if the people on board resist the unlawful use of violence. As rightly noted by Patrick Buchanan, the nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and the author of six books including the recent bestseller, The Death of the West, what the Israeli commandos got is what any armed hijacker should expect who tries to steal a car from a driver who keeps a tire iron under the front seat. 

And yet, the criminal government of Netanyahu and its many Jewish and Christian Zionist supporters are claiming that the Israeli murderous actions were all justified and in self-defense. In an editorial the Jerusalem Post reiterated that it was the 'premeditated refusal' of those aboard the ship to cave into IDF demand that triggered the violence. On June 3, an Israeli supporter from Michigan wrote in the USA Today that the Israelis brought 'paintball guns.' Any American kid playing in the woods or neighborhood parks would tell you that paintball guns don't kill people, while the Israeli action in the ship killed nine unarmed passengers and injured scores of others. The weapons used by the IDF were no paintball guns. 

For years, Israel and her cheerleaders have been saying that the Gaza blockade was solely to prevent the arming of the Hamas, which has been ruling Gaza for the last three years. Forgotten in this preposterous claim is the fact that there has been a partial blockade of Gaza since at least 2005 before Hamas came to power. With Hamas in power, GOI's stranglehold over the Palestinians living inside the Gaza Strip of the Occupied Palestinian Territories has simply tightened. As repeatedly condemned by all human rights groups, including the UNRWA and the Red Cross, Israel's blockade of Gaza is simply criminal and unparallel in today's world putting its savage practices at par with those of the hated SPDC regime of Myanmar in its inhuman treatment of the Rohingya Muslims. Under the name of denying Hamas legitimacy, Israel has imposed a blockade that is one of the worst the world has ever seen in the post-World War II era. Even the Palestinian fishermen are denied to catch fish in the open sea. 

The unemployment rate, forced by the GOI as part of the collective punishment, is near 50 percent. According to Eyad al-Saraj, the founder of the International Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza, "The World Bank has stated that 90% of water in Gaza is not suitable for human consumption, 80% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, and 70% depend on charity for food supplies. Chronic malnutrition affects 15% of Gaza's children."

A major goal of the Israeli blockade of Gaza is to break the morale of the Palestinian people and force them to give up their legitimate struggle to live as a free nation much like any other nation on earth. What it has achieved instead is to reveal the immoral and criminal side of the Apartheid state. What the Israelis are doing is an act of war against unarmed civilians, which in itself is a violation of international laws. 

Tired of western complacency approving Israel's criminal actions, for months the human rights activists around the world have been trying to break the Israeli blockade. The Freedom Flotilla was the last such attempt to draw attention to Israel's inhuman blockade that had barred essential humanitarian aids, life-saving drugs and foods, to reach Gaza to relieve the sufferings of its people. By killing nine unarmed activists in the dead of the night, Israel has again proven that she is a pariah state whose means and methods remain savage and criminal to the core. 

Israel's murderous activity has soured her relationship with Turkey. Last Thursday tens of thousands of mourners hailed activists killed by the Israelis as martyrs. People chanted slogans of "Damn Israel." President Abdullah Gul said that "Turkey will never forget this attack." Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said, "The bloody massacre of Israel, brought against the ships bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza is a massacre deserving of any kind of curse and condemnation. This is openly an attack against international law, against the heart of humanity, against world peace, I say against the heart of humanity, for, on those ships were people from all nations, all religions. People alone and they only were bringing humanitarian aid to those under blockade, embargo, to the people in Gaza. The ships, before they left openly declared to the entire world their cargo, their intention, their mission. As witness to this openly humanitarian aid from the world and our country 60 journalists have entered the ships as well. In international waters, in open sea, this armed attack against 600 people and 6 ships which were carrying aid to oppressed people, poor people, to starved people, to people whose homes were destroyed - this was openly an attack against the basic philosophy of the United Nations."

The UN has called for an international probe of the killings. The US, controlled by the pro-Israeli Jewish Lobby, has not joined these calls. With each passing day, the Obama administration seems without a moral compass. It is more willing to accept Israel's explanations that her criminal actions were provoked by the Freedom Flotilla than accept the fact that Israel's actions were a clear violations of international law. 

There is no doubt that every good deed from the Prophetic declaration of monotheism in a world of idolatry to the call of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s for civil rights and plurality, let alone the freedom marches, was a provocation to those in power. It requires a moral compass to distinguish between a noble provocation that is aimed at uplifting human values and a flawed one that is criminal, immoral and hypocritical. 

If the sane voices of people like Pat Buchanan and Uri Avnery are deemed too revolutionary for the Obama administration to listen to, how about those from the Ha'aretz? In a recent editorial, the Israeli newspaper stated, "When a regular well-armed, well-trained army goes to war against a 'Freedom Flotilla' of civilian vessels laden with civilians, food and medication, the outcome is foretold - and it doesn't matter whether the confrontation achieved its goals and prevented the flotilla from reaching Gaza... There is no way to convince Israel's citizens and its friends around the world that Israel regrets the confrontation and its results, and is learning from its errors..." 

American silence to condemn Israel's criminal actions against a NATO ally Turkey is hypocritical and inexcusable. As the hyper power of our time, the USA has a moral obligation to get out of her self-imposed slavish attitude to the criminals of Zion. She cannot afford to appear either condoning or be silent on such gross Israeli violations of international laws. Israel, a serial abuser and violator of human rights and international laws, cannot be allowed to behave like a Mafia Don that has no accountability for its horrendous crimes. When her crimes are worse than those of the Somali pirates, she must at least be treated the same way those pirates are treated. We ought to ask, as journalist Yvonne Ridley has done: if a group of Somali pirates had forced their way onto half a dozen humanitarian aid ships from the USA, killing a dozen or so people and injuring scores more what would have been our reaction? 


Dr Habib Siddiqui has authored nine books. His book: "Democracy, Politics and Terrorism - America's Quest for Security in the Age of Insecurity" is available at

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Views: 4379

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Older Comments:
Calling zionist state a pariah state is a understatement. The third riech akshenazis ruling zionist state today will become the major reason to draw the wrath of almighty upon that nation. Their anti God acts surpass even Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and all the evildoers combined. May the Israeli public see the writting on the wall and throughout these judeonazis from power so peace can prevail in that part of the world.

H.A is asking much from the Jews, expressing to have wished them appreciation if they disappeared from the scene! One's defect of lacking the sense of judgment should not be blamed on the Zionists and their Holy Scriptures. Have our Scriptures need to compete with the lower aspirations of the demons worshipping mass that do not see the differences between God of Israel and Satan that deludes the whole World?
Every individual that grumbles against a Nation and her Holy Scriptures enlightening the souls of entire earth inhabitants liberating them from bondage to vanity of the World has chosen darkness and doom for himself. None of the earth dweller has stake in Israel to loose now by wishing its diminution. Therefore they make careless statements damning their own souls, in blindness. Will they do justice when they work with such conviction?

I used to have a lot of respect for Jews or Israelis.
After the ship attack incident, I am starting to believe that they are bunch of sick people.

And also starting to believe that they (Zionists) have indeed complete control of American gov't. The U.S. politicians seems to be the WHORES of the zionists.

I think it's the ZIONISTs who will destroy American, not AL-Qaida.

The zionists are doing to the Palsestinians exactly what Hitler did to the Jews.

It's hard to believe most Jews believe in occupation and oppression. Is their Torah the same as it used to be?

To Revealation:
Hey that hatemonger said 'Barking dog seldom bite'. He is barking too much of lies, may be that is what he meant.

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quite a few states... other, mainly islamic states does not recognise the existence of Israel.
and only for your information - Reuters cropped the knives in the hand of "peace" "activists".
I think Israel should hire the same PR agency as Yassir Arafat - after we would never hear about Gaza again.
according to international law, Israel is perfectly OK - no breach. and if "peace" "activists" attacked armed soldiers and get killed... so, t

..criminal government of Netanyahu and its many Jewish and Christian Zionist..- article Author

The author puts the contents as if he has authority over legality of the terms he uses, such as criminal government, Zionist Jews and Christians etc. Is it crime to keep hope on the Word of God, by the author's interpretation? Is it crime to govern state in the interest of its security against the pariah groups that attack both ways: by war and peace? Was not FG flotilla attack on the sovereignty of the Jewish State by way of provocation? A real peaceful mission would respect and follow the peaceful, diplomatic channel to deliver aids, not to some state sworn against another's existence but to the people in need...
Contents without morality can not be hold by any container. It is like carrying burning coals of fire in woolen muffler... Surely, the contents defy the cause the author takes to convey.

@Revelation. you can add South Africa on your list. However,ramesh is not interesting in the truth. his only interest is harm and defamed muslims. In his previous remarks he belittle the victims of the zionist attack. but we should not be surprise from someone who support the caste system in
hinduism. He also never respond to a previuos comment about his
involvement of a bombing of a mosque in India.

Acts that provoke Israel and the US by Arab/Muslims will only make it easier for Christians to tell both Jews and Americans about Biblical Christianity as the way to defend themselves agaist Arab/Muslims/Islam. Even better since they are already a pariah, Jews should add Christian to themselves and really offend the Muslims and the world.

Romesh: "Israel a paraiah state? How can that be?. Has any government broken diplomatic relations with Israel? None. "

Boy, you really need to check your facts before you start posting your comments. Just to name a few, Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Niger, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc... do NOT have diplomatic relations with Israel. There are many more countries listed. Also, Nicaragua just broke off their diplomatic relations with Israel over the attack of flotilla. In addition, Venezuela, Bolivia and Mauritania severed diplomatic relations with Israel in 2009 following killings of 1,400 innocent Palestinians. According to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Israel maintains diplomatic relations with 157 countries." Now, how many countries around the world are there again? ;)

It is unfortunate and sad that Obama is growing to disappoint the world especially Africa and his muslim background.
Oh! what a bad outcome from a very terrific expectation.

Egypt did not wanted those proffesional victims called Falastinians.
Jordan refused to take over the West bank - they sheltered Falastinians, who tried to overthrow their king - that is the way that Falastinians understand the gratefulnes.
And why the article does not mention that the HAMAS ACTUALLY REFUSED to let enter the "humanitarian" aid that was on those ships? they never wanted or needed humanitarian aid. They desperately sought to provoke the attack of NATO on the Israel. BHO has only this summer, but his support is so small that he can only sit nicely in the boat, smile nicely and do not make big wawes.

Mr. Chander might be right.
But then aren't Saudi and Kuwait 'protectorates' of the USA?

Israel a paraiah state? How can that be?. Has any government broken diplomatic relations with Israel? None. (Recalling an Ambassador temporarily is merely a Public Relations exercise and nothing else; actual relations / contact go on through lower levels after consulting with home office by cable and telephone).

Barking dogs don't bite. What has muslim countries done to support Palestinians? As expected, nothing. Nada. Poor Palestinians. Their muslims brothers only keep their hopes high and nothing else; when time for testing comes, they crash their hopes. Hey, it is the EU economic aid which Palestinians going, not the rich PetroSheikh arab state money. I don't think, Saudis and Kuwaitis even employ Palestinians anymore since Palestininans supported Sadam Hussein in 1990-1991 war.

Again barking dogs don't bite.