Islamic vs. Secular Education

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Now-a-days there are a lot of people who talk about the differences between a modern and Islamic Education. And it really surprises me as I don't believe there is any difference in Islamic and modern Education.

Education means to learn about something one has no prior knowledge of, for example, modern science is  defined as being a "systems of knowledge gained by systematic research and organized into general laws".

Humans are asked, on various occasions in the Quran, to research, to make some thorough investigations about the universe and to find the hidden truth in the things around us. God (Allah) Almighty has invited us to look around and observe things in order to solidify our belief in Him. We believe in Allah, however contemplation and seeking knowledge will solidify our belief in Him even more.

We are welcomed to observe, to feel and to understand the things that bring us closer to our Creator. It means that we are entitled to learn science as science is the systematic way to observing a fact or finding a fact for which we are asked to.

So where does this concept of "Islamic Education" verses "Modern Education" come from? In fact we have restricted ourselves to some part of Islam and preaching and categorized it as "Islamic Education". Islam is actually a complete code of life and contains all aspects of human knowledge that one can comprehend including, art, science, law, health, politics, education, economics and much more all found in the Holy Quran and from the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. 

However, today, whenever we discuss politics or any other secular issue, we negate Islam as a separate idea. God says in the Quran:

"Mafhoom": Indeed The Messenger of Allah is the best example for you.

And we find that during the time of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace be upon him, initiating policies in places like Madina. Does it not prove that politics is a part of Islam?

Another example from the companions of the Prophet was that of the economic policies of Umar Ibn al- Khattab (The second Caliph of the Muslims) which, amazed the European economists. Is it not Islam?

During the battle of Badr, some of the prisoners that were captured and  were educated, were actually asked to teach the Muslims. Can anybody tell me what they taught to the Muslims, Islamic Virtues? What do you think?

May God Almighty guide us towards the right way and help us in our lives.

Imdad Ulhaq is a writer for, a website for students, and can be reached at [email protected]

  Category: Americas, Faith & Spirituality, Featured, Life & Society
  Topics: Secularism  Values: Education  Channel: Opinion
Views: 22350

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Older Comments:
I really jibes what u hav cleared in this article...Islam is a
complete code of life and provides us the guide line for spending our
lives in this mundane world...Islam always emphasizes on
investigating and delving things around us which leads to the
invention of new things...thats what science is for...what the
science has proved recently ..if we study our Holy book thoroughly it
has been proved and declared at that time when there was no concept
of science and other modern subjects!
Therefore, we cannot differentiate Islamic education from the Modern

But why is so much Muslim education today memorizing the Quran? And why the resistance to educating women?

It is true that Islam in a complete religion, and
that is the very reason why there must be a
differentiation between Islamic and secular

Modern education is not synonymous with Secular
education. The term secular de-emphasizes and in
other instances completely discounts the notion of
ALLAH (man came from ape is an example and this
contradicts AL Qur'an).

So a Muslim cannot accept any knowledge process
that discounts AL ALEEM (THE ALL KNOWING). Also
Islam has never experienced the history that
necessitated the separation of Church from State -
the process that advised the concept of "Secular

Islamic education is based on a foundation that is
different from the foundation of Secular

if you really want to follow the sunnah, parents should first instill tawheed in their children then and only then start any other education

Excellent article learning knowledge&education&gaining excellence in it is A part&parcel of islam.secular does not mean anything.

The following web-site on the philosophy of education and educational philosophies, as deduced, of the Turkish Cypriot writer-poet-thinker-teacher, the late, Orhan Seyfi Ari may be of interest:

This is an interesting but short article. I, personally, am in favour of the general sentiments of the article i.e. timid & artificial pigeon-holing & categorisation of the vast universe of knowledge of the creation into Islamic & non-Islamic. Knowledge is knowledge. Yes Muslims are in a pitiful state & so we must prioritise & concentrate on the achievable & the basic foundations of practical knowledge. However, longer term, ultimately we must aim high, so that we can truly attain our rightful position, the heights of guides to mankind, the viceregents of Allah (SWT) upon this Ard. We must bear in mind that most material "knowledge" is not transcendental & divinely revealed, therefore it is not static & is in a state of constant flux & revision. This incomplete knowledge based upon the efforts of fallible humans is present in the corpus of what we teach or learn as students, that is the very definition of hypothesis & theories. I for one suggest that DARWINISM & scientific materialism have insidiously leached into the philosophy of other subjects e.g. the CONFLICT/FITTEST SURVIVES/EFFICICENCY theory influences economics. The negative influence was seen at its most evil in the the biological area of EUGENICS as applied by the Nazis. This was not unique to the Nazis, the whole of Western civilization is affected. Galton, a relative of Darwin had much effect upon the respected "scientific" institutions of today. In fact, after the interlude of Nazism, those same theories are starting to crawl back into the mainstream as anti-PC science e.g. IQ differences. The books of Harun Yahya give a gentle introduction into the influence of Social Darwinism, though many Western thinkers such as Benjamin Kidd in his "Science of Power" speak with cogency & eloquence. Furqan = Critical Thinking & independent discernment, not servile imitation.

A great writing. True Islam is not the den of ignorant robbers and terrorists. It transcends the bounds limited by the timid, chicken hearted racists. It includes and embraces all creation, in total submission to the Will of God. How much you learn and understand, that much you submit, how much you submit, that much nearer you are to the Creator. How much nearer you are to the creator, that much true Muslim you are. Salam.


The reason why I'm indifferent to this is because many people have said things against our Prophet (PBUH). They have said that he has sinned, except that he is perfect in "revelation", which means according to their ahadith they think that the Prophet (SAW) is not perfect in every other aspect of life. This is where the concept has come in to think of Islam just in an Islamic perspective and not to think of Islam in a complete perspective where the Prophet (SAW) can even teach us how to farm.

It's quite obvious that the Prophet (SAW) is going to be perfect in revelation because the Word of Allah (SWT) is going to him via Gibrail (AS). So this thinking of the Prophet's imperfection overall infiltrates the thought processes of an ENTIRE Muslim "Ummah". It is affected and we can just see it by the actions of our Muslims today. They do not go to the source of the Prophet and his true followers for guidance in all and everyday actions. They think that believing everything from a non-Muslim scholar just because they go through a process of research is completely right without questioning. For example, the world believed that the earth was flat, but was that right? No, of course not. Then the world believed that the earth was spherical, but is that right? No, of course not. Then what is the shape of the world? Well the Qur'an specifically mentions in [79:30] "dahaha" that the world is shaped like an egg. This means that the Earth is spherical but on its axis its elongated, which overall looks like an egg shape. Everyday life

We as Muslims don't go through these processes straight off the bat. That is why the non-Muslims get the credit that Islam deserves. Thank this to those people thinking that the Prophet (SAW) is imperfect in his everyday life, but perfect as far as revelation. That is a bunch of rubbish and that is why our Muslim "Ummah" is too busy worrying about his imperfection, instead of trying to worry about his perfection and learning from