Terror in the name of the God of Israel

The standing military of the United States most ardent ally, Israel has killed 9 peaceful humanitarian workers in international waters on ships carrying aid to starving gentiles in Ghaza. It was all done in the name of God as the Israeli soldiers storming the ships prayed to God for the success of their mission to stop food reaching the hungry people under the blessings of their priests. Pro-Israeli organizations in America and all over the world are silent, the same way as Christians were silent when Jews were massacred by Hitler's mainly Christian soldiers in Germany. Those who claim to champion the cause of justice among the Israelis are justifying the killing and the strongest ally of the Jewish state is still studying the situation. What a shame.

What was done is inhumane and among the ugliest form of terrorism. It is terrorism sponsored by the state. No ifs and no buts. But some refuse to see this as inhumane. Probably it is because a gentile has no value in the eyes of those who claim that God has given them all the wisdom to decide and determine the status of everyone else. 

The so called holy land, today, offers the most unholy scene. Everything, the divine guidance inspires humans to accomplish is violated. Peace, human dignity, human life has no meaning. What is even more ironic is that the conflict is among people who claim that they have the most comprehensive divine guidance for justice, peace and love.

Only a sick mind can see the other human suffer. For almost 60 years, a people have been kicked out of their land and placed in holes not even fit for insects. At will they have been killed, humiliated and tormented. Only a sick mind will let the people die in hunger and face starvation. And only a sick mind will stop relief reaching the injured and wounded.

That sick mind, in our world, today is represented by those who claim to be the defenders of the Jewish state. Jews in America owe it to Americans to distance them from this thinking. Palestinians have the same human rights that Jews and Christians have and they have the same right to live in peace and security as the Israelis have.

In the last 60 years the Israelis have created a myth of insecurity to their existence. They have always argued that their tiny state is surrounded by Muslims who pose a constant threat to them. Well, in the 2,000 years of their existence, Jews have found them selves on the verge of annihilation either by Christian Romans or Christian Europe. Never, in their presence among Muslims, they ever felt that their religious existence was ever under threat. This myth is perpetuated by their sympathizers all over the world. In the US, their lobbies propagate lies and use all tactics including intimidation and coercion to influence the opinion of the so called people's representatives.

Like all previous acts of barbarism and terror, this act too will be given a spin to save the image and to serve the interests of the Jewish state. It might be argued that members of al-Qaeda or Muslim extremist groups were on the ships carrying food. Israel can even concoct information to prosecute anyone on charges of espionage or terror. Israeli supporters in the media and Washington and other places of the world would gleefully accept those assertions and would blame the victim, a tactic that they have been using for the last six decades.

How should we respond to the situation, especially in the USA. Christians and Muslims are part of a number of interfaith dialogue groups. There are several groups that are dedicated to Jewish-Muslim relations. The Jewish leadership at every level should be asked to define its stand on this and other issues impacting human life in the occupied land. There is no point in a dialogue if one does not want to understand and recognize the humanity of the other.

There are several Jewish organizations and groups that are as sick and tired of the Israeli violent tactics as any other decent human being is. They deserve to be supported in their efforts to challenge the terrorists in Tel Aviv who have hijacked their religion and their culture and used their sufferings in the past to cause others suffer. Their voices should be joined by all those who really care for peace and justice. Fight against Israeli terror is a collective fight and everyone that stands for peace and justice is in it.

Dr. Aslam Abdullah is editor of the Detroit based English weekly, Muslim Observer, director of the Islamic Society of Nevada, Las Vegas and the recently elected General Secretary of the World Council of Muslims for Interfaith Relation. He is also the vice President of the Muslim Council of America, MCA.

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Older Comments:
It is looking Israel is not controlled by Jews
anymore. Now she is an Atheist state just like
India. Money, murder, power are the main purpose of
both Israel and India. They are acting against their
own scriptures.

Romesh Chander is an agent provoceuter. Always talking about Islam in the negative terms. Dr. Aslam Abudllah wrote to him, "For almost 5,000 years, Romesh Chandr, your faorefathers have killed, raped, humiliated people belonging to lower castes in the name of Bhagwaan. Inhumanity is part of your religious psyche." (Refer to posting #54008)

I have seen in these United States his coreligionists eating ham, bacon, chicken, eggs and fish but not beef. This way they are still pure vegetarians, because they don't eat the sacred cow.

Even decent Indians in the United States are talking about these people who have been killing others for the last 5000 years.

"Murders in Punjab, killings in Bihar, suicides in Kerala, bombings in Kashmir. This is India. We are so busy murdering our fellow human beings that we don't have time to kill animals. No wonder we are vegetarians." (India Tribune weekly newspaper, Chicago, Illinois 60659, May 16, 1992)
Note: Punjab,Bihar, Kerala and Kashmir are names of the States.

With regard to the illegal attack, I think that piratical actions should be treated as such. It could well be piracy because there was illegal boarding in international waters without legal jurisdiction & the equipment (ships & supplies) were stolen (for however brief a period). I wonder if this fits the Lloyds Shipping definition of piracy?

The humanitarians (not the "pro-Palestinian" "activists" which implies partisan bias & a primarily political motive) were illegally kidnapped.

Also they were not deported as this supports the false Zionist narrative. Deporting suggests illegal entry which it was not. It also legitimizes Israeli actions in the poisoned mind of the West who are in a xenophobic fit of hysteria against illegal immigrants, thus allying the West to Israel in their subconscious minds. Was kidnapped Terry Waite also deported or was he set free/released from illegal captivity of the kidnappers?

If you get the chance, please point this out to the media & people you know to show how biased the supposedly "balanced" reporting is.


Yohan Yishai, you wrote the following:
"Just remove the prophet's doctrine of hatred against the Jews and Christians and we fit as one community of mankind on earth with common/single most Scriptures for our guidance"

Just read what a Jewish Rabbi is telling about the Prophet. May God Almighty guide you and bring you out of the darkness you have been pushed into.

Edward Miller, The Jewish Week (NY), February 10, 2006
There is a Hadith (oral tradition concerning the words and works of Muhammad) recorded by Bukhari in the name of Amer Bin Rabiha that reads as follows:

"A funeral procession passed us and the Prophet stood up for it. We said, 'but Prophet of God, this is a funeral of a Jew.' The Prophet responded, 'rise.' "

One can search the writings of the ancient non-Jewish world for a more powerful example of a public display of respect for the humanity of the Jew. There simply is no more powerful statement than the single word uttered by Muhammad nearly 14 centuries ago.

I agree that Jewish organizations should speak out
against this. There definitely is a double standard.
Muslims need to act as well. We need to call our
representatives and we need to seriously make some
heart felt du'a.

Romesh Chander and Yishal are apparently trying to shift away the focus of this inhumanity by ridiculing Muslims.
We should not expect anything else from these two individuals. Romesh in particular has been supportive of Hindu chauvinist and terrorist organizations. He is known to have financially contributed to the destruction of the Babri Masjid. You do not expect from this individual anything objective or anything serious. His hatred of Islam is well established.
IRS and FBI ought to investigate him for his role in inciting hatred against civilians.

No one should be appalled by Romesh's comments. He is well known for his hatred toward Muslims and Islam. He's been leaving his garbage on this beautiful site for a very long time now. He only selects certain articles to comment on; the ones that suit his ideology well. In one aritcle he encourages Muslims to cheat and lie to get by just like his fellow Hindus (Thank God, Muslims are NOT like Hindus). In another article he decries how in Islam there is no freedom of expression and yet, for months he's been leaving his hateful and bigoted comments on this beautiful web portal. If "Islam" did not allow you and people like John Young who advertise Biblical Christianity in every article, to express yourselves, however deamening and insensitive it may be, I'm sure you would not be doing that. And now he proclaims that it was activists who wanted confrotation and because of it got killed, as if he was aboard that ship and knows this first-hand. Oh wait, he saw it on FoxNews. The fact that innocent lives were lost and families destroyed does not concern Romesh at all. According to him, THEY'VE ASKED FOR IT. Not even the fact that these people sacrificed their lives in order to deliver humanitarian aid to starving people of Gaza - the largest concentration camp in the world. Oh wait, Romesh feels indifferent to life. Romesh, every time you leave a comment here, you are revealing your true face. There is a saying that goes, "do as you please but will not for as long as you please". You should learn a valuable lesson from it.

I guess Islamicity dicide to edit my comment. yet allowing this
Islamaphobe Ramehs to roam free attacking Islam and Muslim.

Dr. Aslam, Salaam. My respects and regards for Islam (the creed/person that transforms human soul) first and Muslim (the individual that has gone through the transformation of his/her being by coming in contact with Islam) second. Just remove the prophet's doctrine of hatred against the Jews and Christians and we fit as one community of mankind on earth with common/single most Scriptures for our guidance and salvation.

Regarding the dark ages under Christianity of Rome, it was prophesied by the Messiah as the period.. "when men slept". The sleeping men whether Christians or Jews are in darkness only. The "holy heathen" of darkness persecuted and killed us from within... It appears to the unspiritual that the then dominant Christianity did the deeds in Europe or anywhere in the world: blaming the victims for the crimes of the perpetrators! This is the fault of institutionalizing the religion by unregenerate men.

Just taking the name of Christ to approach near man and killing him there is not practical Christianity as you take it from any author... Did not the prophet take the share in slaying the faithful to turn them to his own god? This is serious question for serious souls on the straight path of God, on our journeying to Him. Lord, establish Zion to solve this age long problem among confused mankind preferring bull over the girl.

Ramesh ... You sure talk tough. I guess hiding behind your email makes you feel tough. I would hate to see you treat the lower caste Hindu beneath you. The Nazi is starting to look like good guys comparing with
Zionism. But don't worry history tends to repeat itself.


Dr Aslum Abdullah:

Sorry, I am not appalled at indiffrerence to life. Rather, to be blunt about, it is you, the muslims who are indifferent to life by your concept of Jihad, Martryndom, etc.

My post was strictly political in character. You asked for confrontation; you got it. You lose or you win is the outcome; and it is childish to cry at the outcome if it does not favour you.

Sorry, we Hindus don't quote our vedas to justify our misdeeds, etc.; rather it is you muslims who always quote them. Frankly, we have no clue what Vedas contain. And I doubt that you muslims do either what Vedas contain; it is hard to find 2 muslim scholars who agree among themselves about what Koran says, how can they agree about Vedas, written in obscure lasnguage.

Yes, 900 years ago, Europe was in dark ages; they left the Dark Ages, and you personally moved to 'Europe' (US was populated by Europeans); and the muslim world has stayed in dark ages, and sadly, even is going back to darkest ages (Do I need to explain).

Yes, we Hindus, it is in our DNA to mistreast our lowest castes. Surprisingly, we Hindus have not treated our muslim population like the lowest Hindu castes; though your our own muslim bretheren in the muslim world have done an equally bad (if not worse) job in treating their own muslim bretheren (even though Equality is an Islamic virtue and Koranic Dictate; obviously muslims love to cite Koran but never practice it).

Dr Abdullah, sorry to be blunt. Somebody has to say it.

I am first of for Christ. And will do everything I can to convince Jews in Israel to embrace Biblical Christianity and become Christians

regardless of any action that israel is guilty of , the jewish/american eyes will see no wrong doing ! in fact the spin capability of jews has an answer for every situation involving israel,the serious point is that if ever gentile americans become aware of the truth , it will be too late, the wool has been pulled over the eyes of americans regarding israel and the internal power influence of american/jews.

Dear Romesh and Viral
I am appaled at your indifference to human life. I am not shocked or surprised. For almost 5,000 years, Romesh Chandr, your faorefathers have killed, raped, humiliated people belonging to lower castes in the name of Bhagwaan. Inhumanity is part of your religious psyche. So do not provoke people to quote from Vedas, Shastras and Manu Samrit, even Ramayana and Gita to show you your real face.
Now Viral, Gibbons in his book on history of the world notes that the humanity lived in its darkest period at a time when Christianity was dominant in Rome. He gives details of how Jews and Christians of other denominations were murdered and killed by the so called saints and holy men. So go back and read the scriptures that promote killing of innocent people and that prefer a bull over a girl.


Ah Romesh! why such apathy towards Muslims? I love Muslims, I love Islam although I am deadly against the viral doctrine of the prophet (as it is propagated against the Jews and Christians in the name of the prophet). Although your points are right, regards for them are wrong!

Nothing lasts forever & the perpetrators will have to face judgement of the highest level. They will have to answer for the brutal treatment of a human being to the Maker. This world is all fun & games to such people, but their time will come, the horror they inflict on human beings is unforgiven. May God pave the way for the people of Gaza to receive humanitarian aid. Thank you & God Bless all people.

Activists wanted confrontation; and they got confrontation. In Confrontations, you lose or win; and there is loss of life; that is a fact of life.

So, stop crying. You think, your crying and shouting will have any MATERIAL effect? None at all. All countries (including France) will make speeches, which are nothing but empty words (and muslims are always impressed with empty words); and everybody will go back to their old merry ways. Nothing will change. You think you embarassed Israel? You think, they care a whit?. If they cared, they would not even exist today. They exist because they refuse to care all the condemnations the world heaps on them. And that is reality one cannot ignore.

Sorry, no sympathies. You win some, you lose some; that is life.