The man who committed 99 murders

The following is based on a hadith from Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 676.

There was a man who had heartlessly murdered ninety-nine people. Then, he felt remorse.

He went to a learned man and told him about his past, explaining that he wished to repent, reform, and become a better person. "I wonder if Allah will pardon me?" he asked.

For all his learning, the scholar was a man who had not been able to digest what he had learned. "You will not be pardoned;' he said. "Then I may as well kill you, too," said the other. And kill him he did.

He then found another worthy individual and told him that he had killed a hundred people. "I wonder," he said, "whether Allah will pardon me if I repent?" Being a truly wise man, he replied, "Of course you will be pardoned; repent at once. I have just one piece of advice for you: avoid the company of wicked people and mix with good people, for bad company leads one into sin:"

The man expressed repentance and regret, weeping as he sincerely implored his Lord to pardon him. Then, turning his back on bad company, he set off to find a neighborhood where righteous people lived.

On the way, his appointed hour arrived, and he died. The angels of punishment and of mercy both came to take away his soul. The angels of punishment said that as a sinful person he rightfully belonged to them, but the angels of mercy also claimed him, saying, "He repented and had resolved to become a good man. He was on his way to a place where righteous people live, but his appointed hour had come." A great debate ensued, and Gabriel was sent as an arbitrator to settle this affair.

After hearing both sides he gave this verdict: "Measure the ground. If the spot where he died is closer to the good people, then he belongs to the angels of mercy, but if it is nearer to the wicked people, he will be given to the angels of punishment." 

They measured the ground. Because the man had just set out, he was still closer to the wicked. But because he was sincere in his repentance, the Lord moved the spot where he lay and brought it to just outside the city of the good people.

That penitent servant was handed over to the angels of merry.

Repentance is the most noble and beloved form of obedience in the eyes of Allah. He loves those who repent. Repentance has a status that no other form of worship has. This is why Allah is extremely happy when a servant repents just as a desert traveler may be happy when he finds his lost camel.

"Except those who repent, have faith and do good deeds, for such people Allah will change their sins for good deeds. Certainly Allah is most forgiving and merciful." (Qur'an 25:70)

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  1. Fardeen from Bahrain

    MashAllah...may Allah have mercy on all of us. Ameen

  2. Mohammed Samdani Gulam from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wabarkatahu. this hadees and the Holy Quran translation could be guide line for human kind and those involve in big sins (Gunah Kabira)there are so many hadees and incidents narrated by sahaba akram. the main weapen and greatest of the almighty allah's gift is back to almighty allah and making thouba any time in life before death.I request islamic city brothers to show such articles infuture also.may allah guide human kind to rightous way

  3. Maline Hydara(Maoul) from United Kingdom

    Assalam Aleikoum

    wa Rahamatoulahi taala wa Barakaatouhou.

    Ramadan Mubarak, Brothers and Sisters.

    As always it is, everything from Al-qr'an, or Hadith or a mare story from a Muslim scholar, is vast ocean of wisdom for those who ponder. This is a fact of one of those beautifull stories.





  5. Ammar from India

    Indeed....La Taqnatu mir Rahmatillah!!!..what better time than Ramadhan to seek repentence.

  6. Sakirullah Arogundade from Nigeria

    Assalaam Aleykunm (WW) to all reader I really enjoy the aticle it is an excellent one indeed, may Almighty Allah reward you all aboundantly. Morover the isue of this fake Quran should be addressed, and take seriously by all Muslim.

  7. Zayd Ahmad from united states of america

    Insha'Allaah, sharing this article can put a lot

    of our families back on track, insha'Allaah.

  8. Bashir Awwal from Nigeria

    Alhamdu Lillah,this article shows how ALLAH(swt)love those that are true and faithful repentance,may ALLAH(swt)showers His mercy on all muslims Umma.

  9. shada malik from Gibraltar

    How wonderfully the Allah's attribute of Mercy is described in this article. Allah is most merciful and most gracious.

  10. Ruqayya Bibi Parak from Johannesburg, South Africa

    Assalaam-o-Alaikum to all readers. this is an excellent article and very appropriate for Ramadaan.

  11. madina from Philippines

    its nice articles i ever read.We can't judge people to being bad in all but if you really believe in Allah we can make good in His eyes even your bad b4.Its important to us to be prepare to back to our Creator one weak of an eyes surely we will go back that's the secret of Allah.Alah guide us always in good path ways.Alhamdulilah

  12. MA from USA

    Masha'Allah. This is the perfect article for this blessed month of Ramathan. If one is going to seek repentence, this is the time to do so. Jazakullah.

  13. Mrs. Shaheen Masood from india

    Assalaam o alaikum to all my brothers and sisters.This is the best article i have ever read on this website. I always believed that no need to show what is in ur heart to others.Keep ur heart clean and leave the judgement to Allah Paak.For he knows u better Always repent from ur heart and see the Rahmat of Allah Paak. The world may misjudge you but there is always another platform to prove yourself. Keep a close contact with Allah Paak, Ask forgiveness with all your heart then see the drastic change in your life.The weakest and most sinful creatures on earth are human beings.Knowing this Allah Paak has opened the doors of his kindness and forgiveness. The point is to ask Almighty's forgiveness and never repeat the mistake again.May GOD give all the human beings toufeeq to ask forgiveness for their mistakes. Ameen Summa Ameen.

  14. X from USA

    As Salam Alakum

    This is a very encouraging thought. Thank You for this article and for all your good work. We enjoy your site a great deal.

    Ramaday Kareem


  15. Ismail Hachim from Guinea

    Cet article me rechauffe le coeur. On retrouve espoir apres sa lecture. Que Allah nous guide


  16. nazifi ilyas from nigeria

    Traditions like this are meant to bring hope into our lives and strengthen our confidence in Allah,the merciful.That forgiveness is not specific to the man in the reported tradition.It is applicable to the entire muslim ummah if the should seek for it.Verily, Allah never fails in fulfilling his promises and his traditions are ever constant and never changing

  17. Sora from Singapore


    Yes, we must always remember that Allah is MOst Merciful and Compassionate. He bestow his Love and Mercy to those who ask and strive for it.

  18. Mehboob Mustafa Siddiqui from canada

    What else can be better than ALLAH'S Mercy.

    Good lesson for all of us to keep thinking.


  19. Umer from Pakistan


    This is the only one example of repentence. there are hundreds and even more than that. Days to read and Months to understand each of them. However the central idea of all of them is only one. i.e. Allah is forgiver and si ready to forgive any person who wants to be forgiven, no matter what he did before. This is one of the reasons due to which thousands of people are felling more truth in Islam. Lets undertand and practise this religion and spread to all mankind by interprating it correctly.

    Assalam-o-Alaikum brothers and sisters in ISLAM.

  20. Debbie Kerrick from USA

    I enjoyed this article very much. A very timely one in my life as right now there are many friends doing harm to others. I see the importance of forgivness and confessing sins. How wonderful Allah is to know what to do for the sinner. Could we be as just to one who sinned against us? Forgivness is hard in this day and age thankfully we have a God who knows us better than ourselves.

  21. Sofia Shums from USA

    My comments in brief:

    (1) I thought Angel Gabriel is an angel who was always the one sent by Allah SWT to his Prophets and Messengers.

    (2) I thought the power to judge was Allah SWT's alone. Agels fighting over who would get punishment or mercy? Sounds unbelievable to me!

    (3) Which human being was granted the ability (by Allah SWT?) to travel into the beyond--into the world beyond this life--to report this event?

    (4) And most important of all, why was the ayah from the Holy Qur'an not sufficient enough for some Muslims to comprehend Allah SWT's Word? Was someone trying to upstage Almighty God in this narrative?

    A lifetime is not sufficient to read, comprehend and live by the most magnificent gift of God to Man. Why are we digressing, beating about the bush andleading Muslims away from the Qur'an?

  22. L. Youssef from Canada

    Let's not spoil a good story with a grammatical error that completely changes the meaning of the last quote from the Qur'an. The word should be "Accept" not "Except". We Muslims need to be very careful not to make these mistakes, especially during these times.